UK News 'It's harassment': Stella Creasy targeted by anti-abortion group

17:50  30 september  2019
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Survey reveals scale of sexual harassment at Lloyd’s of London

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The Labour MP Stella Creasy has contacted the police and said she feels “physically sick” after being targeted by an anti - abortion group . Creasy , who represents Walthamstow in parliament, expressed her concern as protesters entered her constituency and put a poster of her next to a picture of what it

the intimidation and harassment of Stella Creasy following the “extremist” targeting of the Labour MP by anti - abortion She said: “ It shows the gaps in the law that if they were showing pictures of the KKK She said the group had previously targeted the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau in a

Labour MP Stella Creasy has said her constituency "has my back" as she faces "harassment" from an anti-abortion group.

Stella Creasy wearing a white shirt and red hair looking at the camera: Stella Creasy has been targeted by an anti-abortion group in her Walthamstow constituency © Other Stella Creasy has been targeted by an anti-abortion group in her Walthamstow constituency

Ms Creasy, who represents Walthamstow in northeast London, has been targeted by protesters who have put up graphic posters in her constituency.

The MP, who is pregnant, shared a photo on Twitter on Monday of a billboard advert which reads "StopStella.com".

It also shows a large photograph of what is claimed to be a "nine-week living fetus".

Ms Creasy called on Clear Channel Direct, a British outdoor advertising company, to reveal how much it was paid for the advert.

Female lecturer sexually harassed by male students

  Female lecturer sexually harassed by male students Female lecturer sexually harassed by male studentsIn the case, the Labour Court has ordered Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) to pay the €10,000 compensation to Louise Walsh for not doing enough to prevent the sexual harassment of the academic by male agricultural science students.

Stella Creasy has been the target of the UK branch of the anti - abortion Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. Council officers in the north-east London constituency of the Labour MP Stella Creasy have removed a poster showing an aborted foetus, put up by an anti - abortion group running a campaign

Anti - abortion group ran the campaign after MPs approved Creasy ’ s amendment to extend Creasy , who represents Walthamstow in parliament, is the subject of a targeted movement against her that It comes after MPs approved an amendment by Creasy to extend abortion rights to Northern Ireland

She added in her Twitter post: "@MetPolice still think this is just 'free speech' and not harassment of women in Walthamstow?"

Ms Creasy also called on Home Secretary Priti Patel to take action.

The posters were put up as part of action by the UK-wing of the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR UK), an American anti-abortion organisation.

The group also launched the StopStella.com website, which calls on the MP to "stop promoting human rights abuses of children in the womb".

Ms Creasy says she is being deliberately targeted by the group because she is pregnant.

The politician's amendment to extend abortion access to Northern Ireland was approved by MPs in July.

Just over two hours after posting her initial tweet on Monday, the MP shared a follow-up message on Twitter which showed somebody had painted over the billboard with white paint.

Hong Kong protesters rebuild 'Lennon Walls' ahead of China National Day

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In a tweet Labour MP Stella Creasy accused Metropolitan police of turning a blind eye to an anti - abortion group that targeted her in a billboard campaign (pictured) over the weekend. Anti - abortion campaigners erect a giant 'Stop Stella ' billboard featuring a nine-week old 'living foetus'

Labour MP Stella Creasy has said she felt “physically sick” after being targeted by anti - abortion activists in her constituency. Campaigners protesting the MP’ s stance on abortion took to Walthamstow high street with pictures of Ms Creasy alongside a graphic image of what they claim was an aborted

She wrote: "I would rather Clear Channel Direct took this down, the @metpoliceuk acted to stop the harassment and @patel4witham brought in buffer zone legislation to deal with these people in the first place - but in the mean time it seems Walthamstow has my back."

Her tweets on Monday come after the MP said she felt "physically sick" when protesters targeted her over the weekend.

Demonstrators put up a poster showing a photo of Ms Creasy's face next to a picture of what was said to be a "24-week aborted baby girl".

The poster read "your MP is working hard... to make this a human right" and included the "StopStella.com" web address.

Ms Creasy wrote in her tweet on Saturday: "Feel physically sick. Tried to warn you @sajidjavid and @AmberRuddHR when you said powers in place to deal with this c*** enough.

"Today the police said they wouldn't use PSPO (public spaces protection order) powers to move these people on.

"We also have recording saying targeting me explicitly for being pregnant."

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said in a tweet on Saturday: "Whilst the right to peaceful protest must be respected, behaviour that deliberately targets women for harassment and intimidation should not be tolerated."

Calls for review of rejected ‘buffer zones’ plan outside abortion clinics .
The experience of staff is not ‘mentioned at all’ in the report.British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), writing on behalf of a score of groups, called on Priti Patel to review a decision to reject the idea made by her predecessor Sajid Javid in September last year.

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