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after decline in Apple: iPhone production probably returns to

Friday  06:15,   07 january 2022

in the first quarter after the Iphone production estimates in the last quarter 2021 showed a decline in production, the Analyst Yasuo Nakane sees an increase in the first quarter of 2022. Preparation of the popular Apple smartphones before. ©... >>>

Game-subscription Ubisoft + comes to the Xbox

Thursday  18:03,   06 january 2022

Ubisoft makes his games subscription Ubisoft + also accessible to Xbox players. The service with access to more than 100 video games of the publisher - from the "Anno" series about "Far Cry" up to "Assassin's Creed" currently costs around 15 euros... >>>

sharper controls: Tartellamin now takes a closer look at Google under the magnifying glass

Wednesday  16:42,   05 january 2022

The Bundeskartellamt presents the course for a sharper control of the US Internet Group Alphabet and its subsidiary Google. It has been found "a superior cross-market meaning of Google," said Department President Andreas Mundt on Wednesday. Thus,... >>>

Qualcomm wants to replace Intel chips in PCs

Wednesday  14:58,   05 january 2022

Qualcomm wants Intel whose leadership position in the PC business make. Currently processors dominate for Windows computers that are compatible with Intel technology. In smartphones, however, arms sat down. © photo. DPA Qualcomm. After Apple in its >>>

ASUS ROG Flow Z13 - A Surface Pro for Zocker

Wednesday  10:51,   05 january 2022

© Provided by Dr. med. Windows ASUS ROG Flow Z13 We have already seen many devices adapted to the form factor of Microsoft Surface Pro. The Asus Rog Flow Z13 is still a novelty, because it depends or primarily on players. The "strongest detachable... >>>

HP Elite Dragonfly G3: Lightweight goes with significant changes in the third round

Wednesday  10:51,   05 january 2022

© Provided by Dr. med. Windows HP Elite Dragonfly G3 for CES 2022 has announced HP the third generation of the Elite Dragonfly, which sets a new design and a new form factor. The weight can still hold HP under the magical border of one kilogram:... >>>

TPM Successor: AMD Ryzen 6000 Series will first support Microsoft's Pluton

Wednesday  05:55,   05 january 2022

© Provided by Dr. med. Windows AMD Ryzen 6000 AMD will introduce its new processor generation as part of CES 2022. A new property is already known: the Ryzen 6000 Series (Rembrandt) will for the first time support the new CPU security features... >>>

Senegal: Launch of the work of the future deepwater port of Ndayane

Tuesday  06:05,   04 january 2022

© Wikimedia Commons CC by-sa 4.0 Babacar Dioum View of the autonomous port of Dakar in September 2019 (image of illustration). In Senegal, the site of the future of Ndayane deep waters, about 70 kilometers south of Dakar, was launched this Monday,... >>>

light and delicious: Our most wonderful low carb recipes

Monday  13:59,   03 january 2022

London. Michael Smith stands for the second time in the final of the Darts World Cup. The "Bully Boy" switched off James Wade. In the final, he now meets Peter Wright, who won Gary Anderson in a gripping semi-final - and set up a new record. ©... >>>

You will soon be able to lick your screen to taste the dishes that pass on TV with this new invention

Tuesday  13:15,   28 december 2021

is a futuristic dream that could become a reality. A Japanese University researcher has developed a new screen capable of making you taste dishes that go on TV. You just have to lick the ... © Edwin Tan / gettyimages You will soon be able to lick... >>>

delicious television: Japanese researcher develops flavor screen

Saturday  16:55,   25 december 2021

At the Japanese Meiji University is a screen that can imitate the taste of food. For tasting licking use the screen. The idea has to do with the Coronapandemie. © Reuters After enjoyment, it does not necessarily look out - the TTTV. Professor Homei >>>

Among us: RTL takes the series from the program!

Wednesday  17:30,   22 december 2021

"Among us" fans must now be very strong, because around the upcoming holidays RTL strokes the series to put on a special holiday program, and we have to wait a little longer before we know how it is at Britta , Easy and Co. continues! © RTL / Filip >>>

Understanding Various Instruments By Cryptocurrencies

Wednesday  04:00,   22 december 2021

With the arrival of the 21st century, technology is advancing with great speed. But recently, the invention of cryptocurrency has turned the table. Every day many newcomers try their luck. Of course, everyone wants to earn a reasonable sum of... >>>

Triage because of Corona: Cancer researchers beat alarm due to supply problems

Wednesday  02:14,   22 december 2021

The triage can soon become a clinical day because of the omikron wave, warn cancer experts. Because: "The supply capacities are almost exhausted." Already urgent operations are postponed. © Sebastian Gollnow / Picture Alliance / DPA German cancer... >>>

These are the most popular passwords 2021

Thursday  21:51,   16 december 2021

Most Internet users do not make the protection of their personal data probably not too serious. The Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) published her list of the ten most popular passwords in Germany every year. Among the most used passwords, as every... >>>