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08:10  29 november  2021
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This study aims to verify the relationship between Bitcoin and several significant cryptocurrencies and to understand better the impact of different market factors on price formation. We found that the price of Bitcoin was affected by both the trading demand, such as the supply of Bitcoin and the size of the Bitcoin economy, as well as the speculative demand, such as media attention and other cryptocurrency prices. Bitcoin's role as a dominant player may be compromised in the decentralized payment system market. In addition, since January 2017, speculation on Bitcoin has decreased. That can open up opportunities for Bitcoin trading demand to grow faster. Keywords Behavioral Cryptocurrency Market, Bitcoin Advantage, Speculative Demand, Trading Demand, Bitcoin Economy. Bitcoin is a popular web-based trading currency among investors. Compared to other currencies, Bitcoin trading has a significant advantage because it does not require an exchange. That is done both to protect investors and to increase tax revenues. Understanding and predicting factors that will drive the rise and fall of Bitcoin will help to predict better and understand the entire cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency miners mine using a shovel car (mining). This procedure becomes more and more troublesome. The components that determine the Bitcoin valuation are one such critical feature. To perform online payments in the whole sphere of the online marketplace, one may use Bitcoin money. In the process of online trading, the price of Bitcoin stays a continuous phenomenon. Nevertheless, some of the factors that impact the Bitcoin value may be learned. Frequently, investors can trade online using sites such as bitcoin union. If you are an online investor, you may be interested in variables that affect the price of Bitcoin. To do this, you must read on and learn all of the factors. bitcoinera-fr.com is something you need if you start crypto trading.

Adoption of Users

Because of the currency's growing popularity, it may hit higher prices than the current price. On the other hand, if currency demand falls, the price may fall as well.

Many individuals are switching to Bitcoin money, which is an excellent online commerce currency. Bitcoin has become a popular means of exchange for online transactions among individuals, businesses, and investors. Considering Bitcoin's extensive use, it's logical to anticipate a price increase in the nearish term.

Supply and Demand of Bitcoin

The total number of bitcoins traded on the exchange is only a fraction of the total amount in circulation. Bitcoin is not always available for purchase because most of it is kept as a deposit. Prices rise when a currency is popular, whereas prices fall when the money is in short supply.

Bitcoin's price grows due to increased demand and low supply. Bitcoin has become popular among consumers, corporations, and investors for online transactions. Given Bitcoin's widespread acceptance, it's logical to anticipate a price increase in the foreseeable future.

Power of Media

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts have heard of "FUD," a phrase that can be seen all over social media. You've undoubtedly seen it, too: certain people constantly attempt to terrify others by claiming that crypto is dead or will die soon.

Bitcoin, a crypto-currency, has been fast gaining in popularity, but it has also been subjected to massive changes in opinion from all sides. One reason is that some individuals believe it will eventually supplant existing forms of currency, while others fear it will be worthless.

Bitcoin Competition

Bitcoin may be boasting immense popularity among investors, but tokens are not alone.
Other cryptocurrencies are constantly competing to attract as much attention as possible from their customers, especially Bitcoin. As a result, new Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are waiting on the horizon due to relatively low barriers. As competition intensifies, prices fall. If prices go down, demand will rise.

In this scenario, Bitcoin can leverage other cryptocurrencies because of its high visibility and visibility among investors.

Rules and Regulations

The price of Bitcoin is significantly affected by regulation. The online commerce business has seen a broad spectrum of accelerations. That has made it very important for regulators to focus on the bitcoin industry. Governments have been more vigilant in monitoring money laundering and other activities that may be linked to Bitcoin. In a handful of countries, Bitcoin's development is unlimited. As a result, some users perceive it as legal, while others regard it as neutral.


Before investing in Bitcoin monetary transactions, all investors must consider all of the issues above. Knowing both of these variables before investing in bitcoin will help you increase your long-term profits. On the other hand, the items mentioned above stand out more than anything.

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