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UK News #BoycottMorrisons: How a Morrisons security guard's confrontation with a Brexit Party activist became a national trend

14:00  21 november  2019
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A BREXIT Party campaigner has been shoved to the floor by a Morrisons security guard after “I’d never encountered this security guard before. I’ve had a row with Morrisons about what they are During the confrontation Julian pointed at the security guard and told bystanders: “This is a bully.”

Support The Guardian . Support our journalism with a year-end gift. Parents of some of the activists trapped inside the university gathered in front of police cordons on Monday night with signs that read “Save Our Kids”, while hundreds of other supporters poured into the streets around the campus to try

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Pro-Brexit groups are sharing a video of a man appearing to be refused entry at a Morrisons store outside Manchester for supporting the Brexit Party, sparking allegations of bias and discrimination.

The video has gathered thousands of shares, and hundreds of thousands of views, and with #BoycottMorrisons eventually trending on Twitter.

However, Morrison's have said that there was no political bias involved in the incident. A spokesperson said the man was prevented from entering the store because customers had complained about his electioneering and forcing leaflets on them - though the store also conceded that the security guard had over-reacted.

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Comparing a consumer-based boycott to a national economic policy may smack of apples and oranges, but these two cases highlight the difference between a carefully planned Combined with a smart, do-able ask, a brand might be inclined to sign on without the need for a public boycott .”

The man appears to be a Brexit Party activist, rather than a candidate, despite claims from some of the people sharing the video. The Brexit Party told i it is currently looking into the incident.

The incident

The individual in the video appears to be carrying Brexit Party leaflets when he is denied entry at the store in Denton, Manchester, by a security guard. He continues to insist he be allowed to enter to get a cup of tea. He was later hit by another man, apparently a customer.

A spokesperson for Morrisons said: "Customers in our store complained about the man in the video because he was forcing leaflets onto them.

"Electioneering doesn't take place in our stores. He was asked to leave the store but wouldn't. The security guard, who is from a security company, over-reacted and we are dealing with this."

Brexit is 'just beginning of political revolution' - Farage

  Brexit is 'just beginning of political revolution' - Farage Nigel Farage has said the Brexit Party wants to lead a "political revolution which puts the ordinary people first".As part of his party's policy launch - he pointedly refused to call it a manifesto - the former UKIP leader announced a series of plans which he claimed would provide a better life for the general UK public.

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The spread of the video

The video is now being used as evidence for bias from the traditionally northern supermarket against the Brexit Party.

In one of the pro-Brexit Facebook groups, the video is entitled 'BREXIT PARTY candidate was denied entry into Morrisons in Bolton on chorley old road merely for holding #BrexitParty leaflets'. While the incident took place in Manchester, the Brexit Party candidate for Bolton NE shared it on Facebook, which appears to be how the misunderstanding developed.

The majority of the groups re-sharing the video on Facebook have only a few subscribers, but many have more than five thousand subscribers, allowing the network of groups to boost the video widely, with it now achieving tens of thousands of views. The pro-Brexit groups that have seen it re-posted include 'I'd still vote LEAVE the EU', 'The Silent Majority (UK)', 'Jacob Rees-Mogg Back-up Group', and 'Fishing for Leave', among others.

Evidence shows electoral fraud not danger to British democracy

  Evidence shows electoral fraud not danger to British democracy At the launch of the Brexit Party's "contract with the British people", leader Nigel Farage made a serious charge about the integrity of British democracy. © Other Campaign Check is looking at politicians' claims over the general election period "I'm astonished that nobody seems to want to reform the postal voting system, something that has been totally abused since it was opened up nearly 20 years ago," Mr Farage told an audience of activists.

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The video was later shared on Twitter, and got more than 2,000 retweets and more than half a million views - though a Twitter view is just two seconds long, so this is likely an over-estimation. One key user who spread the video was Brexit Party candidate and former Apprentice contestant Michelle Dewberry, who is standing in Hull. She quote-tweeted the video with a message of support for the man, saying it was a 'disgrace'.

Absolute disgrace @Morrisons Campaigning all day is tiring. Everyone is entitled to a rest...How dare you assault/ban him in this way? I’m a @brexitparty_uk candidate. Am I to assume my team & I are also not welcome in your stores? What about Brexit backing customers?

— Michelle Dewberry (@MichelleDewbs) November 20, 2019

Following this, some Brexit Party supporters began using the #BoycottMorrisons hashtag, with one user saying: "Every Brexiteer, in fact everyone with a shred of decency about them should boycott ALL morrissons stores in solidarity for this man."

However, the term was quickly co-opted by Labour and EU supporters, who said they would rather shop at the store after the incident. This led to the hashtag being used extensively, and eventually it trended on Twitter, driving more people to see the original incident, with Morrison's frequently responding to users to explain the story.

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