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'Upskirting' to officially be made illegal - and punishable by up to two years in jail

Wednesday  06:15,   16 january 2019

Men who take pictures up women's skirts could now face up to two years in prison, as a bill on "upskirting" passes its third and final reading in the House of Lords on Tuesday. The offence will become a criminal act after it achieves Royal Assent... >>>

Harry and Meghan to attend Cirque du Soleil premiere

Wednesday  05:40,   16 january 2019

During the day the duchess will also visit her new charity... >>>

Speaker Bercow hints he could help MPs seize control of Brexit from the Government by allowing debates on what should happen next

Wednesday  03:45,   16 january 2019

The controversial Speaker told MPs he would give them the opportunity to hold debates and vote on proposals about what should happen next after the defeat of Theresa May’s... >>>

Duchess of Cornwall loses planning battle over granny flat near her Wiltshire country retreat

Wednesday  03:30,   16 january 2019

The Duchess of Cornwall has lost a planning battle over proposals from a next-door neighbour to build a granny flat a stone’s throw from her country retreat. The royal, 71, objected to the plans for the building some 60m from her Grade II listed Rey >>>

MP who delayed Caesarean op to vote on Brexit deal enters Commons in wheelchair

Tuesday  22:30,   15 january 2019

Labour MP Tulip Siddiq is nine months... >>>

What happens now Corbyn has called a vote of no confidence?

Tuesday  22:15,   15 january 2019

Theresa May's Brexit deal has been defeated by 230 votes - the biggest government defeat in history. And now Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has tabled a motion of no confidence in the government. The vote itself will be held on Wednesday at 7pm... >>>

Dumfries bakery wins World Championship Scotch Pie Award

Tuesday  21:16,   15 january 2019

The Little Bakery beat hundreds of other entrants to take the... >>>

People are actually buying the £300 emergency Brexit box, which contains enough food for a month

Monday  19:30,   14 january 2019

People are actually buying the £300 emergency Brexit box, which contains enough food for a... >>>

Gavin Williamson suggests 'firing paintballs at Spanish ships in Gibraltar'

Monday  16:06,   14 january 2019

Gavin Williamson suggests 'firing paintballs at Spanish ships in... >>>

'Sandwich Carers': Number Of People Caring For Both Young And Old Rises

Monday  15:40,   14 january 2019

More than a quarter of “sandwich” carers – those who look after disabled, sick or elderly relatives and dependent children – say they experience symptoms of mental ill-health. Some 3% of the 16 to 70-year-olds – 1.3 million people – were sandwich... >>>

May's Brexit Deal Is Not Just A Capitulation – It's A Decapitation Of Our Great Nation

Monday  08:55,   14 january 2019

The British people have spoken and Parliament has legislated. Some 17.4million people voted to leave the EU and MPs voted overwhelmingly - by 498 to 114 - to bring the referendum result... >>>

What the papers say – January 14

Monday  08:31,   14 january 2019

Brexit dominates at the outset of a momentous... >>>

Has Wales got the world's steepest street?

Monday  04:55,   14 january 2019

Residents of a Welsh community say they have the world's steepest street - steep enough to beat the current record-holder in New Zealand. Baldwin Street in Dunedin, on New Zealand's south island, has a confirmed gradient of 35% at its steepest but... >>>

The Brexit meaningful vote is a pivotal moment in UK history but here's what could happen next

Monday  03:55,   14 january 2019

The “meaningful vote” being held in Parliament on Tuesday to decide the fate of Theresa May's Brexit deal will be a pivotal moment in the UK’s political and constitutional history. Whatever the result, it will trigger a reaction. According to one... >>>

Family forced to sit on the floor on a Tui flight after discovering their seats don't exist

Monday  03:40,   14 january 2019

Family forced to sit on the floor on a Tui flight after discovering their seats don't... >>>