Tech & Science Hyperloop. The first test track for the 1000 km / h train was assembled in Toulouse

02:00  02 october  2020
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Coronavirus in Toulouse: Put on your mask, fines of 135 euros land this Friday

 Coronavirus in Toulouse: Put on your mask, fines of 135 euros land this Friday After ten days of breaking in, Toulouse police will go on the offensive on Friday. Pedestrians without a mask in regulated sectors will be fined 135 euros © F. Scheiber - Sipa Rue d'Alsace, in downtown Toulouse. Drawing. HARDENING - After ten days of breaking in, the Toulouse police will go on the offensive on Friday. Pedestrians without a mask in regulated sectors will collect a fine of 135 euros Signage is installed and, normally, habits are taken to block the road to virus .

The Hyperloop is a proposed mode of passenger and freight transportation, first used to describe an open-source vactrain design released by a joint team from Tesla and SpaceX.

Hyperloop represents the greatest leap in transport infrastructure for generations. Here we explain the concept that's about to revolutionise our world.

Une capsule du train à très grande vitesse de la société Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, en Espagne, le 2 octobre 2018. © CRISTINA QUICLER / AFP A capsule of the very high speed train of the company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, in Spain, on October 2, 2018.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has finalized the assembly of its first test track at its Toulouse research and development center and plans to start a series of tests in April. This Californian company is one of the two carriers of the Hyperloop very high speed train of the future project, imagined by Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX.

At this speed, a Rennes-Paris trip would only take 20 minutes. Launched in 2013 by Elon Musk , the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, the Hyperloop very very high speed train research program relies on capsules levitating in low pressure tubes at a speed exceeding 1000 km / h. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) is one of the two carriers of the project. It announced on Tuesday (February 26th) that it had finalized the assembly of its first test track at its Toulouse research and development center, where it plans to begin a series of tests by April.

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The track in Toulouse will be 320 meters long 🚄 #travel #travelmanagement #highspeedrail # hyperloop #technology #innovation #futuretrends #futurism.

Hyperloop can move people and cargo up to about 1,000 km / h through low-pressure Right now, agreements for 10 km are the longest official agreements in place for any hyperloop system Its first track -- in Toulouse , France -- has begun construction in April 2018. The first phrase will include a

One. Step. Closer.

Here in Europe’s “Aerospace Valley,” the final tubes are in place, and the first full-scale Hyperloop system is nearing completion. To celebrate, we’re sharing some exclusive images live from our R&D center in Toulouse. #HyperloopTT pic.twitter.com/msGZHMO6yy

- HyperloopTT (@hyperlooptt) February 27, 2019

“HyperloopTT is in the process of finalizing the construction of the world's first Hyperloop system for passengers and freight in its hub R & D of Toulouse ", indicates in a press release the American company. With a total length of 320 meters, the test track is made up of 16 tubes 20 meters long, 65 tonnes and with an internal diameter of 4 meters.

The sections were manufactured in Spain by Haizea Group and delivered from April 2018 to the HTT site in Toulouse-Francazal (Haute-Garonne).

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The 5-mile (8 km ) test track will be built along California's Interstate 5. [Photos: Elon Musk's Superfast ' Hyperloop ' Transit System of the Future]. But Powell questions whether the Hyperloopwould really be as cheap as promised. "The main cost of these high-speed systems is in the cost of the guideway

Hyperloop is an in-development transport technology that promises journeys as fast as air travel and cheaper than getting a train . HyperloopTT said the first set of tubes for the test track have arrived at its research and development center in Toulouse , France.

A 32-meter-long capsule for 5 tonnes

In April, Quintero 1, the first Hyperloop passenger capsule, will be introduced into the mechanism, explains HTT, who wants to make Toulouse “the meeting place” for its commercial projects coming to Abu Dhabi and China.

"Our system in Toulouse will be the only one to be fully insured and certified by the main world security agencies" , estimates its president Bibop Gresta. 32 meters long and 5 tonnes heavy, the capsule was assembled in the south of Spain, on the aerospace site of the partner of Hyperloop Airtificial, a new company born from the merger of the expert in composite materials Carbides and from the engineering company Inypsa which supplies companies like Airbus and Boeing.

Secondly, the American company plans to install another full-scale system at its Toulouse site over a distance of one km and raised by pylons to a height of 5.80 meters. This second test track will also be designed for the transport of passengers and freight.

The company HyperloopTT made official in January 2017 its arrival in Toulouse, on the former Francazal air base, which has become a breeding ground for the transport of the future. This R & D center in which HyperloopTT plans to invest 40 million euros over five years, will also eventually bring together a start-up incubator working on technologies related to the Hyperloop project.

Established in 2013, HTT is currently completing a feasibility study in the Great Lakes region, connecting Cleveland to Chicago .

First passengers whiz through tube in Hyperloop capsule .
According to information from Virgin Hyperloop, the first passengers in the Nevada desert have completed a test drive on board a capsule through a vacuum tube. © Virgin Hyperloop / PA Media / dpa The handout photo shows the Virgin Hyperloop, a high-speed transport system with capsules in a vacuum tube. At a speed of around 170 kilometers per hour, the capsule completed its first manned journey through a 500-meter-long tube in 15 seconds, according to Virgin Hyperloop.

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