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Covid-19: "Butantan", the Brazilian anthem of MC Fioti for the Coronavac vaccine

Monday  16:10,   25 january 2021

© NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP The Brazilian musician MC Fioti has remixed his piece Bum Bum Tam Tam in tribute to the Coronavac vaccine and to the Butantan laboratory . Since the validation of the Coronavac vaccine, music is playing on a loop on social... >>>

Britain pushes ahead with plans for first fighter drone

Monday  13:11,   25 january 2021

Britain pushes ahead with plans for first fighter droneThe government said in a statement that the drones will be built to act as a "loyal wingman" to its Typhoons and F-35s, flying alongside the military jets to shoot down enemy... >>>

DAVOS 2021: Biggest coronavirus vaccination rollout threat isn't about supply — it's conspiracy theories

Monday  13:11,   25 january 2021

It’s been just over a year since the first case of COVID-19 was reported to the World Health Organization (WHO). In March 2020, it was then classed as a global pandemic. Now, in January 2021, countries across the globe are starting to roll out... >>>

Is the property market facing a ticking time bomb?

Monday  10:55,   25 january 2021

The Climate Change Committee has recommended that all homes should have an Energy Performance Certificate rating of C from 2028. The CCC says that improving the energy efficiency of UK homes, responsible for about 15 per cent of UK greenhouse gas... >>>

EU backlash: French doctor predicts RIOTS over coronavirus vaccines amid delay chaos

Monday  09:40,   25 january 2021

CORONAVIRUS vaccine delays in the European Union may cause an "explosive" situation with riots, a French doctor has claimed.The protests resulted in more than 240 arrested, according to the Dutch... >>>

PM must reform the union or risk UK becoming a 'failed state' - Gordon Brown

Monday  09:40,   25 january 2021

The prime minister must reform the union or risk the UK becoming a "failed state", according to former prime minister Gordon Brown. © Reuters Gordon Brown says the PM must act to save the union Mr Brown said Prime Minister Boris Johnson should set... >>>

'Ground-breaking' unmanned combat aircraft project in Northern Ireland

Monday  07:25,   25 january 2021

More than 100 jobs will be supported by production of a new unmanned combat aircraft in Northern Ireland. © PA The RAF's Lightweight Affordable Novel Combat Aircraft to be produced in Belfast Work on the aircraft, nicknamed the "loyal wingman", is... >>>

What the papers say – January 25

Monday  07:25,   25 january 2021

Many of Monday’s papers are led by the education implications of the pandemic.The Daily Telegraph and The Sun say the Prime Minister has been told pupils are the “forgotten children” of the pandemic, while Health Secretary Matt Hancock is quoted in... >>>

Shops sold 2.5 BILLION bottles of water in 2019, figures reveal

Monday  06:20,   25 january 2021

A report by Greenpeace UK and the Environmental Investigation Agency found the ten biggest supermarkets sold 2.5billion plastic bottles of water in 2019. Tesco was the biggest seller.A report by Greenpeace UK and the Environmental Investigation... >>>

Healthy heart could be the key to warding off dementia

Monday  06:20,   25 january 2021

Scientists say changes to lifestyle such as regular exercise and healthy eating made earlier in life may help to slow arterial stiffening and could prevent dementia in older age. The findings, published in the journal PLOS Medicine, showed that... >>>

Vaccine centre staff offering 'leftover' jabs to friends and family

Monday  06:20,   25 january 2021

Senior staff within the NHS are calling for action to be taken against vaccine centre staff who are offering 'leftover' coronavirus jabs to their friends and family under the age of 70.Friends and family of staff, who are under the age of... >>>

NHS trusts urge people to 'walk like penguins' through the snow

Monday  06:10,   25 january 2021

With yet more freezing temperatures expected in the UK today, NHS trusts have issued an odd edict urging members of the public to 'walk like penguins' in order to avoid falls in the snow.As Britain continues to brace through the current cold >>>

Winter tightens its grip on the UK: More sub-zero temperatures and treacherous conditions

Monday  05:01,   25 january 2021

The icy weather is not over yet, with Britain warned to expect sub-zero temperatures and treacherous conditions in the early days of this week. © Associated Press A woman builds a snowman during heavy snowfall in London. Pic: AP It comes after a... >>>

Boost to Brit's Covid battle as more Britons agree to have the vaccine

Monday  05:00,   25 january 2021

The proportion of the public who plan to have the Covid-19 jab is now above the level scientists say is needed to achieve herd immunity and stop the virus spreading. © Provided by Daily Mail Government polls, obtained by the Daily Mail, revealed... >>>

UK to launch global climate adaptation effort with partner countries

Monday  03:50,   25 january 2021

UK to launch global climate adaptation effort with partner countriesEarly warning systems for storms and investments in flood drainage and in drought-resistant crops could form part of the measures promoted by the new Adaptation Action Coalition,... >>>