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  Cynthia Erivo’s latest look is so next level your heart will skip a beat Cynthia Erivo’s latest look is so next level your heart will skip a beat. The Harriet star wore the ensemble to a glam New York feteThe Harriet star wowed as she hosted a stylish Saks Fifth Avenue fete in the Hamptons this week wearing a gorgeous Alexander McQueen denim jacket complete with voluminous khaki-hued sleeves paired with a matching skirt.

99942 Apophis (/əˈpɒfɪs/) is a near-Earth asteroid with a diameter of 370 metres (1,210 feet) that caused a brief period of concern in December 2004 when initial observations

Asteroid 99942 Apophis is a near-Earth asteroid more than 1000 feet (over 300 meters) in size that will harmlessly pass close to Earth on April 13, 2029. When it was discovered in 2004, the asteroid caused a stir because initial calculations indicated a small possibility it would impact Earth in 2029. “The Apophis close approach in 2029 will be an incredible opportunity for science,” said Marina Brozović, a radar scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, who works on radar observations of near-Earth objects (NEOs). “We’ll observe the asteroid with both optical and radar telescopes.

The Asteroid Apophis is a so-called ground railroad cruiser that has strayed from its original path and could now collide with the earth.

Asteroid, der auf die Erde zusteuert © Provided by Men's Sache Asteroid, which is superimposed on the Earth The Asteroid Apophis

The Asteroid Apophis was discovered in 2004. He was named after the Egyptian God for darkness and chaos. He has a diameter of almost 370 meters and is a so-called ground train cruiser.

For a short time he had arrived on the endangerment of the earth body on stage 4 on the Turin Skala . This stands for a very close approach and that the asteroid should necessarily receive the attention of astronomers.

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asteroid 20210325

Apophis is a near-Earth asteroid with a relatively large size (it is about 1,100 feet – or 335 meters – wide). It gained notoriety in 2004 when early observations suggested it might strike Earth in 2029. Though it will come breathtakingly close to Earth in 2029, a strike was subsequently ruled out. These images show asteroid Apophis during 3 days of its flyby on March 8, 9 and 10, 2021. Radio antennas at the Deep Space Network’s Goldstone complex in California and the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia worked together to acquire these images.

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Apophis got the attention of astronomers, which calculated his trajectory and came to the conclusion that he will not meet the earth. More specifically: On April 13, 2029, he will be in about 13,500 kilometers at our planet preface, like Harald Lesch in the ZDF program "Terra X Lesch & Co" explains .

He comes again and again, and u. A. However, 2036 and 2068. However, the calculations caused reassurance: there will be nothing happening, apophis flies past the earth.

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99942 Apophis (2004 MN4). Predicting Apophis ' Earth Encounters in 2029 and 2036. UPDATE! (April 2013) See notes below for preliminary 2012-2013 radar results and news. Summary. Researchers at NASA/JPL, Caltech, and Arecibo Observatory have released the results of radar observations of the potentially hazardous asteroid 99942 Apophis , along with an in-depth analysis of its motion. The research will affect how and when scientists measure, predict, or consider modifying the asteroid ’s motion.

The asteroid Apophis was once thought to be on a trajectory toward Earth, which would result in an impact in 2036. “ Asteroid Apophis Has One in 100,000 Chance of Hitting Earth, Expert Estimates.” Phys.org - News and Articles on Science and Technology, Phys.org, phys.org/news/2017-08- asteroid - apophis -chance-earth-expert.html. Dunbar, Brian.

, however, astronomers have detected a surprising course change - and this in turn ensures distressing.

Apophis but on collision course with the earth?

With the Subaru telescope on Hawaii, the scientists recognized a deviation of 170 meters from the position that had been calculated for him at the beginning of the year 2020. This sounds harmless at first, but the changes add up due to the so-called Jarkowski Effect from Year to Year - and then Apophis could now be on collision course with the earth.

first calculations say that he could hit our planet 2068. Should that happen, the devastating consequences would have. The sprinkle performance of apophis is about 18 times stronger than "the strongest man ever triggered nuclear explosion," said Lesch.

There is hope, because the scientists take the airflow of the asteroid now very closely at the magnifying glass and according to Lesch will probably come out that we are spared from a thrust. We press the thumbs!

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