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10:30  28 april  2021
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Windows Community Toolkit: Developers release version 7.0 with numerous new features

 Windows Community Toolkit: Developers release version 7.0 with numerous new features © Provided by Dr. Windows Windows Logo After several months of development, Microsoft and the .NET Foundation have released the new version 7.0 of the Windows Community Toolkit. With the new update, numerous packages have been refactored, which on the one hand are intended to reduce the footprint in the applications caused by the toolkit by up to 80 to 90%. This also goes hand in hand with some breaking changes, which Microsoft explains in more detail in the list in the corresponding blog post.

Windows 10 is heading closer towards the next big milestone of the 1.5 billion mark, with Microsoft announcing that the operating system is now being actively used on 1 . 3 billion devices monthly. That’s according to Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer at Microsoft, who announced the latest In March 2020, we heard that Windows 10 is actively used on one billion devices . Windows 10 hit 800 million devices back in March 2019 and reached the 600 million mark in November 2017. As you can see, the progress has been relatively slow, but the operating system now appears to be growing faster than

Windows 10 is on a whole lot of devices . Source: Windows Central. What you need to know. On today's FY21 Q3 earnings call, Microsoft provided multiple major statistics. It was announced that Windows 10 is on over 1 . 3 billion active devices . Microsoft 365 Consumer surpassed 50 million subscribers.

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To start Windows 10, Microsoft had a dream: it should be the universal operating system and be found everywhere from the IoT toothbrush to the airport scoreboard. Within three years you wanted to achieve a billion devices.

Although all such ambitions put aside gradually and Windows 10 now that's what Windows has always been, namely a PC operating system and nothing else, you could crack this milestone in March 2020th

Since then, there has no information about the dissemination of Windows 10. As part of the follow-up of the current quarter numbers , Microsoft's Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood (via ZDNet ) now revealed: Windows 10 runs to 1.3 billion active devices.

This is quite considerable, after all, an increase of about a third. Thus, Windows 10 has increased similarly much in the last year as well as in the very first year of its availability when you could change from older versions to the new Windows.

a major role is likely to be the already multi-cited PC boom, which has used since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic. There were not very many replaces old equipment, but also newly purchased. In my personal environment, I know some people who no longer possess a PC before a year ago and have now acquired a laptop again.

Windows 10x is available from .
© Dr. Windows Surface Neo Windows 10x Windows 10x no longer comes this year and may not at all. Instead, Microsoft will fully focus on the modernization of Windows 10. This reports Brad Sams from Petri.com citing internal sources. Who tracks my "rearview mirror weekly review", for the information is not brand new. There I had reported a few weeks ago that the schedule of Windows 10x has changed again and probably no longer published this year.

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