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UK NewsDid China just threaten the UK with military action?

14:26  10 september  2019
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From China perspective, if there is war with UK , because of the nationalism and historical reason, it has no other choice but Back then, China did not have a modern army and still managed to lead the UN forces to a stalemate. Imagine a smaller weaker nation trying to project its power half way across

CHINA 's military last night threatened the United States as a row over disputed territory in the South China Sea intensified. State-controlled media warned that American troops involvement in military drills in the area could lead to conflict. It is the toughest rhetoric yet and comes after American and

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Concerns have been raised over an apparent threat to the UK issued by the Chinese government, which stated that the deployment of HMS Queen Elizabeth to the South China Sea could be interpreted as a “hostile action”.

The Ministry of Defence plans to deploy the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier to the Asia Pacific region on her first operational deployment in 2021, The Telegraph reports, adding that the UK Government is “keen to assert freedom of navigation through international waters” alongside other Western powers.

In response to the plans, Major General Su Guanghui, China’s defence attaché to the UK, told reporters: “If the US and UK join hands in a challenge or violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China, that would be hostile action.”

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Most disturbing is that he reportedly hinted about sending U.S. military onto Mexican soil to combat drug trafficking. Whatever you think of Mexico, this would not be the way for the president of the United States to treat another head of state, especially of the country with a 2,000-mile shared border

PRESIDENT Donald Trump threatened North Korea with military action unless the international Nikki Hayey the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations said the U.S. will use it’s “considerable” military forces if Russia and China have condemned the actions of North Korea’s supreme leader

Sky News described it as “threatening a military response”.

This would be the second time in the past 12 months that London and Beijing have traded barbs over the prospect of British vessels encroaching on Chinese territorial waters. Last year China accused the UK of “provocative actions” when HMS Albion transited through the South China Sea close to the disputed Paracel Islands, which China controversially claims, despite the MoD insisting that the ship was in international waters.

China has been accused of colonising the South China Sea to expand its military reach - even going so far as to manufacture artificial islands - in violation of international law, prompting the US and UK to conduct regular freedom of navigation operations in the region. But with China’s latest threat, is the tension about to boil over into war?

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China ’s foreign ministry said: “The US destroyer’s actions have violated Chinese and international laws, as well as severely harmed China ’s sovereignty The freedom of navigation operation – known in the military as a “Fonop” – was bound to annoy Beijing and was the third of its kind carried out by

THE US has just finished a military exercise with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) after the organisation attempted to balance its The US last week completed its first military exercise with ASEAN in the Gulf of Thailand. The drill, similar to one carried out with China last year, was

What is the UK’s plan?

In February last year, the then foreign secretary Boris Johnson told Australian ministers that HMS Queen Elizabeth, one of the Royal Navy’s newest aircraft carriers, will conduct freedom of navigation patrols in the South China Sea region on her maiden deployment in 2021.

“One of the first things we will do with the two new colossal aircraft carriers that we have just built is send them on a freedom of navigation operation to this area, to vindicate our belief in the rules-based international system and in the freedom of navigation through those waterways which are absolutely vital for world trade,” Johnson said.

He was responding to the Chinese government’s belief that it has a historic right to a vast swathe of the South China Sea marked by what Beijing calls the “nine-dash line”, which includes a series of disputed uninhabited islands full of natural resources and fishing areas.

China threatens UK with military response over disputed islands

China threatens UK with military response over disputed islands China has warned Britain against sailing ships through disputed waters in the South China Sea, saying that such a move would be "hostile" and hinting that Beijing would be forced to responded militarily. Reacting to a suggestion that the UK might send its aircraft carrier close to the contested Spratly Islands, with US jets onboard, China's Ambassador to the UK said Britain "should not do this dirty job for somebody else". Speaking to the Defence Correspondents' Association in London, Liu Xiaoming rejected the argument that the Royal Navy would be upholding international rules concerning Freedom of Navigation.

For years, China has been acting provocatively and aggressively in the South China Sea, including by building up artificial islands with military facilities There are tough, pragmatic policies the United States can take to do so, such as boosting the maritime security capacities of partners in the region

switch to the UK edition. A pre-emptive US military strike against North Korea may be necessary if the threat posed by its nuclear weapons programme reaches a level that “If they elevate the threat of their weapons programme to a level that we believe requires action , then that option’s on the table.

The Spratly Islands, near the Philippines, are the most contentious. The Japan Times reports that Beijing “has already set up an interconnected array of radar, electronic-attack facilities, missile batteries and airfields” on the archipelago.

The Independent reports that the West - and China’s neighbours - are “alarmed by what they see as Beijing’s expanding naval hegemony, the building of fortified islands and claiming disputed territorial waters, the issue of freedom of navigation has come increasingly to the fore”.

What has China said?

This week, US defence secretary Mark Esper called for help from allies - including the UK - to counter Beijing’s “attempts to disrupt the international order” and seek “domination” over the South China Sea.

In response, China stated that it will not tolerate what it calls a “violation of sovereignty”, and explicitly warned against any attempts to enter what it sees as its territorial waters.

Liu Xiaoming, China’s ambassador to the UK, said that the UK should cease attempting to “show its muscle” on behalf of a foreign power, believed to be the US, saying: “The UK should not do this dirty job for somebody else.”

He warned: “Do not enter Chinese territorial waters within 12 nautical miles. If you don’t do that, there shouldn’t be a problem. The South China Sea is wide enough to have free navigation of shipping.”

The UK Government stood firm by its plans, with a Downing Street spokesperson claiming: “The UK has enduring interests in the region and is committed to maintaining regional security. The presence of international navies in the South China Sea is normal and the royal navy is no exception to this.

“We remain committed to asserting rights of freedom of navigation at sea and in the air as provided for by international law.”

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