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Messenger Hammer: WhatsApp restricts function An

Friday  11:20,   11 march 2022

The popular Messenger service WhatsApp restricts the forwarding of messages. What is behind it. © StockCam / iStock WhatsApp News forwarded to WhatsApp are now marked with a double arrow. Now the company wants to go another... >>>

Irrer Folding Chair of Alaba

Thursday  05:03,   10 march 2022

David Alaba packs the folding chair after the turbulent Champions League Comeback by Real Madrid against PSG. © Provided by sport1.de Irrer Folding Chair Cheer of Alaba At the end, the cheers knew no limits! According to Real Madrid's Mega-Comeback >>>

Microsoft: Resetting a Windows PC may delete all files

Saturday  14:49,   05 march 2022

© Default_Credit Windows (Image: Microsoft) The problem occurs with onedrive synchronized files. Affected Windows 10 and Windows 11. Microsoft works on a fix and currently offers only one key solution. Microsoft points out that the feature of a PC... >>>

Samsung stops supplies to Russia

Saturday  09:31,   05 march 2022

The electronics giant Samsung has stopped the export of its products to Russia because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. © Lee Jin-Man / AP / DPA Logo of the Electronic Giant Samsung in Seoul. The South Korean company is the market leader in... >>>

The FCC comes: Beermann is looking forward to a "football festival"

Saturday  05:56,   05 march 2022

On December 11th, the VFL Osnabrück last lost a third league game. The chest is wide with the Lower Saxony, which look forward to the top game against louds. © Imago Images / Revierfoto derby hero and with the VfL on the rise: Timo Beermann.... >>>

Harald Glööckler & Dieter Schroth a few? This note is clearly

Friday  11:59,   04 march 2022

for weeks has been speculated whether Harald Glööckler and Dieter Schroth have separated. Now the two clear for all times with the rumors. © imago / vistapress harald glochler & dieter Schroth a few? This note is clearly the separation rumors... >>>

The Weekend Away (Netflix): Is the movie adapted from a true story?

Thursday  23:00,   03 march 2022

© Ivan Sardi / Netflix The Weekend Away (Netflix): Is the movie adapted from a true story? The Weekend Away follows the fight of a young woman in search of truth, accused of the murder of her best friend. If it recalls a famous diverse, is this... >>>

AMD, Intel, TSMC and Microsoft establish standard for the-to-the-interface

Thursday  18:26,   03 march 2022

© default_credit ucie Standard (Image: UCIE) It is intended to support the combination of chippling components of different manufacturers. The consortium also includes arm, Google Cloud, Meta, Samsung and Qualcomm. AMD, Advanced Semiconductor... >>>

Uber extends in fast delivery in France

Tuesday  18:00,   01 february 2022

© Brendan McDermid Uber, the leader of the VTC The world leader in the reservation of cars with driver, which also delivers meals, launches in France "Uber Direct", service general delivery. The world leader in car reservation with driver, which... >>>

Facebook abandons its Cryptomonnaie

Tuesday  08:50,   01 february 2022

project to Chris Delmas / AFP Policy banks, regulators and policy makers were concerned, in particular, the risks for the stability of the financial system, the fight against money laundering or protection Personal data. The social networking... >>>

Windows 11: Upgrade offer is expanded

Friday  03:56,   28 january 2022

© Provided by Dr. Windows Windows 11 Start Menu Computers with Windows 10, which fulfill the hardware requirements of Windows 11, can be updated for free to the new version. Microsoft has announced a broader availability of this upgrade offer - but >>>

Intel boss: Chip scarcity until the year 2023

Thursday  05:32,   27 january 2022

The global chip scarcity will last for at least one year after the estimation of the industry giant Intel. © Uli Deck / DPA The need for capacities in data centers has been increasing for years. The bottlenecks are likely to go down to the year... >>>

15 years iPhone - these are the Apple classic still worth

Wednesday  06:05,   26 january 2022

15 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone. Through the great success, Apple became one of the most significant tech companies in the world. But what are the Apple Classic by then worth today? © Contributed by Finanzen.net DANIEL ROLAND / >>>

What does the recent Microsoft deal mean for the gaming industry?

Saturday  18:56,   22 january 2022

© Provided by the Motley Fool The video game industry is in turmoil. After TAKE-TWO (WKN: 914508) in the previous week, the acquisition of Zynga (WKN: A1JMFQ) has known , has operated Microsoft (WKN: 870747) on the shelf further above. For nearly... >>>

Meta Platforms Recommendations: Meaningful safety tips for your WhatsApp account

Saturday  09:15,   22 january 2022

Facebooks WhatsApp recommends some important privacy and security settings to make your account safer. © Provided by finanzen.net firs MAURY / AFP / Getty Images with approximately two billion users, Meta Platforms WhatsApp is the most widely used... >>>