Tech & Science antitrust lawsuit against Google: Mozilla warns of collateral damage

09:05  22 october  2020
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Firefox 81 supports PDF forms and introduces a new browser theme

 Firefox 81 supports PDF forms and introduces a new browser theme © DEFAULT_CREDIT Firefox new users can now fill out, print and save PDF forms in their browser. There is also an auto-fill function for credit card data. In addition, Firefox 81 now also opens SVG and Webp files. Mozilla has updated its Firefox browser to version 81 . The update mainly brings changes under the hood that are aimed at developers. Support for AcroForm for filling out PDF forms and the Alpenglow browser theme are also new.

Mozilla has responded to the U.S. antitrust lawsuit against Google , voicing concerns that it may become " collateral damage ." Mozilla has responded to the U.S. Department of Justice’s antitrust lawsuit against Google , but rather than commending the DOJ’s action, the Firefox browser maker

The ultimate outcomes of an antitrust lawsuit should not cause collateral damage to the very organizations—like Mozilla —best positioned to Mozilla also states that its "origins are closely tied to the last major antitrust case against Microsoft" in the 1990s. The Firefox maker's position is that any

mozilla © DEFAULT_CREDIT mozilla Sanctions against Google can damage "the system as a whole" according to Mozilla. The search partnership with Google is Mozilla's main source of income. The lawsuit is also directed against agreements that make Google the default search provider.

Mozilla has responded to the US judiciary's antitrust lawsuit against Google . According to Chief Legal Officer Amy Keating, browser developer fears negative consequences for himself . For the company, Google and its dominant position in the search advertising market are vital: the advertising agreement with Google, which presets the search engine in the Firefox browser, brings in around 400 million dollars a year for Mozilla.

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The lawsuit marks the first major antitrust litigation against a technology company since the DOJ's case against Microsoft in the late '90s. Google now faces its first antitrust lawsuit by the federal government as the Department of Justice announced charges against the tech giant.

An antitrust lawsuit marks the start, not the end, of the government’s antitrust fight with Google . It could take years for the courts to resolve whether the company violated the Sherman Act, a roughly century-old law that federal competition cops have previously put to use to combat tobacco, oil and

"The ultimate results of antitrust proceedings should not lead to collateral damage to the very organizations that - like Mozilla - are best placed to promote competition and protect the interests of consumers on the Internet," said Keating. "Unintentional harm to smaller innovators through sanctions will damage the system as a whole, with no meaningful benefit to consumers - and no one will fix big tech."

Keating also pointed out that Mozilla's early history of development was closely related to antitrust proceedings Microsoft was connected more than 20 years ago. When imposing cartel conditions, the “ecosystem as a whole” must therefore always be considered.

Google immediately criticized the filing of the lawsuit earlier this week in a mandatory stock exchange report and rejected it as unfounded. "People use Google because they choose, not because they're forced to, or because they can't find alternatives," added Kent Walker, Google's senior vice president of global affairs. “This lawsuit would not help consumers. On the contrary, it would artificially support search alternatives of lower quality, raise phone prices and make it more difficult for people to get the search services they want to use. ”

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 Gmail: users will soon be able to cut connections to maps, calendars and other services Google seems to want to give users of its Gmail mail app more control over their privacy. In the future, data exchange between Google services and smart features should become optional. © Shutterstock Gmail. The Gmail mail service, which is now over 15 years old, could soon receive one of the biggest updates in its history. However, this is not about adding more functions, but rather optionally removing features in order to offer users more privacy.

The full suit is here. It cites Section 2 of the Sherman Act — which deals specifically with monopolies — and seeks both to “restrain” Google and to seek But as the antitrust complaint filed today explains it has maintained its monopoly power through exclusionary practices that are harmful to competition.

The U.S. Justice Department and 11 states filed an antitrust lawsuit against Alphabet Inc's Google for allegedly breaking the law in using its market power to fend off rivals.

The lawsuit also specifically refers to Google's search agreements with companies like Mozilla. “Google has entered into a series of exclusionary agreements that collectively block users' primary access to search engines, and hence the Internet, by requiring that Google be set as the default general search engine on billions of mobile devices and computers worldwide, and in many cases forbid the pre-installation of a competitor, ”is the allegation of the US judiciary. Such agreements should be stopped and competition restored.

In the spring, Mozilla announced that it would reduce its workforce by 250. CEO Mitchell Baker justified the step with a necessary adjustment of the cost structure to a post-COVID-19 world.

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