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14:15  14 november  2020
14:15  14 november  2020 Source:   drwindows.de

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Back in September Firefox Nightly enabled the JavaScript " Warp " code for SpiderMonkey and now for next week's Firefox 83 . 0 release it is remaining on by Mozilla engineers confirmed in a Mozilla Hacks blog post today that this Warp update to the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine will indeed be

Firefox Javascript JITs engine , codenamed ( Warp ) received a major update and is enabled by default in Firefox Nightly to bring a speed boost to the browser. Version 83 also brings WebRender to Intel Gen12 GPUs. So Warp will further improve Firefox ’s Spidermonkey .

  Warp: Firefox 83.0 bringt großes Update für die JavaScript-Engine SpiderMonkey mit © Provided by Dr. Windows

When it comes to the performance with which a web browser does its day-to-day tasks, the interaction between the rendering engine and the associated JavaScript engine is of central importance. While the JavaScript engine v8 is used in Chromium browsers in addition to Blink and Apple provides the JavaScript engine Nitro for its Webkit2, the JavaScript engine SpiderMonkey is the corresponding counterpart at Mozilla and fires the Firefox browser together with Gecko. A major update is pending here after several years.

The last major update of the underlying architecture was more than eight years ago. At that time, the previous JIT compilers TraceMonkey and JägerMonkey were replaced by the successor IonMonkey , , which at that time brought up to 26% improvements and is essentially still valid today. The other big extension was brought about 7 1/2 years ago with the JIT compiler OdinMonkey , which mainly focuses on WebAssembly and its predecessor asm.js. With Warp, the architecture is now being significantly modernized again for the first time, but IonMonkey will still be retained.

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Latest Beta. 83 . 0 a1. Firefox Nightly. Firefox Nightly gets updated every day and as a consequence, the release notes for the Nightly A major update to Firefox JavaScript JITs engine (codenamed Warp ) is now activated by default on the nightly channel and brings some nice speed improvements.

SpiderMonkey 38 is the JavaScript engine that shipped in Firefox 38. It continues to improve SpiderMonkey 38 is supported on all the platforms where Firefox 38 runs. Compiling it requires a C++ compiler Migrating to SpiderMonkey 38. . XXX will need updating for actual new GC stuff at time!

Firefox 83.0 brings warp with

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The improvements will be received by users as early as next Tuesday, when Firefox 83.0 is released around 3 p.m. German time. Without going too deeply into the changes in the architecture, WarpBuilder ensures that Firefox should get an improvement of up to 20% in performance with the next update. At the same time, memory usage is expected to decrease by around 8% and, with further optimizations, decrease even further in the coming year.

The first burst of improvements relates primarily to the IonMonkey front end. Probably with Firefox 85.0 in January, further improvements should be made with the removal of old code and irrelevant remnants of the previous architecture, and the IonMonkey backend should be further simplified in the further course, so that further optimizations can follow, especially for workloads with a lot of JavaScript. Warp should also be much simpler in its structure, so that the maintenance of the code is also easier.

Even if there are improvements under the hood, these are actually long overdue at SpiderMonkey. Since the big update to Firefox 57.0 in November 2017, the Gecko engine has already seen a number of new features such as the CSS engine Stylo, WebRender and the general Quantum update, while SpiderMonkey has still been a bit on the spot. In the course of the coming year, you should notice more speed and, above all, lower RAM usage, if you use Firefox.

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© Provided by Dr. Windows Even though Mozilla discontinued, rebuilt, or ceded numerous projects to other organizations as a result of the layoffs last late summer, the development of other projects and products of the company continues. One of them, which fortunately has not (so far) been affected, is the Bergamot Project, which Firefox is to equip with a new translation service.

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