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For any new online casino site to provide gaming services of any sort, the online casino owner must obtain a license. The absence of a license is a potential threat to the successful operation of any new online casino.

This is because the online casino owner is limited from transacting with other recognized organizations such as banks, and other service providers. Besides, a gaming license comes with benefits such as a reduced tax rate.

As a rule of thumb, an experienced online casino player will check to see the jurisdiction where the online casino was licensed before he plays any game. This is because a gaming license enhances the player's trust in the online casino site.

Hence, all new online casino sites require a license to operate in any country. For online casinos within the jurisdiction of the UK, it is a must for them to have a license to operate by the UK gambling commission. However, online casinos in Latvija, for instance, could still be safe by having a license from another reputable authority.

Are Casinos Legal in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, it is legal for citizens to own and play on new online casino sites. They are permitted to place bets and play games online as long as the restrictions rules of the UK gambling commission are followed to the latter. Some of the restriction rules include;

  • Players must be 18 or above to legally place bets
  • Players must use a licensed site from the UK gambling commission to place their bets.

In recent times, the united kingdom is home to the world's most popular lottery systems and several large casinos. The UK gambling commission keeps granting licenses to large gaming ventures, and even online casinos.

Licensing a New online Casino in the UK

In order to own and efficiently run a new online casino business within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, a license issued by the UK gambling commission must be obtained. This license is obtained by paying a registration fee to the gambling commission.

In recent times, the gambling commission of the United Kingdom has made this process of issuing gaming licenses seamless by providing an online application process.

IN spite of the novel online application process, it still takes a few weeks for a gaming license to be issued with accurate information and documentation.

In situations where accurate information is missing, the application is rejected and the fee paid refunded. Alongside the refunded fee is a letter explaining why the application was rejected and which information was missing in the documentation.

Types of licenses issued by the UK Gambling commission

There are basically three types of licenses issued by the UK gambling commission to individuals or businesses seeking to own an online casino site. The three licenses are; a personal functional license, an operating license, and a personal management license.

For any online casino site whose target market is within Britain or are Britons, they need a license from the UK gambling commission. It is, however, important to note that if you do not advertise to consumers in Britain, you do not need to be licensed by the UK gambling commission.

In conclusion, not all new online casino sites have a UK license. However, any online casino site that seeks to do business with Britons must have a UK license. Whenever you observe a site is not licensed, walk away. Because while fraud is likely to happen anywhere, it is less likely to happen with a licensed online casino site.

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