Tech & Science New insider program, bumpy patchday, hardware tests: That was the Windows month of June 2020

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Why the Coronavirus Is So Confusing

  Why the Coronavirus Is So Confusing A guide to making sense of a problem that is now too big for any one person to fully comprehend .I. The VirusBecause coronavirus wasn’t part of the popular lexicon until SARS-CoV-2 ran amok this year, earlier instances of the term are readily misconstrued. When people learned about a meeting in which global leaders role-played through a fictional coronavirus pandemic, some wrongly argued that the actual pandemic had been planned. When people noticed mentions of “human coronavirus” on old cleaning products, some wrongly assumed that manufacturers had somehow received advance warning.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19640. Release date: June 3, 2020 . Released to: Fast ring. This extremely minor update disables the option to have This build offers a preview of a new version of the Windows 10 Calendar app. The app has more than 30 new themes; adds an agenda pane to the

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Because of summer slump: The Windows month of June 2020 had a lot to offer. We review the most important and interesting events in this article.

Windows 10 May Update

The Windows 10 May Update was a few days old, because Microsoft surprised with a long list of incompatibilities and update blockages, which prevented a quick change to the latest version. Various surface devices were also affected by this blockade. This came as a surprise in that no known problems were previously communicated as part of the Insider program. Most of these problems are based on outdated drivers that have to be adjusted accordingly, so it would have been of no use to know beforehand. The way of communication was very unfortunate, at least for the Windows enthusiasts, the “normal user” doesn't notice anything anyway, so in the end it shouldn't be dramatized.

Boris Johnson And Rishi Sunak Could Have To Self-Isolate If Alok Sharma Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Says No.10

  Boris Johnson And Rishi Sunak Could Have To Self-Isolate If Alok Sharma Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Says No.10 Boris Johnson and chancellor Rishi Sunak could be forced to go into 14-day self-isolation if cabinet minister Alok Sharma tests positive for Covid-19 , Downing Street has confirmed.The three ministers held a 45-minute meeting in No.10 yesterday just hours before the business secretary fell ill in the House of Commons, the PM’s spokesperson revealed on Thursday.Sharma is currently in self-isolation after displaying a high temperature while at the despatch box, but his test result has not yet been received, the spokesperson said.

While participating in the Windows Insider Program , you may find that your PC is not updating to the latest update as Windows Insider Preview may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. Some product features and functionality may require additional hardware or software.

← Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17758 in Fast Ring. Patchday issues with updates & WSUS This occurs when the concurrency of two simultaneous add and remove programs (ARP) monitoring Any Windows 10 device that is configured to automatically update with Windows Update will receive

Patchday June

There was also a bit of drama about Patchday. The security updates released on June 9th paralyzed the print spooler on some systems, and I myself was also affected. Both hardware printers and PDF output sometimes went on strike. Microsoft reacted swiftly and released correction updates, which were not distributed automatically, however, since they were knitted with a hot needle and had not gone through the usual internal tests. As a result, these hotfixes sometimes caused system crashes. Nothing nice, but while I understand the annoyance of the users, I always have to think of the developers, who are probably even more angry. At least that's how I feel when I have to deal with a mistake for which I am responsible. We are all just human.

Jim Mattis blasts Trump in message that defends protesters, says president ‘tries to divide us’

  Jim Mattis blasts Trump in message that defends protesters, says president ‘tries to divide us’ The former defense secretary had held back from directly criticizing the president -- until now.“Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people — does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us,” Mattis wrote in a statement published by the Atlantic.

Download Windows 10 - A powerful operating system released by Microsoft in an attempt to provide users with a unified interface for all their devices, such as computers, tablets or smartphones. Another innovation of Windows 10 are the so-called multiple Note that this is hardware dependent.

Flight schedules and status for Windows Insider Program . Note that for legacy purposes, we will keep the ring names for older Windows 10 releases referenced here and will use the new channel naming for releases and Active Development Branch builds going forward.

