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19:15  12 september  2019
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Artificial intelligence is targeting spam emails and cleansing inboxes.

Google has been using AI to train spam filters in Gmail for years, but the company is now also using its in-house machine learning framework called While rule-based filters can block the most obvious spam , machine learning looks for new patterns that might suggest an email is not to be trusted.

Spam emails have been an issue for way too long – more than four decades. They have been used for marketing products you didn't want, transmitting viruses or cajoling the susceptible out-of-money using Nigerian princes.

Many times, people's emails are leaked in leakages and hacks from services they have subscribed to. But, slowly yet steadily, spam emails have been decreasing. And, we have artificial intelligence to credit for that.

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Its AI will take those preferences and use them to customise your spam filter. "While your neighbor may love weekly email newsletters, you may loathe It's also adding new "Postmaster Tools" - aimed at companies that send a lot of emails . Any firms that meet Google's reputation requirements will be

Everyone seems to love Google’s Gmail and it has been hailed as one of the best free web- mail services by many tech people. It can considered as one of the most secure email service that is free which allows you to enable 2-step verification to prevent from your Gmail account from being hacked.

Andrew Tarantola, senior editor, Engadget found this when his SSN, birth date and email were leaked in an entertainment website hack. He was waiting for a deluge of spam emails, but he only got a few of them.

AI is killing spam emails © Provided by Newsweek Digital LLC Google Reveals The New Gmail Inbox He looked further into the matter and found that Google was using Machine Learning to filter spam emails.

Neil Kumaran, Product Manager for Gmail, told the publication, "There are certain shops that generate email at scale, and will do this for any type of content. Then there are folks that focus very specifically on very targeted crafted phishing attacks, or they're doing spam for a particular organization or for a particular monetary benefit for them."

He further added that Gmail blocks about 10 million spam emails per minute and 100 phishing attempts annually. This is one field, where there is no alternative to AI. Since spammers are dynamic and keep changing tact while working with large volumes, it is imperative to learn on the go. Kumaran claims a majority of spam is generated in new ways never seen before. He calls machine learning "extremely useful."

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Cold emails are a necessary evil to many B2B technology businesses. You don’t particularly want to send them Except they don’t. While you’re using cold emails to reach out to people, those very cold emails are killing your deliverability. More and more of your emails are destined for the spam folder.

Sending a number of emails to an inactive address will eventually be recorded by the ISP as a spam trap hit. Bounce rates are one of the important If they send out huge amounts of emails constantly, or if several of their messages have already been marked as spam through the text filters, their emails

AI is killing spam emails © NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images Email The company introduced the new TensorFlow Machine Learning library earlier this year. TensorFlow detects a variety of spam including image-based messages, emails with hidden embedded content and messages created with new domains.

This is important because Gmail has the biggest chunk of users among email providers – 1.5 billion accounts to be precise. The company claims that it prevents 99 percent of spam emails from reaching your inbox.

However, the ultimate power to end spam messages will lie on the users. If users stop accessing spam, it will die a natural death, and spammers will have to look for alternative ways to sell their wares.

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AI is killing spam emails

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