Tech & Science Snapchat in turn moderates Trump's messages "inciting to racial violence"

01:10  04 june  2020
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They parody the scene of the murder… Teenagers cause an uproar on social networks with the "George Floyd challenge"

 They parody the scene of the murder… Teenagers cause an uproar on social networks with the The objective of this "challenge" is to take a photo while "imitating" - with a smile - the position of policeman Derek Chauvin during the arrest of George Floyd, namely a knee on the neck of a person lying on the ground © Jim Mone / AP / SIPA While several young people gathered around a memorial dedicated to George Floyd in Minneapolis, teens had fun reproducing the scene of his death on social networks.

The popular messaging platform Snapchat has announced it would remove US President Donald Trump from its Discover tab, accusing him of “We will not amplify voices who incite racial violence and injustice by giving them free promotion on Discover. Racial violence and injustice have no place

Snapchat said: " Racial violence and injustice have no place in our society and we stand together with all who seek peace, love, equality, and justice in America." President Trump has more than one million followers on Snapchat , according to the Bloomberg news agency, and his account will not be

Snapchat modère à son tour les messages de Trump incitant à la © DENIS CHARLET Snapchat in turn moderates Trump's messages inciting to "racial violence"

Snapchat, social network very popular with young generation Z joined Twitter on Wednesday to reduce the echo of messages from Donald Trump, who "incite racial violence" in a country where hundreds of thousands have marched for 10 days against violence against the black minority.

Snapchat has announced that it will no longer promote messages from the President of the United States, even if they remain visible to subscribers to its account and appear when a user does a specific search.

"We are not going to amplify voices that incite racial violence and injustice by promoting them for free on Discover", the network's news feed where users can find new products, recommendations or even publications from media or well-known figures, the company said.

Brees responds to Trump criticism: "It is not about the flag"

 Brees responds to Trump criticism: © SEAN GARDNER Drew Brees reacts to criticism from Donald Trump quarterback Drew Brees from the New Orleans Saints from the football professional league NFL has directly contacted Twitter US President Donald Trump turned. "Through my ongoing dialogue with friends, teammates and leaders of the black community, I realized that it wasn't about the American flag. It was never about," Brees wrote on the social network.

Snapchat - whose employees were busted spying on users sexting each other - has joined the digital resistance, announcing that they will no longer "We will not amplify voices who incite racial violence and injustice by giving them free promotion on Discover," the company said on Wednesday.

“We will not amplify voices who incite racial violence and injustice by giving them free promotion on Discover. Racial violence and injustice have no place in our Later in the day, the Trump re-election campaign complained about Snapchat ’ s decision to stop promoting the president’ s content, claiming

Snapchat joins Twitter which provoked the ire of the President of the United States last week, by putting warnings on the messages he sends to his more than 81 million subscribers. One concerned electoral fraud, which Twitter considered to be disinformation, and the other could suggest that the president was calling for the looting of looters.

The two networks have however chosen not to ban Donald Trump entirely.

The latter took very badly the initiatives of Twitter, taking advantage of his audience on the network to denounce what he perceives as censorship and a confirmation of a bias from the left and anti-Republican party.

The presidential campaign for his re-election also quickly published a press release accusing Snapchat of wanting to "rig" the November 3 poll.

Sheltered-in cut off from Snapchat

  Sheltered-in cut off from Snapchat The Snapchatapplication popular with young smartphone users went offline Wednesday for undetermined reasons, the company said. "We're aware many Snapchatters are having trouble using the app. Hang tight - we're looking into it," said a tweet from the application operated by parent Snap Inc. The first reports of the outage came around 1330 GMT, according to the monitoring website Downdetector. The outage came as sheltered-in people worldwide were turning to social media for information and entertainment amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"We will not amplify voices who incite racial violence and injustice by giving them free promotion on Discover Shares fell 2.4% after the announcement. Trump ' s Snapchat account, which consists Twitter ignited a furor last week by placing labels on several of Trump ' s tweets that it said violated its

President Trump ’ s post on Friday not only threatens violence by the state against its citizens, it also sends a signal to millions who take cues from the President. Trump ’ s rhetoric, steeped in the history of American racism, targeted people whom Facebook would not allow to repeat his words back to him.

