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16:56  25 august  2020
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New insider program, bumpy patchday, hardware tests: That was the Windows month of June 2020

 New insider program, bumpy patchday, hardware tests: That was the Windows month of June 2020 © provided by Dr. Windows Windows Logo Because of summer slump: The Windows month of June 2020 had a lot to offer. We review the most important and interesting events in this article. Windows 10 May Update The Windows 10 May Update was a few days old, because Microsoft surprised with a long list of incompatibilities and update blockages, which prevented a quick change to the latest version. Various surface devices were also affected by this blockade.

The practice of selling products at a very low price in an export market. Borders. They separate countries and can make trade more difficult. To give money to a company or industry to make a product cheaper to buy or produce.

help you get from a company when you start to use their product. bargain. a thing bought for less than the usual price . a person or company that sells goods in large quantities to other companies or people who then sell them to the setting two different prices online and in shops for the same goods.

Lizengo konnte die Schlüssel auch über Edeka-Läden verkaufen © Picture Alliance / Christian Charisius / Lizengo was also able to sell the keys through Edeka stores

Windows 10 and Microsoft Office, cheaper and easier for hundreds of euros at the supermarket checkout: The little-known Lizengo company and its incredible range made headlines last summer. Now there was an unpleasant surprise for the company.

The deal seemed too good to be true. While you can quickly pay hundreds of euros for licenses for Microsoft products such as Windows 10 or Microsoft Office, the supermarket chain Edeka offered them in addition to the Amazon and Netflix vouchers at the cash register at a low price. Already in the first reports last summer , the star warned of the possible problems for customers . Now there are the first legal consequences for the distributor Lizengo.

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The private and office rooms of the management in Cologne were searched by the criminal police last Tuesday, reports "Heise". The criminal complaint was therefore made directly by Microsoft , the software giant accuses the key dealer of fraud. According to the report, the public prosecutor's office confirmed the search, but did not want to comment specifically on the accused due to ongoing investigations. It was about "investigations at an online retailer" who sold license keys for programs "without actually granting buyers an actual right to use the computer programs."

Business model with open questions

This is exactly what Microsoft accuses Lizengo of. The keys sold online by the dealer in addition to the supermarkets came from excess stocks of large customers who had purchased more licenses than they needed, Lizengo had explained last year. Company licenses often contain usage rights for hundreds of computers. The company then bought these keys in large quantities and then offered them itself.

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a company which is at least half-owned by another company (spółka zależna). warehouse. a building for storing goods in large quantities (magazyn). outlet. a place through which products are sold (sklep).

all the different products, brands, and items that a company sells . possibilities of filling unsatisfied needs in sectors in which a company can profitably produce goods or services. setting a high price for a new product, to make maximum revenue before competing products appear on the market.

Microsoft initially reacted cautiously and pointed out that possession of a key does not necessarily mean a valid license. Product keys are not synonymous with a usage license, the company explained. "They only serve to ensure that the customer who has already received the right to use a computer program can install and activate it," Microsoft explained to "Heise". The apartment key does not replace the rental agreement either, the company illustrated last summer.

licenses had already been used.

Microsoft then encountered inconsistencies in an examination of the keys. Some of the randomly examined keys have therefore already been activated to activate programs. And that before Lizengo's key was put up for sale. So the license was already being used by someone when the key landed in stores. Microsoft decided to take legal action. According to "Heise", however, the company did not want to comment on the current investigation.

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Lizengo also confirmed that there was a civil case. The company is only named as a witness in the criminal proceedings. However, companies are not prosecuted in Germany; the investigations are always directed against individual people.

The business with keys

The company is not alone in its approach, other sites also offer software keys at bargain prices, and keys are also repeatedly found on Ebay and other platforms. Lizengo was an outlier because the company was the first to bring its offers to stores. Edeka , the business was probably no longer very safe after the press reports: In October last year, Lizengo and the supermarket chain had ended their cooperation. At that time Lizengo had emphasized that legal problems were not responsible for the end.

What the determination of the cheap keys means for the customers remains to be seen. In theory, Microsoft could block the keys, but the legitimate owners of the license would also be affected. Anyone who purchased a key from the offer should nevertheless consider acquiring a valid license for the program in order to prevent possible problems. And Windows and Office are guaranteed to be legally clean to use.

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