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01:10  01 july  2020
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Hong Kong: Lam will appoint national security judges on recommendations

 Hong Kong: Lam will appoint national security judges on recommendations HONGKONG-EVENTS: Hong Kong: Lam will appoint national security judges on recommendations © Reuters / CARLOS GARCIA RAWLINS HONG KONG: LAM WILL APPOINT SAFETY JUDGES COUNCIL ON RECOMMENDATIONS HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong executive chief Carrie Lam said on Tuesday that she would appoint judges for national security matters based on recommendations from a judicial body responsible for it advises on such designations.

The new national security law for Hong Kong that was adopted in China on Tuesday gives the In ambiguous wording, it lays out new crimes and authorizes life imprisonment in the most serious Late in life , much to his discomfort, he became an African-American. Everyone in this country who

law for Hong Kong is life imprisonment , the editor in chief of the Global Times newspaper said on Tuesday, citing people who have seen the draft of the law . Hu Xijin said on Twitter that official information on the new legislation, which he says was passed by "China's top legislature" earlier, will

En 2019, de très larges manifestations ont eu lieu à Hong Kong contre Pékin. Ici le 8 décembre. © DANISH SIDDIQUI / REUTERS In 2019, very large demonstrations took place in Hong Kong against Beijing. Here on December 8.

Crimes against national security may be punishable by life imprisonment in Hong Kong where Chinese justice will now have jurisdiction over the most "serious" of them, according to a new law adopted Tuesday 30 June at haste. in Beijing.

Any violation of the new national security law intended to combat subversion, terrorism, separatism and collusion with foreign forces in Hong Kong will be punished by life imprisonment, reports Tuesday June 30 China new.

This legislation which makes the Hong Kong opposition fear an unprecedented decline in freedoms since the 1997 handover by the United Kingdom of this territory, which has autonomy status, also provides for the establishment by Beijing of 'a national security agency.

Beijing castigates "bandit logic" after foreign critics of Hong Kong

 Beijing castigates © AFP / Greg BAKER Zhang Xiaoming, July 1, 2020. Faced with numerous international reactions after the enactment of a controversial security law in Hong Kong, Beijing denounced “a logic of bandits” on the part of international actors: “We did not provoke you.

People in Hong Kong could face life in jail for breaking a controversial and sweeping new security law imposed by China. The legislation came into force on Tuesday but the full text was only revealed hours Critics say the new law effectively curtails protest and undermines Hong Kong 's freedoms.

HONG KONG /BEIJING — China's parliament passed national security legislation for Hong Kong on Tuesday, setting the stage for the Amid fears the legislation will crush the global financial hub's rights and freedoms, and reports that the heaviest penalty under it would be life imprisonment , prominent

“A sword hanging over the head”

Sentenced the same day by 27 countries at the UN, including France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, after having been condemned by the Union European Union and the United States, accused by its detractors of being an attempt to muzzle the opposition in Hong Kong, it was promulgated by Chinese President Xi Jinping after having been ratified by the Standing Committee of the Parliament, a body submitted to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

For members of the small minority who threaten national security, this law will be a sword hanging over their heads, the Chinese government warned in the wake.

Hong Kong-based chief executive Carrie Lam, Carrie Lam, said the law would come into effect on Tuesday. One year after the start of monster protests in the former British colony against the influence of the central government. Scalded by these events, China will have imposed in just a few weeks this law which bypasses the local legislative council.

Hong Kong: China passes controversial security law

 Hong Kong: China passes controversial security law © dpa Chinese President Xi After the controversial law for the protection of national security in Hong Kong was passed, China's head of state and party leader Xi Jinping signed the decree on Tuesday. It will enter into force by decree, as the official Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday. The Standing Committee of the People's Congress had previously unanimously approved the law.

max life imprisonment . The law also requires Hong Kong 's police to establish a national security division, and states that it may hire "specialists and technicians from outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" — meaning mainland China.

A new Hong Kong extradition law is proposed, which would allow people to be transferred to mainland China for a variety of crimes. According to legal experts, Chinese lawmakers may be able to enforce the law in Hong Kong through a provision, article 18, of the Basic Law that allows certain national

For the central government, this text is about ensuring stability, putting an end to the vandalism that has enamelled the demonstrations of 2019 in this territory of 7.5 million inhabitants, as well as repressing the current militant for independence.

This marks the end of Hong Kong as the world knew it, reacted on Twitter Joshua Wong, one of the figures of the democracy movement. The city will transform into a #decreetpolicestate.

