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19:05  13 august  2019
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Neighbours finally confirms Chloe and Elly reunion Do the pair have a happy future together?

It ' s hard to pinpoint the moment that fruitcake became a running holiday joke to Americans. But it was probably sometime between the early 20th century – when commercial mass production of mail order fruitcakes resulted in dry bricks being delivered to people's homes as a last-minute Christmas gift

So it ’ s a perfect time to visit, according to Esquire’s globetrotting gourmand. So, here I was in Acapulco, said to be among the most dangerous cities on Earth. And this chance encounter with a sea snake, in the glittering shallows of Revolcadero beach, was the nearest I came to peril.

Why it's time to give taramasalata another chance © Provided by Johnston Publishing Ltd

I’m tempted to describe taramasalata as the Marmite of dips, but it’s so much more special than that, too distinct in flavour and deserving of considered attention to be cast in terms of love or hate.

Why it's time to give taramasalata another chance © Provided by Johnston Publishing Ltd

Taramasalata is a Greek dish, meaning a salad (salata) of tarama – salted and cured fish roe. The ideal roe is grey mullet but this is hard to come by and expensive. Smoked cod’s roe is most often used and it’s a worthy substitute with a satisfyingly deep and punchy flavour.

Why it's time to give taramasalata another chance © Provided by Johnston Publishing Ltd

Real taramasalata isn't a smooth pink paste

Appearance-wise, most of us know taramasalata as a smooth pink paste, but make your own and you’ll discover its real hue of mildly blushing beige, which you can pep up with sumac or paprika.

HBO will let you stream full episodes of fan-favorite shows for free

HBO will let you stream full episodes of fan-favorite shows for free If you're hunting for something new to watch, you may have looked to Twitter for suggestions. The site often serves as a human-powered recommendation tool for new TV shows and movies, with fanbases of shows like Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies tweeting reactions in real-time. In a clear bid to leverage all that social media buzz, HBO has launched a new site, "Recommended by Humans" that both compiles fan picks and gives curious non-subscribers the chance to watch episodes for free. The site features more than 50 free episodes, movies and documentaries that viewers can stream for free -- all generated by fan recommendations.

But times have changed. It ’ s now time to give Firefox another chance . I still have a few small gripes, of course. Why are the scollbars in Tweetdeck so ugly, for example? And why hasn’t LastPass launched a compatible version of its plug-in for the Firefox 57 beta yet (not like that’s Mozilla’s fault

It ’ s Time to Reward Risks. Let’s consider the concept of risk. Apple’s greatest innovations have always come from how they’ve been able to look at And if you think Apple is still innovating, please explain to me why we need to buy a dongle to plug our three week old iPhones into our brand new MacBook Pro?

I’ve eaten a couple of standout versions recently, at The Rose in Deal, Kent, and Prawn on the Lawn which has restaurants in Islington and Padstow. In the 80s and 90s, the Greek dish had earned its place at any barbecue or dinner party as surely as its tablemates hummus and soured cream and chive.

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Pretty in pink.... of all The Rose starters so far I think the taramasalata with radishes remains my first true love ???? ???? @rakookoo #delicious #foodie #dealtown #boutiquehotel #kentcoast

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We've got fussy about fishiness

But as the years ticked on and our taste for fish narrowed, in particular steering away from fish dishes which looked, smelled or tasted particularly fishy, delicious taramasalata was edged out of the limelight. Its chickpea-based cousin soared in popularity as our desire for Middle Eastern food overtook our love for all things Mediterranean. No one can imagine a “cod roe crisis” to compare with the hullabaloo over a shortage of hummus last year.

Don’t Sleep On Chance The Rapper & Jeremih’s Christmas Album

Don’t Sleep On Chance The Rapper & Jeremih’s Christmas Album Move over, Someday at Christmas by Stevie Wonder, Chance the Rapper has delivered unto us a brand new Christmas mixtape with his performer pal Jeremih. And yes, don't worry, it's every bit as good as you think it is. Merry Christmas Lil' Mama: Re-Wrapped (yes, that's the title, and we love it) is a more fully developed version of the surprise holiday mixtape they dropped this time last year, and it features a whopping 18 tracks, nine of which are brand new. The best part? The album is also completely free to download. Yes, free. Chance is being especially nice to our wallets during the busiest retail season of the year.

Here’s how to make it the traditional way or the easy way and find out why it ’ s healthy. No Greek ever calls it Taramasalata , so you shouldn’t either. Apparently though many people think the right Another important point I would like to make is that it is better to avoid pink taramosalata, that is just Remember taramosalata was consumed only a few times a year. I’ve included a recipe my mom has

It is one thing if it wasn’t the right timing for a real relationship for one of you, and you want to see how things would work out time -wise now but, if you had trust or jealousy issues or your ex was emotionally unavailable If any of these are a reason why you want to give your ex another chance , it ’ s wrong.

