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16:30  01 october  2022
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Noel Gallagher's quiet life in UK county where the average house price is £300,000

  Noel Gallagher's quiet life in UK county where the average house price is £300,000 NOEL GALLAGHER is one of the most recognisable musicians in the world after becoming part of rock band Oasis. However, it is a market town in East Hampshire where the celebrity now resides.But in 2022 it seems Noel's wild past is behind him as he raises his young family, continues to perform with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and watches his beloved Manchester City.

every Tuesday, at the Hôtel de la Compagnie des Notaires, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, it is the same ritual: small locks are lit at regular intervals. They consumed slowly - the flame goes out after twenty to thirty seconds - the time for investors and buyers gathered in the room to carry their auctions on the proposed real estate. This ceremony, a bit funny and outdated, is called candle for sale. Well known to the initiates, it sometimes allows you to acquire accommodation at an attractive price, if competition from other bidders is not too lively. Besides this sale organized by notaries, other types of auctions exist. Let us quote the judicial sale, focused on goods from seizures, liquidation or divorce, as well as the state sale, which sells goods from the state's assets.

Former Ministry of Defence battery used to defend the British coast goes on the market for £2.6m

  Former Ministry of Defence battery used to defend the British coast goes on the market for £2.6m Steyne Wood Battery in Bembridge, Isle of Wight, was built between 1889-1894 with the purpose of providing a defensive position on the eastern coastline. Its purpose was to protect the area by preventing ships lying off Sandown and bombarding the Royal Navy Fleet in Portsmouth Harbour.All of the bomb proof shelters, ammunition stores, gun positions and defensive structure remain intact in the 13,724 square feet of grounds.The main six-bedroom period home sits at the centre of the grounds next to a three-bedroom annex - just metres away from a pool and tennis court.

A new phenomenon: the auction on the Internet

less known, the interactive sale offers owners of real estate to sell quickly, outside traditional circuits. A kind of 2.0 auction, in a way, already widespread in the Scandinavian countries (four out of five transactions in Stockholm, for example) or in Australia. In France, notaries and several start-ups have embarked on this niche in recent years: Kantar, Imoxo, Employees Immo ... their development is exponential. And this, for the right reason that these platforms are "sales facilitators". The starting price, generally decorated from 10 to 30% compared to the estimated value, makes it possible to arouse the interest of as many potential buyers as possible. Very useful for atypical goods, which otherwise sleep on real estate ad sites.

Love The Repair Shop? Here's the show's top filming location

  Love The Repair Shop? Here's the show's top filming location The hit series – airing on BBC and Quest – is filmed somewhere in the UK.In the show hosted by Jay Blades, antiques, furniture and other items that look worn or would otherwise be thrown away are revitalised by professional blacksmiths, carpenters, furniture-makers and fixer-uppers.

Finished the "first arrival, first served"

Other advantage of this mode of interactive auctions: transparency, synonymous with a sale made at the right price. Let us recall that for five years, the current real estate market has been so tense that goods can sell in a few hours. However, this game, it is the fastest buyer who takes the bet, and not necessarily the best derived. "Often, frustration wins the sellers: they have the feeling that their property has not been valued at their full measure," comments Summaries Louis Du Clary, co -founder of Immo auction. And to add: "The interactive sale makes it possible to compensate for this problem: the price reached at the end of the auction process is a real equilibrium price, in all objectivity.

The seller remains master of the transaction

Other important point: the seller is not held by these auctions. In the event that the final price is lower than the owner's expectations it has the ability not to follow up. On the other hand, once the offer selected is accepted, it stems from a sales compromise that this time links the seller to the buyer. "Unlike a classic auction, the buyer benefits from the 10 -day withdrawal period," said Louis du Clary.

Three-bedroom luxury houseboat moored in celebrity hotspot goes on the market for £1.5million

  Three-bedroom luxury houseboat moored in celebrity hotspot goes on the market for £1.5million The three-bedroom boat moored in celebrity hotspot Cheyne Walk in Chelsea, west London, comes complete with air conditions, underfloor heating, broadband and a large terrace. In an area where a flat on dry land would set you back £5million, the property boasts 1,848 square feet of accommodation with a kitchen, dining and living room on the upper deck, and three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the lower deck. The master bedroom also comes complete with its own dressing room.

A process in several stages

How are the interactive sales of immo auctions organized? In six stages. To start, the owner signs a mandate with the real estate agency partner of the platform. Then, an advertisement is written and broadcast on all major internet communication media. Comes the period of visits and the selection of buyers, who must show white paw. Fourth step: participants are invited to the interactive sale on IMMO bid. At the end of the interactive sale, the agent presents the best offers to the seller, who selects the one who meets his criteria. Finally, a sales compromise is signed between the parties.

Good surprises at the

key in general, the price reached on arrival satisfies the seller's requirements, or even exceeds his expectations. On the Immo Auction platform, a house to be renovated in a town in Haute-Savoie near the Franco-Swiss border found takers at 94,500 euros, while the starting price had been set at 35,000 euros. The good estimate was 74,000 euros. Bonus obtained thanks to the interactive sale: 22%. This example is not isolated and it is frequent to note, in interactive auctions, a final bet higher than the value estimated by the real estate agent. Note that Kadran launched the decreasing interactive auctions. In this formula, the starting price is overestimated and each offer is lower than the previous one.

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