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17:07  02 august  2021
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New Malware Family Mosaicloader

 New Malware Family Mosaicloader © default_credit Bitdefender 2019 (Image: BitDefender) with the malware Mosaicloader Cybercriminals prominent places for online displays to spread malware dropper, start cryptomining or data expertise for identity theft. Hacker Search Crackers: The Mosaicloader attacks discovered by the BitDefender Labs are aim for people looking for cracked software and download them.

This procedure is new: With the malware vulture hackers spy on the mobile phone display of those affected by recording it. The Trojan lands through the installation of an app on the smartphone of the users - from there they get a lot away from Vultur.

Smartphones, die das Android-Betriebssystem nutzen, könnten Opfer der Malware werden. © T3N Smartphones that use the Android operating system could become victims of malware.

A new malware ensures restlessness in the Android cosmos. Vultur spies from users who have downloaded the App Protection Guard . The Trojan draws the screen data, IT security researchers from ThreatFabric found the malware already in March 2021 . Especially, according to your report, it has specialized according to your report on online banking and crypto wallet data. This is mainly affected by users in Italy, Australia and Spain. Banking apps of HSBC and Santander were spied.

New Android functions should still land in the Linux main branch

 New Android functions should still land in the Linux main branch Google for Android itself has some external Linux kernel functions. That should change in the future. © Alberto Garcia Guillen / Shutterstock New Android functions are to land in the Linux main branch of the Android manufacturers Google has been working for several years to unify the Linux kernel versions used by device manufacturers as largely as possible.

Vulture is an Remote Access Trojan that enables access to and controlling the smartphone by third parties. The malicious software uses virtual networking computing, short VNC. Generally, data can be retrieved, stored and rendered. For remote access, the Trojan uses the NGROK program that makes remote access to the VNC server of the affected device. The use of VNC also makes the screen recording possible, which according to ThreatFabric falls under the name "Screen sharing with remote access". At the same time, vulture has access to the input help media. Everything that the user enters apps for which the malware is interested in is recorded and stored by the introduced bot.

Screen recording instead of website replica

Especially use of screen recording in this frame is new. Earlier malware In the area, virtually built a website, thereby moving the user to entering his data. Vulture instead records the data of the display and thus obtains access to passwords. The procedure is simple as the so far as the usual procedure of website repayment.

mostly hunts minor bitcoin thieves, sued whose parents

 mostly hunts minor bitcoin thieves, sued whose parents 2018 were stolen to the American Andrew Schober over a phishing app 16 bitcoin. He succeeded in finding the perpetrators. Now he tries in the lawsuit - also against their parents - his bitcoin to be returned. © t3n.de Children Claw Bitcoin. Two then minor young hackers were successful to move a link to Reddit to install a software called "Electrum Atom". Schober kept the software for an bitcoin wallet . He was wrong with that.

affected will be the app hard again

Due to this procedure, the security experts from Threat Fabric of the malware gave the name of the vulture that stands for vultures. Like the gripping bird, the malware peeks the unsuspecting users and, among other things, reaches their banking data.

In addition, the Malware-Integrating App Protection Guard can not be easily deleted. Vulture prevents users from coming into the settings of their smartphone until uninstalled by repeating the malware users from the appropriate menu again and again. Thus, those affected do not come to the uninstall button. To solve this problem, Android users in the settings under the "Security and Location" menu item can go to "Device Management Apps" and remove the App Protection Guard, then the deactivation should be possible. This tip comes from the colleagues of Connect , but could not be verified.

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