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15:50  21 july  2021
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"like a drunk driver", constant professionals with a view of the ninth edition of the full self-driving beta. They demand clear system changes. Meanwhile, Tesla also receives counterwind from the customer direction.

Per FSD-Beta fährt der Tesla wie von Geisterhand – doch dem Fahrsystem kann man nicht trauen. © hyperchange / t3n Per FSD-beta drives the Tesla as of ghost hand - but you can not trust the driving system.

The recently published Beta V9 of the "Full self-driving" assistant packet (FSD) not only reaps enthusiasm. The self-driving program should actually drive the technology to the next level autonomous Hieven, but consumer protectors are shocked. The experts visited first videos of private testers and exhibit a bad testimony. They announced a test series. At the same time Tesla lowered the price of the hardware update to customer protests. The new pricing policy pay buyers twice the money out of his pocket, said it.

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Consumer Reports sees beta testers in danger

In a detailed report, the consumer protection organization first FSD trainees from social networks. In it you see how the self-proclaimed vehicles bushes scratches, in the opposite lane and driving on parked cars. "Videos of FSD-Beta 9 in action show no system that makes driving safer or even less stressful," states the head of the organization's car's car test center, Jake Fisher. Consumers paid to act as test engineers for a technology still in development without adequate safety protection. The consumer guards demand that the system must ensure that the driver gives the road to its full attention.

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Regulatory approval and misleading name In the criticism

In the report, other professionals have to speak, which lead to the field that the other road users are unaware of being in the presence of a test vehicle - and the risk is not approved Had. Other voices say, the beta almost go like a drunk, who has trouble keeping between the lane limits. The car visually fights to determine the surrounding objects and adequately react to it. The marketing term "full self-driving" and the approval largely uncertain software in public road traffic came into the crossfire.

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Customers Monore Double Payment

in Tesla Forums and on Scene Websites Multi More Critical Voices to Teslas New Price Model , reports Electrek. The focus is on the fee for a hardware update to customers who had already booked the special package. The vehicles from the construction years 2016 until mid-2019 must be equipped with a $ 1,500 to make the FSD beta. The problem: you said at the time you have everything on board to experience the "full self-activity". In the old price model, buyers of the "full potential for autonomous driving" received the hardware upgrade for free if their model was too old. With the subscription model, Tesla now calculates 1,500 euros for it.

Tesla Shorts Price for retrofitting

The manufacturer can seem to partially understand the criticism and now offers upgrade for $ 1,000. The applied customers do not completely silent. They still do not understand why they should pay for something that they had already acquired according to Teslas when buying: the hardware for the self-propelled system. At the end there is a communication problem. For years, Tesla and CEO ELON MUSK are so as if a fully autonomous driving system immediately before the door stalls and the corresponding buyers all system requirements for it. Over time, it is getting stronger, that is not that way and the scene finds the lounger in the responsibility of Teslas - and not the customer. Accordingly, the Group should also pay for the consequences.

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