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Tech & ScienceExposed database reveals apparent ticket fraud scheme

16:00  11 september  2019
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Fraud is the most cause of disputes, though there are other reasons why customers may question a payment. An effective dispute and fraud prevention strategy uses a number of methods that are best suited for your business while keeping any customer burden—and losses—to a minimum.

Perpetrated in several ways, procurement fraud is hard to detect. Arm yourself with hybrid analytics that offer various approaches on data and analysis. Government agencies must switch from manual fraud defenses to hybrid analytics. By Jon Lemon, Principal Industry Consultant, SAS.

Exposed database reveals apparent ticket fraud scheme © Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Researchers found signs of a fraud ring in an exposed database, they revealed Wednesday. Graphic by Pixabay/Illustration by CNET

It was a good plan, as far as frauds go: rip off fans of live performances while simultaneously fleecing some of the internet's biggest ticket vendors, such as Groupon , Ticketmaster and TickPick. The fraudsters create accounts with the ticket sellers and use stolen credit card information to make their purchases. Then, they turn around and resell the tickets to fans, who might not be able to use them if the fraudsters resell them multiple times or the original sale is voided.

Robinhood reveals error that left user passwords exposed

Robinhood reveals error that left user passwords exposed Robinhood reveals error that left user passwords exposed

The fraud 's resurgence brings to light a painful reality for the digital advertising industry: Even after ad fraud operations are exposed , they rarely go away completely. "They keep operating because somebody keeps mailing them a check," Telemetry Exec.

If you suspect someone may be committing fraud against Centrelink, Medicare or Child Support, you should report it. We have information in different languages use someone else's Medicare card. use an invalid concession card. forge prescriptions for Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicine.

The well-laid plan fell apart, however, when a simple cybersecurity mistake revealed the scam. The reason: the apparent fraudsters forgot to password protect their cloud database.

Security researchers Noam Rotem and Ran Locar found last month an unsecured database containing records of 17 million emails received by accounts made with the three ticket vendors, as well as a handful of local venues. Groupon says the records show similarities to a scam the company identified in 2016. The database is no longer online. The researchers don't know who created the database, but believe it was used for criminal activity.

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"We've worked on many similar database breaches, and certain aspects of this one didn't add up," the researchers wrote. "After contacting Groupon with our concerns, the full extent of what we'd uncovered was revealed."

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The Fraud Investigators have been researching General Electric’s financials and accounting practices for more than one year. Discovering the GE Fraud . To make it impossible to compare GE’s numbers across multi-year time periods, GE changes its Financial Statement reporting formats every few years.

In law, fraud is intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right. Fraud can violate civil law (i.e., a fraud victim may sue the fraud perpetrator to avoid the fraud

In a report published Wednesday with software review site vpnMentor, Rotem and Locar outline how they found records of emails, the email addresses and names used to buy the tickets, and other details that would make it simple to identify and remove fraudsters' accounts from a ticket vendor's systems. Anyone visiting the correct IP address could see the data.

The data exposure is more evidence -- if any were needed -- that everyone, even criminals, struggles with cybersecurity. Improperly secured databases have led to the exposure of caches that include children's information, vast swathes of demographic data and health records. The problem usually starts when an organization misconfigures its cloud server, failing to select more private settings when it puts data online.

In this case, the data appeared to be the blueprint of a crime.

At first, Rotem and Locar thought they had found information owned by a legitimate business, like a third-party mailing service used by multiple ticket companies. But soon they saw hints that something was off. First, they realized there was no website for the mailing service. Then they saw the email addresses in the database didn't appear to belong to real people.

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Pyramid schemes - These investments offer big profits, but really aren't based on revenue from selling products. Instead, they depend on the recruitment of more Scams that use the names of the FBI or CIA - Avoid falling victim to email schemes involving unsolicited email supposedly sent by the Federal

This important initiative is focused on fighting airline ticket fraud and enables effective cooperation between travel value chain stakeholders. GAAD is a horizontal and multidisciplinary operation to fight fraudulent online purchases of flight tickets with compromised credit card data .

Finally, Groupon told the researchers that the data they found was similar to what they'd seen in the 2016 fraud. Almost all of the records in the database were marketing emails from Groupon, which sends frequent emails on deals of the day to users. Groupon said there were about 20,000 email addresses in the exposed dataset, but the total number of emails that related to the purchase of tickets was at most 673.

Groupon declined to confirm whether it was taking any action based on the findings. Ticketmaster didn't respond to requests for comment.

Jack Slingland, vice president of operations at TickPick, didn't comment directly on the researchers' findings but said the company is continually on the alert for fraud activities. He said customers who purchase tickets resold through TickPick are guaranteed comparable tickets if they arrive at the venue and find they've been sold a fraudulent ticket.

However, the guarantee doesn't apply if fraudsters buy tickets from TickPick and then resell them on another ticket-selling site.

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Joseph Meli, who ran the ticket business, and Steven Simmons, the head of an alternative investments at Sideris Capital Partners, were arrested on Friday on securities fraud and wire fraud charges brought by Manhattan federal prosecutors. Meli, 42, and Matthew Harriton, 52, were separately accused by

Successful fraud . We’re not including fraudulent attempts in that figure. And if you use mobile channels to sell, then your risk of fraud is 3.5 times higher than those using e-commerce. Airplane and bus tickets . These are a favorite target of fraudsters. Payment fraud in Brazil.

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