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10 ways Alexa can help you survive Thanksgiving

Monday  17:30,   11 november 2019

You won’t regret using your Amazon Echo this Thanksgiving.Instead of stressing out over what to do next, let Alexa assist you so you can spend time with your family rather than freaking out because you forgot to set the cooking timer. Here are 10... >>>

Alexa, delete what I just said! Here's how to keep Amazon from listening in

Monday  16:05,   11 november 2019

Delete your voice recordings and stop sharing them with Apple, Google and Amazon.However, if you're still concerned about your privacy , you can put a stop to strangers listening to your voice commands and completely wipe all interactions you've... >>>

The environmental toll of cremating the dead

Monday  16:05,   11 november 2019

As cremation becomes more common, people around the world are seeking greener end-of-life options.Over the past four years, cremations have surpassed burials as the most popular end-of-life option in the United States, according to the National... >>>

A transit of Mercury was first seen in 1631 and nearly disregarded

Monday  16:05,   11 november 2019

The first time the planet was spotted sauntering in front of the sun, it seemed like a mistake. The double take fundamentally reordered our view of the cosmos.Observations of the transit of Mercury have been reported as far back as the ninth... >>>

Vodafone expands full fibre network with Openreach deal

Monday  12:40,   11 november 2019

Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool all covered by deal.Up to half a million homes and businesses in Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool will be covered by the middle of 2021, with the first customers connected in the spring. Vodafone already operates... >>>

Could Touch ID make its way to the Apple Watch?

Monday  12:25,   11 november 2019

Could Touch ID make its way to the Apple Watch?While we're seeing a lot of phones with under-display fingerprint readers now, the move would require quite a step-up in tech because of the diminutive size of the... >>>

Get your Jedi fix while you still can

Monday  12:15,   11 november 2019

Get your Jedi fix while you still canWe've had The Force Awakens, Rogue One, The Last Jedi, Solo, and The Rise of Skywalker is coming next month. Given it took nearly 30 years for the first six Star Wars films to arrive, it's tough to have too much... >>>

Google Assistant 2.0 Is Coming To Older Android Phones

Monday  05:11,   11 november 2019

Google Assistant has been simultaneously helping and frustrating us for years but with the Pixel 4, it was given a fresh new face. While only Pixel 4 users currently have access to Assistant 2.0, older devices are reportedly getting the update... >>>

Researchers use laser to hack voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo

Monday  05:11,   11 november 2019

The researchers used a laser beam from outside of a house to activate smart devices, including unlocking doors.Sound far-fetched? It's not... >>>

How Scientists Got Climate Change So Wrong

Sunday  17:40,   10 november 2019

For decades, most scientists saw climate change as a distant prospect. We now know that thinking was wrong. This summer, for instance, a heat wave in Europe penetrated the Arctic, pushing temperatures into the 80s across much of the Far North and,... >>>

Why Astronomers Worry About the Brightness of SpaceX's Starlink Satellites

Sunday  17:40,   10 november 2019

SpaceX is planning to launch the second installment of its Starlink megaconstellation on Monday (Nov. 11), and astronomers are waiting to see — well, precisely what they will see. When the company launched its first set of Starlink internet... >>>

Drones will swarm our skies when these 3 things happen

Sunday  17:40,   10 november 2019

Drone makers have to convince us that airborne burritos and transplant organs are worth the noise and privacy invasion.NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine loves the idea. At the recent Commercial UAV Expo drone conference in Las Vegas, Bridenstine... >>>

Small Yet Mighty Mercury Still Holds Many Mysteries

Sunday  12:20,   10 november 2019

Two different spacecraft have visited the planet, but there’s still so much we don’t know about it. Rockets roared to life on August 3, 2004, as an intrepid spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral and set out to uncover mysteries about the Solar... >>>

Facebook and YouTube remove content mentioning potential whistleblower's name

Sunday  12:20,   10 november 2019

Facebook and Google-owned YouTube are both removing content mentioning the potential name of the whistleblower whose complaint sparked a formal impeachment investigation into President Trump. The company confirmed to The Associated Press on Friday... >>>

From Instagram to Angry Birds, here are the top apps of the decade

Sunday  05:35,   10 november 2019

Games, social media, dating apps and more: Here is a list of 25 apps that had the most impact on our lives in the last 10 years.As part of CNET's Decade in Review here are our picks for the impactful apps of the 2010s. I crowdsourced this list from... >>>