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17:20  18 march  2022
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An 18,000-year-old social network with ostrich egg beads

 An 18,000-year-old social network with ostrich egg beads © Aizar Rals / AFP jewelry made from ostrich eggs were discovered in southern and eastern Africa. Photo Stock Illustration. Jewelry made from ostrich eggs have revealed an old social network of nearly 50,000 years. These pearls have been discovered in southern and eastern Africa in areas remote thousands of kilometers. They tell the social interactions of the populations present in the region during prehistory.

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Turqoise.jpg © Rosa de la Cruz London turqoise.jpg

Whether letter chain or ring, whether gilded or glittering - This message really understands everyone. When gift for yourself or a favorite people, the initials are very special for someone.

& Letter Chain with Personal Embassy "R" How Refined

This "R" wants more: "Bubble Letter Pendant" from yellow gold with turquoise, around 2125 euros via Brentneale.com .

& Brent Neale 6.jpg © Brent Neale Brent Neale 6.JPG "G" like glamorous

round thing: "Knife Edge Letter Medallion" made of yellow gold and colored stones, by 5900 euros via Harwellgodfrey.com .

& Harwell Godfrey 3.jpg © Harwell Godfrey Harwell Godfrey 3.jpg "V" How to Sparkle

minimalist, but maximum sparkling: "Charm 00V" made of yellow gold and diamonds, around 229 euros via Juulsejuuls.com .

Messenger Hammer: WhatsApp restricts function An

 Messenger Hammer: WhatsApp restricts function An The popular Messenger service WhatsApp restricts the forwarding of messages. What is behind it. © StockCam / iStock WhatsApp News forwarded to WhatsApp are now marked with a double arrow. Now the company wants to go another step.

& JUULS&KARATS_charm 00V.jpg © Juul's Juul's Juuls & Karats_Charm 00V.jpg "A" How inflated

a blast: "Loveletter A" in the balloon style design of 925 sterling silver, at 60 euros via vibeharsloef.com .

& A_vedhæng_silver.jpg © Kasper Thye Buchardt A_vedhæng_silver.jpg "K" like Kess

The "Pearl Alphabet Pendants" made of gold-plated silver shine with small beads , 130 euros over otiumberg.com .

& K_clx.jpg © Otiumberg K_Clx.jpg "B" like desirable

better for two: the "initials" from yellow gold with turquoise and diamonds, around 965 pounds and 1395 pounds over rosadelacruz.co.uk .

& Turqoise.jpg © Rosa de la Cruz London Turqoise.jpg or rather a ring? "A" Like Anze

, the "A" draws his tape from green brilliants over the ring of rose gold, by 5950 euros via Oeding Erdel.de .

& OE_INDIPANDANT_Ringr04.jpg © Andreas Selle OE_INDIPANDANT_RINGR04.JPG "L" How to Life's Lust

Colorful Confetti: The "18K Black Gold Pavé Initial Ring" with colored stones, around 4810 Euro via Carolinabucci.co

colorful watches: four designs, inspired by rainbow

 colorful watches: four designs, inspired by rainbow watches © Chanel Watches ho2021_hs1_0015_cmyk.jpg red, orange, emerald, indigo & violet: four colorful watches, the rainbow equal! & Breitling Chronomat Automatic 36 South Sea Dishes. Beauty: The "Breitling Chronomat Automatic 36 South Sea" as the first example of colorful watches in the Summer , by 8100 euros via Breitling.com . & © Breitling Breitling_Chronomat-Automatic-36-South-Sea_Green.jpg Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow, Hublot Seven Colors, 304 Stones , A Rainbow: The Spectacular B

& CB90700BROSE.jpg © Carolina Bucci CB90700Brose.jpg "S" like firefitted

super forces including: "Secret Initial Ring" made of yellow gold, brilliant and mountain crystal, by 1425 euros via mateoneewyork.com .

& MATEO 3.jpg © Mateo Mateo 3.jpg CADA_BU_4314_finjpg.jpg © Cada CADA_BU_4314_Finjpg.jpg

Why wander into the distance if the good is so close? 13 pieces of jewelry that inspire us!

German manufactories

These current precursors - manufacturers of well-known or emerging German manufacturers - are now magical. And not only provide Christmas for shiny eyes.

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Tobias Rehberger, © Nicolas Duc Tobias Rehberger, "yes", "no", "maybe"

finger jewelery - we show the most beautiful rings

jewelry & jewels

A beautiful ring is a timeless piece of jewelry. We show the most beautiful models.

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Seth MacFarlane is returning to Ted for a streaming series, and he’s bringing a fellow actor from The Orville with him.Since 2017, Seth MacFarlane has starred as Captain Ed Mercer on The Orville, which was moved to Hulu after airing its first two seasons on Fox. Among the supporting cast member on that series is Scott Grimes, who plays Lieutenant Gordon Molloy. Now MacFarlane and Grimes are re-teaming for Peacock’s Ted prequel series, which is set in Boston in 1993, when John Bennett is 16 years old and Ted’s moment of fame has long since passed.

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