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16:35  06 may  2021
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Game of Thrones announces 10th anniversary plans

  Game of Thrones announces 10th anniversary plans "The Iron Anniversary is here."Game of Thrones has revealed its 10th anniversary plans.

from rumors became reality. In September 2020, reports arose that Amazon secretly work on a system which is to monitor machines and signal necessary maintenance at an early stage. While not yet officially wanted to comment on the rumors, Amazon now offers such a product for sale with "Monitron".

project started under the CodeName "Thor"

in September 2020 everything was still a kind of leak. Business insiders reported that Amazon in secret on the development of a new service work, which is "changing a whole industry". The information here received the news portal from internal documents of the company. As a result, at that time, a project should be hidden behind the CodeName "Thor" that the company wants to provide a service to optimize machine maintenance. According to the internal documents, it was exactly how to a machine learning service, "the help of temperature, sound and vibration measurements predict when a machine is likely to be maintained before a mistake occurs". Customers may be able to "wait better [too] and avoid unexpected performance of the machines [to]. Amazon did not want to submit an opinion on this undertaking at the time. Thoron, Thor first remained just a rumor.

First look at Marvel's Chris Pratt in new Amazon movie The Tomorrow War

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from Thor becomes "Amazon Monitron"

on the "Re: Invent 2020" it was then as far as: Amazon presented a new service, which should enable simple and cost-effective "Predictive Maintenance". The functionality and objective agreed one to one with the publications of Business Insiders. Only the name of the service is another one today. Instead of "Amazon Thor," he was baptized "Amazon Monitron".

How "Amazon Web Services" (AWS) describes on its website, Monitron measures via special sensors the vibrations and temperatures of rotating parts such as motors, gearboxes, fans and pumps. The data collected will then be forwarded to a gateway via a Bluetooth Low Energy connection. The gateway is a small device attached to the respective machine and all obtained information transmitted via Wi-Fi to the AWS cloud. In the cloud, an automatic analysis of the data takes place. According to its own information, Amazon Monitron recognizes by machine learning abnormal processes within the monitored devices and can deliver recommendations at an early stage for a necessary maintenance of the parts. The condition of the technical equipment can be checked in this way within a few minutes. The analysis results are the insight of the analysis results via the associated smartphone app. By means of push notifications, the app informs the users about detected irregularities. The responsible persons receive the possibility to fix the identified problem in good time before it comes to a complete failure of the machine.

The Benefits of Amazon Monitron

Through this service of so-called "Predictive Maintenance" Amazon Monitron wants to significantly reduce the machine failure times of its customers and make their productions more efficient. Railing errors and problems should be recognized before they really occur, so that cost-effective solutions can be found. According to Amazon, MONITRON users do not have to have experiences in mechanical learning or developing their own development work according to Amazon for the use and installation of the service. The service would automatically analyze the data and only work with a low hardware investment. Editorial Finanzen.net

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