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20:20  26 september  2022
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  Existe-t-il une meilleure façon de prendre des comprimés ? © supplied by Cover Media

when you take a tablet to treat the symptoms of a cold or a headache, you probably do not think of your body position when you ingest the medication.

Now, according to scientists from Johns Hopkins University, the way you stand when you take a tablet makes a big difference in the speed at which the body absorbs the drug. And therefore plays on its action. The more a drug arrives in the lower part of the stomach, the faster it acts. And this is where the posture of the body is important.

If you are bedridden or you can lie down for ten minutes to take a tablet, read well.

Using a model, named Stomachsim, to simulate drug dissolution mechanisms in a human stomach, the team discovered that taking tablets in the right side was by far the best, Sending the tablets in the deepest part of the stomach to reach a dissolution rate 2.3 times faster than a straight posture.

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“The position lying on the left side was the worst. The team was very surprised to note that if a pill took 10 minutes to dissolve on the right side, it could take 23 minutes to dissolve in a standing position and more than 100 minutes in the lying side on the left side, "report the authors.

"The posture itself has such an impact that it is equivalent to a very important dysfunction of a person's stomach with regard to the dissolution of drugs," said researcher Rajat Mittal Mittal, who noted that 'He was "very surprised" by the results. "I had never wondered if I did it well or badly, but now I will definitely think about it every time I take a pill," he said. "For the elderly, sedentary or bedridden, turning left or right can have a huge impact," he added.

The researchers hope to be able to study soon how changes in the stomach biomechanics affect the way the body absorbs drugs, how food is treated in the stomach, and the effect of posture and digestion of food food , even with a sick stomach.

The complete results of the study were published in Physics of Fluids.

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