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15:35  25 september  2020
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Beta Systems Software AG is implementing role concepts with its IAM solution GARANCY Identity Manager in an IAM project at the Thüringer Aufbaubank. This reduces the administrative effort involved in assigning rights. headquarters of the Thüringer Aufbaubank in Erfurt. Photo: Frank Zscheile

The regulatory requirements of MaRisk are increasing rather than decreasing. The Thuringian Aufbaubank was no longer able to cope with this with its previous IAM solution. That is why the company decided to introduce the GARANCY Identity Manager from Beta Systems IAM Software AG. In particular, it allows the previously rarely practiced implementation of a role concept with which the principle of “no right without a role” can be consistently applied.

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The Thüringer Aufbaubank (TAB), including subsidiaries, has around 800 employees, most of whom work at the main location in Erfurt. The development bank had already introduced a tool for central identity and authorization management in 2016 as part of an IT governance project. After a year of operation and with a view to the drafts of MaRisk and BAIT, however, it became clear that the software would not meet the increasing regulatory requirements in the form at that time in the long term.

examination according to §44 KWG gave the impetus

An examination according to §44 KWG, ordered by BaFin and carried out by examiners of the Bundesbank, confirmed the opinion of the TAB and gave the final impetus: the previous IAM concept should be reconsidered, a new solution must be purchased. Tommy Grimmer, head of the IT control department at TAB: “It was important to us that it had good usability and that it met all current and future requirements of MaRisk and BAIT - as far as foreseeable. That is why we opted for the software from Beta Systems, not least because a number of other banks are already working with Garancy and have reported positive experiences. ”

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Administrative effort for the assignment of rights drops significantly

TAB is doing this with the GARANCY Identity Manager Basic principle "No right without a role". I.e. Rights are only requested via roles, individual rights are only granted in exceptional cases. “With Beta Systems, the roles are really cut down to specialist areas, positions and functions,” explains Cindy Schöneweck, compliance officer in IT management at the development bank. The basic principle follows: Whoever has the same job description also has the same access rights and is assigned the same specialist role. With each new addition, exactly those rights and roles are selected from an existing set of rights and roles that are required for their own work. This significantly reduces the administrative effort involved in assigning rights.

Record 4 core systems and 60 other applications in the IAM

The next steps in implementing the IAM concept are the first recertification and the establishment of further specialist, functional and organizational roles. In addition, the remaining applications are to be adopted after GARANCY. “What we appreciate about Beta Systems is that we always have fixed contacts here and that support is very easy to reach,” said Cindy Schöneweck.

Government investigates the use of auto lane-keep systems on UK roads .
Automated Lane Keep Systems could take over control of a vehicle on motorways at speeds of up to 70mph, keeping it in lane so the driver doesn't need to have any input.The Department for Transport has launched a call for evidence to determine if ALKS should legally be classed as an 'automated system', which would mean the technology provider would be responsible for the safety of the vehicle when the system is engaged, rather than the driver.

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