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10:55  12 april  2022
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Smartphone manufacturers throw new devices on the market in the quarter key, often they exceed each other only in details. One way to constantly be in possession of current cutting technology is to rent the devices for a limited period of time. Google and Apple even squinted in the direction of a separate subscription service for their technology. How the rental services work and whether you are worthwhile:

Freude über das neue Smartphone? Für manche Menschen lohnt es sich mehr, ein Gerät zu mieten als es zu kaufen. © Dean Drobot / Shutterstock.com Joy about the new smartphone? For some people, it is more worthwhile to rent a device than to buy it. differences at price

Not all people can or may afford to exchange their smartphone against another one every year. Among other things, providers such as Grover , Smiet or Lendis are positioning themselves with the offer, smartphones and other technology for limited periods - both private and commercial. Whether this is worth the price depends on the duration and the model of the lending: For a pixel 6 of Google, the price range at Griver varies between 54.90 euros for a month and monthly 27.90 euros at a term of 18 months ; For a month to rent the iPhone 13, costs 104.90 euros, in the 18-month model it is available for 39.90 euros per month.

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Who decides to keep the device, to rent the calculated grover paid rents as rates on the purchase price. In this case, a rent may be lucrative because the device has a resale value. This involves it only insignificantly more than a new purchase. In the case of a pixel 6, approximately weighted grid after 28 months rent (781.20 euros) the tenant the device for a symbolic euro, with an iPhone 13 it is 26 rates (1,037.40 euros). The only downside: customers can not be sure at Grover whether they may unpack a new device or receive a "refurbished" variant, ie a previously awarded smartphone, which is rented again in a new condition.

Flexibility thanks to rent - for a price

to comparison: the pixel 6 is new to the Google Store new to have 569 euros, the iPhone 13 offers Apple for 899 euros, Samsung S22 currently costs 849 euros. In the respective online store of the manufacturers, interested parties are also offered by installment payments, which are usually created in a duration of 24 months and under the bottom line is slightly cheaper than the rental offers - but also no extensive device protection offered. Such is included in Grover, the own contribution to the repair costs for the tenant ten percent.

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Practically renting offers, especially for short-term rents, for example when an additional device is needed during a vacation or business trip. In this case, Grover and Co., however, correctly access and demand for a month of ten percent of the manufacturer's new price.

Google and Apple are positioning themselves against Grover and Samsung

in the medium term, some manufacturers themselves show interest in undermining the business model of Grover and Co. and bind their customers more directly to themselves. In the US, Google offers the pixel pass at any time in the US where subscribers also pay off the device by monthly payment and have the option to the successor smartphone after two years. Multinimes are then other service subscriptions from Google, about YouTube Premium or Google One.

Apple plays with similar thoughts, as the economic portal "Bloomberg" reported. Accordingly, at the end of this or beginning of next year with the introduction of a subscription service for Apple hardware is expected. On the other hand, Samsung has announced a cooperation with Grover at the end of 2020 and has been storing the rental service since then to the German rental giants. This in turn cooperates with electronic markets such as Media Markt or Saturn to offer smartphone borrowings in their stores.

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