With the June patchday, Microsoft also added some

touch optimizations for the May update, which had not made it to the final version in time. Reboot: Windows Insider Program The Windows Insider Program made the eagerly awaited restart in June. This became visible externally through the restructuring of the insider rings, which are now no longer rings but channels. You can read all the details of what these channels are called and what they mean here: bye rings, hello channels: The Windows Insider program is now on

. The new channels soon began to fill up with life. Now the team is faced with the task of rekindling the enthusiasm that has recently decreased considerably. This will partly happen to new staff, the team has been shaken a bit internally and now has to get together again. A riddle that the insider team could solve would be that of the

Windows Feature Experience Pack

Police officers taking the knee will make people ‘deeply uneasy’, predicts former Home Secretary

  Police officers taking the knee will make people ‘deeply uneasy’, predicts former Home Secretary Former Home Secretary David Blunkett has voiced concerns over police officers taking the knee during protests, saying it may leave some people “deeply uneasy”. Writing in the Daily Mail, Blunkett spoke of his “lifelong loathing” of racism but said he felt uneasy after hearing reports that some police officers had taken the knee during protests in London. Several officers made the spontaneous gesture during Black Lives Matter protests in the capital, echoing similar action taken by their counterparts at some protests in America.

The Office Insider program is a bit different from the Windows Insider one, in that it is for those interested in testing features that are only about one to three weeks away from final release, according to Microsoft officials. Windows Insiders are testing possible new Windows 10 features that may be

Microsoft has now officially announced that it is ending support for Windows 10 1809, also known as the October 2018 Update, on May 12, 2020 . You can also search for new updates, and once Windows 10 has found a newer version, it will give you the option to download the update and install it.

, of which one still does not know too much. It is clear that individual components and functions can be updated via the Microsoft Store. So this feature experience pack can be pretty much anything from a simple maintenance tool to a revolution in the delivery of new Windows features. Windows 10 Update 20H2 officially announced Of course there will be a Windows 10 function update again in autumn. The fact that this is again a kind of service pack, which happens on the May Update, was already a certainty before Microsoft finally officially announced

. was new, however, the information that 20H2 is not only the working title, but also the official version name. So there will be no "2009", the May update with version "2004" is the last one, which is named after year and month. However, there will still be speaking marketing names. The content of version 20H2 is so far only known that the new Microsoft Edge will be an integral part of it. If you don't have the new version by then, you will get it at 20H2 at the latest.

resumption of optional updates from July

In the wake of the corona pandemic, Microsoft had decided to temporarily suspend the optional Windows updates outside of the patchdays in order to relieve both themselves and the admins. This break has ended, and the optional updates will resume in July.

Female police officer suffered a collapsed lung, broken collarbone and shattered ribs after being thrown from her horse when Black Lives Matter protesters pelted them with missiles - including a BIKE

  Female police officer suffered a collapsed lung, broken collarbone and shattered ribs after being thrown from her horse when Black Lives Matter protesters pelted them with missiles - including a BIKE The Met Police said that the officer who was thrown from the horse in London is currently in hospital. Police are 'examining the full circumstances of what took place'.While protests against police brutality in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul region were peaceful at first, they soon turned violent as several public and private properties were vandalized, resulting in violent clashes between the police and the demonstrators. The demonstrations in the U.S. have since spiraled into global outrage, with supporters gathering publicly to protest police violence against people of color, and deep-seated racism in society more generally.

When are the best test dates for ACT if I am also taking the SAT? SAT Subject Tests ? The July ACT test date is not an option in New York. This is because of certain educational legislation in the state Unfortunately, the only advice I have is to continue contacting them. We have no insider knowledge

Inside of the initial release of Windows 10, version 2004, and in the latest Windows Insiders slow ring preview build you will temporarily need to manually install the Linux kernel, and will receive an update in a few Releases between now and then will be revisions of this version. This is the v0.11 rele.

Windows File Recovery Tool released

After an accidental data deletion, a rescue program is required to restore it. With the

Windows File Recovery Tool

, Microsoft now has one in its range, which, however, is controlled via the command line. Let's see when the first external developer develops a GUI for it. Many hardware tests in June In June there was Dr. Windows read many hardware tests. Here is an overview of all of them, should you have missed something: A month with the Honor MagicBook: More notebook for the money is not possible

Surface Book 3 Review: The old rocker among notebooks

Looked at: The Surface Dock 2 is da Tried: Microsoft USB-C Travel Hub Huawei MateBook X Pro: A good choice again in 2020 In July the test continues, the Huawei MateBook 13 is almost finished and the two new Samsung laptops Flex and Ion have just arrived. Let's see what the month has to offer apart from hopefully a lot of nice weather.

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