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Selling your animal to a laboratory: the measure that scandalizes 30 Million Friends

 Selling your animal to a laboratory: the measure that scandalizes 30 Million Friends © Getty Images / iStockphoto A cat in a transport case. Illustrative photo. The association for the protection of animals denounces the adoption of a decree last March, allowing the sale of their cat or dog to an experimental laboratory. A possibility that was reserved only for approved suppliers or farms. The 30 Million Friends Association denounces a new provision of French law, validated by decree on March 17, allowing the sale of his animal to a laboratory.

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Berlin. Not all corona test laboratories are still connected to the warning app. Experts are critical of the app's benefits because too few people are still using the program.

 Die Corona-Warn-App mit der Seite zur Risiko-Ermittlung ist im Display eines Smartphone zu sehen. © Michael Kappeler The corona warning app with the risk assessment page can be seen on the display of a smartphone.

The federal government's corona warning app started as an ambitious project in mid-June, as it was supposed to become an important component in the fight against pandemics. Back then, the head of Deutsche Telekom, Timotheus Höttges, confidently announced that “all test laboratories and all health authorities” would be connected to the app within four weeks, “in order to completely relieve them of the analog, very complex manual processes.” Today, around ten Weeks later, not all laboratories are still able to digitally transmit positive test results to the app user so that they can feed in the result and warn other people. The announcements made at the time now seem too hasty.

Special Report: Into the fog - How Britain lost track of the coronavirus

  Special Report: Into the fog - How Britain lost track of the coronavirus Special Report: Into the fog - How Britain lost track of the coronavirusLONDON (Reuters) - On Friday, Feb. 21, Duncan Selbie, chief executive of Public Health England, was in a cheerful mood. It was near the end of the school half-term holiday.

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Because, according to the Robert Koch Institute, every fifth laboratory has not yet been digitized. 115 resident laboratories have been connected so far, which corresponds to 80 percent. However, only 80 of these laboratories can already offer all steps from scanning the order form to providing the test result in the app. According to the RKI, twelve test centers at airports have already been connected to the app and a further six such centers are to follow shortly. The digitization process is therefore already taking significantly longer than planned - and it is still necessary to use the hotline.

There, app users who have received a positive test result can request a verification code with which they can, but do not have to, enter their test result into the app. 1679 such codes were issued by August 17th. How many of them actually appeared as a warning in the app, the federal government cannot record due to strict data protection regulations.

Theory coronavirus came from Wuhan lab must not be dismissed as conspiracy, says ex-MI6 boss

  Theory coronavirus came from Wuhan lab must not be dismissed as conspiracy, says ex-MI6 boss A former British spy chief says he wants a more open debate on the origin of the coronavirus pandemic and warns against dismissing as conspiracy the idea that it might have come from a laboratory. © Other Coronavirus is understood to have started in Wuhan - but how? Sir Richard Dearlove doubled down on his belief the virus that causes COVID-19 was engineered and escaped by accident from a lab in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the first victims were identified.

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In view of this number, however, experts doubt whether the app can actually achieve the desired effect in combating the corona pandemic. It has been downloaded 17.5 million times so far, a week ago there were around 300,000 fewer downloads. The group of users, that can be concluded from this, is growing steadily. To what extent the app is set up so that the risk assessment works, nobody can say.

"So that the Corona warning app really brings something, the number of downloads should double," said Gert Wagner, member of the Expert Council for Consumer Questions, of the newspaper "Welt am Sonntag". Then you would be much better for a second wave of infection In purely mathematical terms, if an infected person comes into contact with a stranger, the probability that both people will have the app is six percent, said Wagner. Even if the number of users doubled, the effectiveness of the app would still be limited: 25 percent of infections could then Uncovered - if all concerned also report an infection via the application. However, it is doubted that this happens in every case.

Form ranking: Tour de France 2020 contenders, part two

  Form ranking: Tour de France 2020 contenders, part two How the GC hopefuls have fared in the first weeks of the season restartGiven the four-plus months of no racing, the fact that most of our contenders have only completed a handful of races, and the recalibration of rider goals in the wake of the mass season rescheduling, there has been a lot of movement in our top 15 since our first ranking.

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Veronika Grimm, member of the Advisory Council for the Assessment of Macroeconomic Development, said that contact tracking via apps would only then be without further measures promising if 80 percent of the population actually use the application th. "We can't get there with a voluntary solution," she said.

The fact that the app could become mandatory has always been ruled out and is still not planned, as it was said from government circles. Meanwhile, however, the case of a returnee caused a sensation, who allegedly received a negative result from the laboratory and in the app days after his entry and a test on the motorway in Rhineland-Palatinate, but a positive result by letter from the city of Overath in North Rhine-Westphalia Result received and quarantined. The "Bild" newspaper reported on the 31-year-old. The case was not known to the Robert Koch Institute upon request. That's why you couldn't give a rating, it said. It is possible, however, that the program used was not the official Corona warning app, but another app that digitally transmits laboratory results.

The federal government has repeatedly emphasized that data protection, in particular, can only be guaranteed with the official app. As before, the RKI comes to the conclusion that the corona warning app is one component of several in the fight against pandemics. "Every warning given by the Corona Warning App can help to interrupt chains of infection more quickly and curb the spread of SARS-CoV-2," it said.

Major UK testing company broke health laws at height of pandemic .
One of the biggest coronavirus testing companies in the UK broke health and safety law multiple times at the height of the pandemic, Sky News can reveal. © Getty A spokesman said its safety team had made 'superhuman efforts' to follow the latest rules The breaches, which related to an inspection in May, included telling couriers that the containers used to transport coronavirus tests should be cleaned at least once a week, when in fact they should have been cleaned at least once a day.

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