Some people don't like the fishiness of supermarket versions of taramasalata (Photo: Waitrose)

This is a great shame because it’s the closest most of us will get to hard to find and pricey fish roe. Most of the roe eaten in the UK is in the form of taramasalata, and despite the beauty of a homemade version, many Britons confess an addiction to the millennial pink supermarket spread. The comedian Frank Skinner told newspapers last week that he ate it most days. “I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, but I do wonder if I’m eating a borderline unsafe amount of taramasalata,” he said. And the Queen reportedly mentioned her fondness for it while discussing refreshments for the royal enclosure at Ascot.

The supermarket versions all have similar ingredients: rapeseed oil, smoked or marinated cod roe, flour, onion and lemon juice, but the volume of roe varies considerably, from 6 per cent in the Tesco dip to 8 per cent at Sainsbury’s, and 10 per cent at M&S to 19 per cent at Waitrose.

Northern Ireland weather warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms

Northern Ireland weather warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms The Met Office has put a weather warning in place

As DeLong puts it , on one issue after another — from health care to climate change — centrist-minded Democrats have modulated the party’ s priorities in hopes of striking a political deal with the center-right. But that deal has never been forthcoming, because there is no functional center-right in U. S . politics.

You will receive emails containing news content, updates and promotions from The New York Times . You may opt-out at any time . A version of this letter appears in print on May 11, 2002 of the National edition with the headline: Why Give Arafat Another Chance ?.

Know your roe

What is fish roe?

You may have seen confusing pictures of fish roe because there are two main types which look very different. First, there are exterior roe – the tiny black fish eggs we know as caviar and the translucent golden spheres of salmon roe. Then there are the internal roe which look more like a piece of liver – roe is in fact fish offal. The soft eggs you eat raw, on toast or by the spoonful. You might try a mouthful atop a blini at a fancy event. They can also be pressed until hard and served in slices or grated (bottarga). Interior roe is typically smoked or cured then sold and served in slices, or you can buy it raw and poach or fry it.

Do I have to be rich to try it?

Not if you have a few quid for a pot of taramasalata. East Kent fishmonger Jason Llewellyn says most of his roe ends up at seafood restaurants in London such as  Scott’s and J Sheekey, but he also has haddock, bass and herring roe at his shop, Fruits de Mer, which are inexpensive. Robin Moxon, of Moxon’s Fishmongers sells salmon, trout, flying fish and herring roe, as well as caviar and lumpfish.

Emery encouraged by Arsenal win

Emery encouraged by Arsenal win Arsenal edged past Newcastle with a far from convincing performance, but it could turn out to be a very important victory for the Gunners. Auba strike hands Gunners winning startPremier League : All the reports and highlightsTotal Football Offer: Just £18 extra a month!A confidence-building win. The Gunners kept just one clean sheet away from home all last season in the Premier League but with their 1-0 victory at Newcastle, they have matched that tally on the opening weekend of the new season.

Here are the times it ' s mentally and physically OK to try to again, and the times you shouldn't even think about giving your partner a second chance . That said, if there is no remorse or acceptance of responsibility for the damage, it is very difficult to give someone another chance . The same is true if

But times have changed. It ’ s now time to give Firefox another chance . There’s another market that I’ve had my eye on for a few years: Nhật Tảo market in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It might not be as large or accessible as the more well-known markets, but it ’ s very much worth a visit if you’re in the area.

How do I cook it?

The River Cottage Cookbook recommends frying herring roe gently in well-salted butter and serving it mushed up on toast with black pepper and lemon. The Fish Society advises poaching cod’s roe before frying it and eating the whole lot as a main course.

What’s all the fuss about bottarga?

Bottarga is a hard roe, the compressed roe of a grey mullet, or a bluefin tuna, though the tuna bottarga is less common now due to sustainability issues. It was popularised in the UK in Italian dishes but is made all over the Mediterranean, and especially in Greece. You can slice it and eat it on toast or on its own, with a drizzle of oil. The alternative is to grate it – or you can  buy it ready-grated – on to pasta, eggs, salads and vegetables for a savoury umami taste.

Simple and easy to make at home

Robin Moxon, founder of Moxon’s Fishmongers, says the amount of roe that goes into taramasalata has caused it to fall from favour. “It’s been totally bastardised. Cod’s roe is very expensive and the taramasalata in the shops seems to have less and less. Ours is simple and can easily be made at home.

He sells around 30 pots a day of his taramasalata, made from smoked cod’s roe, dry bread from a local bakery, olive oil, garlic and freshly-squeezed lemon juice. It’s also on the menu at his East Dulwich restaurant Next Door, served with pickles and crispbread.

A view of the sea is optional when enjoying taramasalata - but it helps (Photo: LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty Images)

But whatever the quality of your taramasalata, it can always be improved by a view of the Aegean and a glass of cold and crisp white wine.

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