- "Peace, Love, Equality and Justice" -

"Snapchat extremist CEO Evan Spiegel prefers to promote videos of far-left riots and encourage users to destroy America rather than sharing the positive message of unity, justice, law and order of the president, "accuses the campaign.

"Racial violence and injustice have no place in society and we stand in solidarity with all those who seek peace, love, equality and justice in America", underlines Snapchat in an email to AFP.

During the weekend, Mr. Spiegel had sent a long letter to the employees of Snap, the parent company of the network, to condemn what he perceived as the perpetuation of racial injustice in America.

"Every minute during which we are silent in the face of evil and injustice, we act in favor of those who do evil," he wrote.

This announcement - like that of Twitter - comes as hundreds of thousands of people have been demonstrating for more than a week across the country - demonstrations sometimes interspersed with violence and looting - against police violence against minorities visible and in particular to the black population.

Sudden U-turn: Trump supports Kaepernick

 Sudden U-turn: Trump supports Kaepernick © ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS Donald Trump has changed his mind about Colin Kaepernick Donald Trump has apparently made a U-turn and suddenly appears as a fan of Colin Kaepernick. The US president said on Wednesday that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who launched the "Take a Knee" movement in September 2016 as a sign of protest against racism and police violence, "absolutely" deserved a second chance to get in the National Football League (NFL).

Snapchat says Trump ' s content will remain accessible to those who search for it. Reuters notes that Trump ' s Snapchat account "consists mostly of campaign "As for Snapchat , we simply cannot promote accounts in America that are linked to people who incite racial violence , whether they do so

President Donald Trump has called Mexicans rapists and killers. He’ s warned that people coming across the southern border are “bringing drugs.” Trump may think he’ s clever in capturing the anger, seething resentment, fear and hatred harbored by certain segments of the electorate, but he’ s not

The death of George Floyd, asphyxiated by a police officer while he was handcuffed and presented no resistance, at the end of May was the trigger for these demonstrations in a country already hit by a pandemic which made more than 100,000 dead and unemployed tens of millions of people.

Unlike Twitter or now Snapchat, Facebook, the world's leading social network, has chosen not to flag or censor the President's messages in any way.

A decision assumed by Mark Zuckerberg, the director and founder of Facebook, but criticized very publicly by some of his employees, some having preferred to resign than to continue working for the company.

Publicly, the young billionaire is sticking to positions, which had been exposed for a long time last year during an ultra-mediatized speech in front of Georgetown University, and which can be summed up by two conclusions: do not delete the messages of the President, in the name of freedom of expression and the public interest in obtaining information, and it is not for a private company to determine who has the right to speak or not.

However, Facebook says that even political speeches can be censored if they praise violence or hatred, for example.

- Counterattack -

Stung by Twitter, Donald Trump had quickly signed a decree attacking Section 230 of the "Communications Decency Act".

The cornerstone of the American internet, it notably offers Facebook, Twitter or YouTube (Google) immunity from any legal action related to content published by third parties and gives them the freedom to intervene on platforms as they wish.

The decree seeks to modify the scope of this 1996 law and states that immunity cannot extend to those who practice "censorship from certain points of view".

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streaming platform Twitch blocks Trump account for hate content .
Washington. The streaming platform Twitch has temporarily blocked the account of the US Donald Trump campaign team. The reason for this is hate content and the violation of the community guidelines of the platform. © Sue Ogrocki Twitch has blocked Trump's content. Several US media reported on citing a Twitch spokeswoman. Specifically, it is about two videos of Trump's campaign events, in which he described Mexicans as rapists and criminals.

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