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Google Play Games for Windows: Test operation starts in Asia

Thursday  12:16,   20 january 2022

© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Google Play Games In December, Google had quite a surprisingly announced to bring Android games to the PC during the year 2022 by porting Google Play Games on Windows. Now starts testing in three Asian countries. in... >>>

Handballer Bergemann extended at HSV Hamburg until 2024

Wednesday  15:03,   19 january 2022

Handball Bundesligaist HSV Hamburg can continue to plan with Thies Bergemann. The 25-year-old right outside has extended his contract prematurely in the summer for two years to 2024, the Hanseats announced on Wednesday. Bergemann came to HSVH from... >>>

Facebook's metavers could resell data on our facial expressions

Wednesday  12:48,   19 january 2022

© Dado RUVIC The Financial Times has passed the patents deposited by Meta, the mother house of Facebook. (Illustration) Reuters / Dado RUVIC A better user experience ... and more data to resell. An analysis of the patents filed by META, the mother... >>>

Microsoft marks destructive "malware" in computer systems of Kiev

Sunday  15:02,   16 january 2022

Ukraine-Cyber-Microsoft: Microsoft marks destructive "malware" in Kiev computer systems © Reuters / Mike Segar Microsoft benchmark destructive "malware" Kiev Computer Systems (Reuters) - Microsoft announced Saturday in a blog having identified... >>>

Microsoft Malls Destructive "Malware" in Kiev

Sunday  10:40,   16 january 2022

IT systems Ukraine-Cyber ​​/ Microsoft: Microsoft marks destructive "malware" in computer systems of Kiev January 16 (Reuters) - Microsoft announced Saturday in a blog having Identified Destructive malware (malware) in computer systems belonging to >>>

WhatsApp Tricks: How users write italic and more

Saturday  21:25,   15 january 2022

WhatsApp users can format textiles differently at the Messenger on request and thus highlight. For example, mark important information. This is possible both on iOS and Android. This is enough to set special characters at the desired digits. ©... >>>

Three tricks from Gislason: only one goes up, but all are entitled

Saturday  14:16,   15 january 2022

Bob Hanning (53) polarized like hardly anyone else in Handball Germany. In his second kicker column, he evaluates the three tricks of Alfred Gislason from the EM starting game. © Imago Images (3) in focus at opening game: Sebastian Heymann,... >>>

Loana: After his incredible transformation, the Internet users are shocked by an amazing

Friday  23:35,   14 january 2022

detail since December 9, Loana was back on Instagram with an amazing photo. Loana: After his incredible transformation, Internet users are shocked by an amazing detail decidedly, Loana raises live reactions on social networks. Usually very active... >>>

IndexNow: Bing and Yandex shared URLs, other search engines should follow

Friday  20:01,   14 january 2022

The indexNow protocol should ensure that content is indexed faster. Now the process should be conveyed to the URL, still simplified. © Chrisdorney / Shutterstock Who submits a URL to indexing with INDEXNOW at BING, automatically sends them to all... >>>

Cloud Gaming: This race can not lose Microsoft - or maybe?

Tuesday  15:58,   11 january 2022

© Provided by Dr. Windows Project Xcloud Logo Microsoft stands in the call, like to sleep one or the other trend. Examples thereof can be sufficient in the younger and older past. If you look closer, you can realize that it is often even worse.... >>>

Highlights from CES: the technology trends in 2022

Tuesday  14:51,   11 january 2022

Shortly after the turn of the year there was in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) countless innovations from the world of technology and consumer electronics to see. Here are some highlights that may cause possibly real trends. © Tom >>>

over 40,000 visitors with significantly smaller CES fair

Saturday  07:50,   08 january 2022

to the Technical Messe CES in Las Vegas came about four times less visitors this year than the past event in front of the Corona Pandemic. © Andrej Sokolow / DPA Visitors of the Technology Fair CES on the exhibition center. The industry event in... >>>

Kahn criticizes DFL gameplay: Regulation unnamed

Friday  22:40,   07 january 2022

Bayern Munich's CEO Oliver Kahn has been revealed by the Corona situation at the German record champion to revise the play order. © Sven Hoppe / DPA is guards a revision of the category: Bavaria Board Boss Oliver Kahn. «I've experienced a lot in... >>>

How Arianespace resisted Spacex in 2021

Friday  15:50,   07 january 2022

© ESA / CNES / ARIANESPACE Launch of the Space Telescope James Webb on December 25, 2021 by Ariane 5 in Guyana The European Group has closed the year 2021 with 15 launches at the counter, in 50% increase compared to 2020, devancing even Spacex on... >>>

Samsung expects strong growth

Friday  09:17,   07 january 2022

The high demand for chips for data centers has brought the electronics giant Samsung in the final quarter 2021 powerful growth. © Joe Buglewicz / ap / dpa According to Samsung, the profit from the core transactions is expected to provide about 10.2 >>>