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A badly configured VPN would explain the KA-SAT

Sunday  17:20,   03 april 2022

satellite e-mail supplied by Clubic 3D rendering of Eutelsat KA-SAT satellite © EUTELSAT © Eutelsat weeks ago, thousands of French users were Private Internet connection following a massive cyberattack against the Internet access service provided... >>>

Steffi Graf: What abdominal muscles! New image of her daughter Jaz

Saturday  16:10,   02 april 2022

© Instagram / Jazagassi Jaz Agassi Steffi Graf (52) is one of the internationally successful athletes in Germany and went to the sports history with their 22-fold Grand Slam victory. Husband and ex-tennis player Andre Agassi (51) was not less... >>>

Kuriose Lock: No Windows 11 Upgrade for Users of Internet Explorer

Saturday  15:25,   02 april 2022

© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Internet Explorer Title Image The good old Internet Explorer creates a little entertainment again for a little entertainment: Microsoft has set up an upgrade lock that prevents updating to Windows 11 when the Internet >>>

"Sonic 2": Why James Marsden reminds the "Sonic" universe at X-Men!

Thursday  11:40,   31 march 2022

He is probably the only one who can hold the pillfast blue hedgehog at least something in the fence: Already in the predecessor "Sonic The Hedgehog" it was mainly actor James Marsden as "Tom" , to the "Sonic" on in front of his escape. Robotnik had >>>

Fujitsu develops the fastest quantum simulator of the world

Wednesday  12:55,   30 march 2022

© default_credit fujitsu fugaku screenshot 2022-03-30 111214 Fujitsu has presented a new quantum simulator, which should be twice as fast as previous offers. Fujitsu has developed a quantum computer simulator capable of processing 36-quBit quantum... >>>

Fold his laundry, store his office ... This is why the small tasks of everyday life make us as many well

Tuesday  19:10,   29 march 2022

if some household tasks exasperate, others relieve us. The time of a few minutes, watering his plants can become an Eldorado. With the democratization of teleworking, many ... © Chalabala / 500px / gettyimages bend his laundry, store his office ... >>>

FCK reports Entry of another investor

Tuesday  14:35,   29 march 2022

1. FC Kaiserslautern has announced the entry into another investor. In the future, the third division works with the Pacific Media Group (PMG). © Imago Images / Jan Huebner The Fritz Walter Stadium in Kaiserslautern. American-Chinese group as the... >>>

Huawei: Meng Wanzhou returns in the light, 6 months after his return to China

Monday  15:35,   28 march 2022

© Str The financial director of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, for his first public appearance since his return to China, when presenting the results of the group Monday, March 28 in Shenzhen (South) "Nice to see you": Six months after his triumphant return >>>

products from the Internet: How online hopping has changed

Monday  14:40,   28 march 2022

Corona influences people's lives in Germany in a variety of ways. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more consumers are committed to ordering products and services over the Internet. In many cases, it is simply extremely comfortable to... >>>

Carole Bouquet confides on his relationship with his children since they left the family nest

Friday  21:00,   25 march 2022

© P. Roths / KCS Press Carole Bouquet confides on his relationship with his children since they left the family nest In an interview with the magazine on Thursday, March 24, 2022, Carole Bouquet has been open to his relationship with his children,... >>>

mbed, what thunderbolt!

Friday  07:00,   25 march 2022

© provided by Sports.fr and a loyalty bonus of 100 million euros. At the end of the contract next June, Kylian mbled is still reflected about his... >>>

Russia restricts access to Google News

Thursday  20:55,   24 march 2022

This is the first Google service to be censored by the Russian authorities, who have already blocked several large US digital platforms. Russian Internet users meet from Thursday March 24 in the morning, great difficulty accessing Google News,... >>>

Microsoft hands new features for Windows 11 to the beta channel

Thursday  13:05,   24 march 2022

© Provided by Silicon Windows 11 (Image: Microsoft) below are folders in the Start menu, the new Task Manager, and Live subtitles. The Tablets optimized taskbar is now available to BETA testers from Windows 11. Microsoft has published an new... >>>

Windows 11: The first platform update starts in the Betatest

Thursday  08:40,   24 march 2022

© Provided by Dr. Windows Windows Insider Title Image The first platform update for Windows 11 will - not surprisingly - wear the version number 22h2. It is now also tested in the BETA channel of the Windows Insider Program and turns on the target... >>>

Energy: In the UK, even the potatoes become too expensive

Thursday  04:25,   24 march 2022

© Patrick Lefevre / Maxppp / Belpress / Maxppp Inflation, Potatoes, Price, Energy D Uranting Centuries, Potatoes have been , par excellence, the basic food of the poor. Easy to grow, inexpensively to buy and nourishing, they were the basic element... >>>