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Laury Thilleman: this project with Juan Arbelaez that the coronavirus is likely to disturb

Monday  18:45,   06 april 2020

© Getty Laury Thilleman: this project with Juan Arbelaez that the coronavirus is likely to disturb Confined with his darling and friends in a house in the south of France, Laury Thilleman has just given news and reveals that this confinement will... >>>

Skype in the browser now without registration

Monday  18:25,   06 april 2020

For spontaneous video conferences with up to 50 participants, Skype can now be used without prior registration. The installation of a program is also not necessary if the participants of the chat use the Chrome or Edge browser, as the Skype mother... >>>

Spanish Conquerors Used Indigenous Technology to Build Their Weapons, Evidence Reveals

Monday  18:20,   06 april 2020

During the invasion of Mesoamerica in the early 16th century, Spanish armies may have wielded the more powerful weapons, and yet when push came to shove, their troops had no clue how to actually replenish their armoury. A new analysis of historical... >>>

Will asteroids wreak havoc on future Mars settlers?

Monday  18:20,   06 april 2020

Will asteroids wreak havoc on future Mars settlers?Before the century is out, humanity hopes to travel to the Moon and Mars. Those future astronauts will face many risks, like radiation poisoning, isolation, communication delays, and cramped... >>>

NASA details plans for putting base on moon

Monday  18:20,   06 april 2020

NASA's plan to return to the moon in 2024 could be in jeopardy due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, the space agency has put forth plans on how it will build a base on the lunar surface.  The U.S. space agency released a report on what... >>>

Immobilier: remote signatures with your notary are now possible

Monday  18:15,   06 april 2020

© Tumisu / Pixabay Immobilier: remote signatures with your notary are now possible Signing a real estate sale remotely, without having to request a proxy, it's now possible thanks to an order published on Saturday April 4. But this advance alone... >>>

Fake quotes, the plague of the Internet

Monday  18:05,   06 april 2020

© Infographic WORLD Source: Infographic WORLD In the past, winged words had their own lexicon, the " Büchmann" . The standard work collected, guaranteed and proven, famous poet quotes and sayings. Today, winged words are available everywhere on the >>>

BMW share: sales slump by more than 20 percent

Monday  16:08,   06 april 2020

© Thomas Schmidtutz In the world's largest car market, sales declined by 30.9 percent to 116,452 vehicles in the period from January to March. The decline was 18.3 percent in Europe and 17.4 percent in the USA. BMW sales director Pieter Nota made... >>>

A platform for business models after the crisis

Monday  16:06,   06 april 2020

Germany - Land of Ideas: The joint location initiative of the Federal Government and German industry started the Beyond Crisis campaign in the corona crisis. Questions to the manager. © picture-alliance / chrome orange / M. Raedlein Provided by... >>>

"Artemis Fowl" will be released first on Disney +

Monday  14:40,   06 april 2020

© Courtesy of The Walt Disney Company France "Artemis Fowl", directed by Kenneth Branagh, brings Ferdia Shaw, Colin Farrell and Judi Dench to the casting. If the American giant preferred to postpone the releases of many films because of the... >>>

"People expect listening and kindness": phone calls against blues

Monday  13:40,   06 april 2020

© AFP During the confinement, volunteers call the elderly or isolated. Between strangers, sometimes close ties are created. Claude bought a new phone before the containment began. At 94, he does not understand how it all works. So Florence Duprez... >>>

The pandemic is turning the natural world upside down

Monday  13:10,   06 april 2020

Widespread social-distancing measures have produced some jarring effects across land, air, and sea.Koelemeijer, a seismologist, has a miniature seismometer sitting on a concrete slab at the base of her first-floor fireplace. The apparatus, though... >>>

Astronomers spot never-before-seen gravitational wave source from binary white dwarf stars

Monday  13:10,   06 april 2020

Astronomers spot never-before-seen gravitational wave source from binary white dwarf starsWhite dwarf stars are what become of stars like our sun after they run out of fuel and turn into leftover hot cores. For many years, researchers have predicted >>>

The best way to freeze fresh meat

Monday  13:10,   06 april 2020

The best way to freeze fresh meatWell, at the start of this season, I got... >>>

Black holes bundle information from an infinite number of stars - and thus contain the history of the entire universe

Monday  08:00,   06 april 2020

© Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration The first photo of a black hole shows the light ring around the dark shadow only blurred. Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration Last year, scientists succeeded for the first time in capturing an black hole in >>>