Consequence, the Demosisto party, which it founded with other activists in 2014, announced its dissolution. This formation notably called for self-determination and could therefore potentially fall under the scope of the new law.

National Security Agency

The text punishes four types of crimes against state security: subversive activities, secession, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces aimed at endangering national security.

Hong Kong: China in turn sanctions American officials

 Hong Kong: China in turn sanctions American officials USA-CHINA-HONG-KONG: Hong Kong: China in turn sanctions American officials © Reuters / Carlos Garcia Rawlins HONG KONG: CHINA SANCTIONS US LEADERS 'TOWER BEIJING (Reuters) - China plans to impose visa restrictions on US nationals after similar Washington decision against Chinese Communist Party officials in reaction to Beijing policy towards Hong Kong.

Beijing ordered that a new law be written to extend many of mainland China’s security practices to Hong Kong , creating broad powers to quash unrest. Watching a TV news show about the new national security legislation in Hong Kong on Thursday.Credit Lam Yik Fei for The New York Times.

The maximum punishment for national security crimes includes life imprisonment . Past behaviors deemed illegal under the new law could also be Albert Ho, a Hong Kong politician, told DW that the council will become the highest executive body in Hong Kong and enable Beijing to supervise local

In this area, mainland China can directly take charge of cases in three hypotheses: if these are complex cases of foreign interference, if the cases are very serious and if serious and real threats are hanging over the national security.

Beijing has in this regard several times accused Western countries of throwing fuel on the fire in Hong Kong by supporting the demonstrators.

Both the National Security Agency and (the authorities of) Hong Kong may request that the case be transferred to Mainland China and prosecution will be initiated by prosecutors appointed by the Supreme People's Procuratorate (Chinese) and the trial will take place in a court designated by the Supreme Court of China, according to the text.

Perpetrators of serious (crimes) will be sentenced to life imprisonment or a minimum of ten years' imprisonment, still under the new legislation.

In addition, the Hong Kong government has no authority over the national security agency in Hong Kong and its staff when they fulfill their obligations under this law. It also underlines that some of these cases may be tried behind closed doors if state secrets are at stake.

Hong Kong: Government declares illegal slogan dear to protesters

 Hong Kong: Government declares illegal slogan dear to protesters HONG-KONG-EVENTS: Hong Kong: Government declares illegal slogan dear to protesters © Reuters / SHANNON STAPLETON HONG KONG: GOVERNMENT DECLARES ILLEGAL DEAR SLOGAN DEMONSTRANTS HONG KONG (Reuters) - The slogan "Free Hong Kong, revolution of our time", regularly chanted during the pro-democracy demonstrations which shook the city, evokes separatism or subversion, the local government said on Thursday, doing reference to crimes punished by the new security law imposed by Beijing.

A simple guide to the new national security law China has passed in Hong Kong and why it matters. The jail term for national security offences carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment , Chinese state media reported.

The law would make it legitimate to set up mainland security agencies in Hong Kong , and for the committee headed by the chief executive to appoint judges to oversee national security cases, RTHK reported. The chief executive will be supervised by the central government, and the new legislation

27 countries condemn

The decision to entrust Chinese state bodies with prerogatives in this autonomous territory is a major concern for the local opposition because the separation of powers does not exist in mainland China, led by the CCP.

For more than twenty years, Hong Kong has enjoyed broad autonomy, in accordance with the principle of One country, two systems, its inhabitants enjoying freedom of expression, freedom of the press and independent justice .

Furthermore, the fact that the content of the new law was only made public after the fact had angered the Hong Kong opposition. It is truly absurd, rebelled Claudia Mo, a local parliamentarian.

Western governments say that they are worried about the international status of the city, one of the main financial centers in the world. The law risks seriously undermining Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy, said European Council President Charles Michel, for example.

Anticipating the vote, the United States announced on Monday the end of sales of sensitive defense equipment to Hong Kong, after having imposed visa restrictions on Chinese officials accused of jeopardizing the autonomy of the territory.

On Tuesday, 27 countries asked Beijing to review new legislation that threatens freedoms in Hong Kong, in a statement to the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Carrie Lam for his part castigated Western pressure in a video message, urging the international community to respect our country's right to guarantee national security and the aspirations for stability and harmony of the people of Hong Kong.

China enacts security law for Hong Kong .
It could be a historic turning point for the former British crown colony. Critics fear loss of freedom in Hong Kong. The US government is already taking its consequences. © Reuters / T. Siu advertising banner for the new security law - sponsored by Hong Kong's Beijing-loyal government China has passed the controversial security law for Hong Kong, according to media reports. The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress has unanimously approved the bill.

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