Tech & Science ex-Windows boss Steven Sinofsky praises Apple's switch to ARM-based Macs

11:20  30 june  2020
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Apple gives Macs a brain transplant with new Arm chips starting this year

  Apple gives Macs a brain transplant with new Arm chips starting this year Apple gives Macs a brain transplant with new Arm chips starting this year"The Mac is transitioning to our own Apple silicon," Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said Monday at Apple's WWDC conference. The first Arm-based Macs will arrive later this year, though developers can order Arm-based Macs this week to get started on building software.

Former Microsoft Windows chief Steven Sinofsky reckons the new Arm - based Apple silicon Mac will become the "ultimate developer PC". Apple ' s Universal App Q uick Start Program offers developers Mac mini-like hardware with its A12Z Bionic chip, so Apple isn't giving away details about screens in

Apple isn't Sinofsky ' s competition anymore. Sinofsky left Microsoft late last year. He' s now teaching a class at Harvard, so his current competition is…Yale? Sinofsky goes on to offer some tips for other executives looking to effectively check out products from their competition. In his words, he says these

MacBook Air, Mac mini 2018 (Bild: Apple) © DEFAULT_CREDIT MacBook Air, Mac mini 2018 (Image: Apple) He sees this as the beginning of the end of Intel processors. ARM-based Macs also thinks Sinofsky is the better platform for software development. He also hopes for future MacBooks and iMacs with touch displays.

Steven Sinofsky, head of the Windows division at Microsoft until the end of 2012, has praised Apple's announcement on Twitter that it will be providing its Macs with its own processors in the future. He even sees as the beginning of the end of Intel processors in general. He also believes that ARM -based Macs will become the preferred platform for software developers.

Former Intel technician: Apple switches to its own CPUs due to Skylake bugs

 Former Intel technician: Apple switches to its own CPUs due to Skylake bugs © DEFAULT_CREDIT Intel Core i7 Skylake (Image: Intel) According to him, quality assurance at Skylake was inadequate. Apple therefore finds almost as many errors in the chips as Intel. François Piednoël was one of the leading CPU architects at Intel for Skylake. A former Intel engineer commented on possible reasons for Apple's switch to its own processors. According to him, the unusually high number of bugs in Intel's Skylake CPUs that drove Macs from 2015 to 2017 was 's trigger.

Apple ' s switch from Intel to Apple silicon will take two years to complete and the first Arm - based Macs will be available by the end of the year. Apple will still support Intel- based Macs for the foreseeable future. Ex - Windows boss : Apple ' s Arm - based ' Mac will be the ultimate developer PC'.

Apple will start switching its Macs to its own ARM - based processors later this year, but you won't be able to run Windows in Boot Camp mode on them. Microsoft only licenses Windows 10 on ARM to PC makers to preinstall on new hardware, and the company hasn't made copies of the operating system

MacBook Air, Mac mini 2018 (Bild: Apple) © Provided by ZDNet MacBook Air, Mac mini 2018 (Image: Apple) “In two years there will only be ARM hardware and in four years Intel will only be history. The ecosystem will have changed. And the Mac will be the ultimate developer PC. The iPad will be used more and more for 'work', commented Sinofsky a tweet about ARM-based Macs from the well-known developer Steve Troughton-Smith.

Troughton-Smith had previously criticized that laptops and desktops with macOS do not support touch inputs. It remains to be seen whether Apple will offer MacBooks or iMacs with a touchscreen when switching to its own processors. The developer kit offered as part of the Universal App Quick Start Program consisting of a Mac Mini with an A12Z Bionic processor does not provide any information. However, macOS 11 Big Sur will adopt controls from iOS for the first time.

iOS Rundschau KW 24/20 with OneDrive, PowerBi and Mixer

 iOS Rundschau KW 24/20 with OneDrive, PowerBi and Mixer © provided by Martin Geuss (Blog Dr. Windows) iOS Rundschau Welcome to my first iOS Rundschau in quite a long time. Manuel is preparing for his exams for this semester and so I take the helm again, this time with Maik, with whom I will take turns. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for Manuel that everything will be done according to his ideas! After week 23 it was comparatively quiet again.

When Will Apple Release an Arm - Based Mac ? Apple is expected to announce its planned shift to Have questions about Apple ' s work on Arm - based Macs or want to offer feedback on this guide? At this week's WWDC, Apple confirmed its plan to switch from Intel to custom processors for its Macs

Apple will support Intel- based Macs for years, the company said. It' s still not clear exactly how fast Arm - based Macs will be, which products Later at WWDC, Apple said it'll have a variety of Arm chips for different size Macs , spanning from more efficient models for compact Macs to beefier, hotter chips

Sinofsky sided with Troughton-Smith on this point, in his view macOS needs features like Face ID and Touch because they are already so widespread through iOS. "PS, yes, a computer without a touch is broken," added Sinofsky.

Also in a blog entry on the occasion of the tenth birthday of the iPad, he commented on Apple's processor strategy. “What we see here is simply one of the most remarkable product developments in history. My jaw dropped when Tim Cook announced the move to Apple chips as a two-year trip. First, it is extremely fast. Secondly, it is an incredibly long time to tell everyone how long it will take and that they should be patient. ”

He also used the example of 64-bit software to explain the different approaches of Microsoft and Apple in the implementation of serious changes. “Even today, Office installs and recommends the 32-bit product from the factory. Our team made this decision in 2003. It is still the case. Apple has required 64-bit apps since 2017. Two years later, 32-bit apps were no longer supported. ”Apple is fearless when it comes to converting its partners and members of its ecosystem to comply with its own strategy.

iOS 14, new chip ... Apple presents its new features

 iOS 14, new chip ... Apple presents its new features © VCG / Getty Images iOS 14, new chip ... Apple presents its new features On the occasion of its opening keynote of WWDC, the company announced that it would now manufacture its own chips. Unify its different ecosystems. This is Apple's ambition for the coming months. By the end of the year, it will be possible to use iPhone applications on the new computers in the range, in addition to the usual software, Apple announced on Monday.

In 2005, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would transition Macs to use PC-standard Intel x86 processors. Fifteen years later, Apple appears Apple ' s move from being entirely dependent upon Intel chips for the future of its Macs to its status today at being superior to Intel in building a decade of

Former Windows boss Steven Sinofsky outlined some of the challenges in more detail as part of a Twitter thread Tuesday. And, speaking of iPhones and iPads, Apple isn't moving to a brand-new architecture, but rather to ARM - based chips similar to those that power Apple ' s iOS devices.

Sinofsky left Microsoft at the end of 2012 shortly after the introduction of Windows 8 and Surface RT. Trying to counter Apple's iPad with an ARM-based tablet eventually resulted in a $ 900 million write-down.

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Apple shows off first trailer for Foundation, its new Apple TV+ show based on Asimov's books .
Apple shows off first trailer for Foundation, its new Apple TV+ show based on Asimov's booksFoundation is based on the hugely influential and revered novels by Isaac Asimov, required reading in the eyes of many science fiction aficionados, chronicling the tribulations of psychohistory, a model of thought that can predict the future in broad strokes. Apple had confirmed it was in development in 2018, but delays had seen it fall off the radar somewhat.

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