UK News The American Congress close to adopting sanctions against the repression in Hong Kong

18:50  02 july  2020
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Hong Kong: Lam will appoint national security judges on recommendations

 Hong Kong: Lam will appoint national security judges on recommendations HONGKONG-EVENTS: Hong Kong: Lam will appoint national security judges on recommendations © Reuters / CARLOS GARCIA RAWLINS HONG KONG: LAM WILL APPOINT SAFETY JUDGES COUNCIL ON RECOMMENDATIONS HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong executive chief Carrie Lam said on Tuesday that she would appoint judges for national security matters based on recommendations from a judicial body responsible for it advises on such designations.

Le dome du Capitole, siège du Congrès américain, à Washington le 10 avril 2020 © Eric BARADAT The dome of the Capitol, seat of the American Congress, in Washington on April 10, 2020

The American Congress could adopt a law on Thursday providing for sanctioning Chinese officials applying the new repressive security rules against Hong Kong, as well as the banks that finance them, an initiative that is already angering Beijing.

Principaux points résumant la loi sur la sécurité nationale à Hong Kong © Cléa PÉCULIER Main points summarizing the law on national security in Hong Kong

The House of Representatives, with a Democratic majority, approved this text on Wednesday.

Since it is slightly different from that already adopted, there also unanimously, on June 25 in the Senate, it must be submitted to a new vote in the upper house, which could take place on Thursday.

The United States ceases to export defense equipment to Hong Kong

 The United States ceases to export defense equipment to Hong Kong USA-HONG-KONG-CHINA-EXPORTATIONS: The United States ceases to export defense equipment to Hong Kong © Reuters / POOL New LES UNITED STATES TO EXPORT DEFENSE MATERIAL TO HONG KONG WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday that defense exports to Hong Kong will stop, where Chinese officials have decided to impose new security legislation.

The text will still have to be promulgated by President Donald Trump to enter into force. The White House has not indicated whether it intends to do so or to veto it.

This bill has been promoted and supported by both Republicans and Democrats, eager to increase pressure on Beijing beyond the measures already communicated by the United States government since China announced and then enacted on Tuesday, a national security law in the former british colony.

Beijing said Thursday "deplore and firmly oppose" the House vote.

"Hong Kong, including the national security law, are purely internal affairs of China, no country can interfere," reacted to the press a spokesperson for Chinese diplomacy, Zhao Lijian.

La police de Hong Kong procède à des arrestations alors que les habitants de la ville marquent le 23e anniversaire de la rétrocession à la Chine par de nouvelles manifestations.  Ces événements ont lieu au lendemain de l'imposition par la Chine d'une loi très stricte sur la sécurité nationale à Hong Kong, une mesure historique décriée par de nombreux gouvernements occidentaux comme une atteinte sans précédent aux libertés et à l'autonomie de la ville. © Ayaka MCGILL Hong Kong police make arrests as city dwellers mark 23rd anniversary of handover to China with new protests. These events take place in the aftermath of China's imposition of a strict national security law in Hong Kong, a historic move decried by many Western governments as an unprecedented attack on the freedoms and autonomy of city.

The version approved by the House "includes minor technical changes compared to the text that Senator (Pat, editor's note) Toomey and I had adopted last week," said Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen.

China enacts security law for Hong Kong

 China enacts security law for Hong Kong It could be a historic turning point for the former British crown colony. Critics fear loss of freedom in Hong Kong. The US government is already taking its consequences. © Reuters / T. Siu advertising banner for the new security law - sponsored by Hong Kong's Beijing-loyal government China has passed the controversial security law for Hong Kong, according to media reports. The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress has unanimously approved the bill.

"Tomorrow, we will go into the hemicycle asking the Senate to adopt the new version immediately," he tweeted. Voting could take place around midday.

- Banks in the sights -

Less than 24 hours after the entry into force of the law on state security imposed by Beijing on Hong Kong, the police had made their first arrests on Wednesday.

Promulgated on Tuesday by Chinese President Xi Jinping, this text makes the Hong Kong opposition fear an unprecedented decline in freedoms since the United Kingdom's surrender to China of this territory in 1997.

The text studied at the American Congress would allow in Washington to punish any entity or person who contributes materially to the violation of the Chinese obligations concerning the autonomy of Hong Kong.

Heurts entre manifestants et opposants à la loi sur la sécurité nationale imposée par Pékin, le 1er juillet 2020 à Hong Kong © DALE DE LA REY Clashes between protesters and opponents of the national security law imposed by Beijing on July 1, 2020 in Hong Kong

Its authors rightly cite the example of "Chinese Communist Party leaders responsible for taxation Hong Kong national security law, "or police units involved in the suppression of Hong Kong protesters.

China approves contentious Hong Kong national security law

  China approves contentious Hong Kong national security law The law would allow authorities to crack down on ‘subversive and secessionist activity’.The legislation had sparked fears that it would be used to curb opposition voices in the semi-autonomous territory.

Above all, banks which carry out "significant transactions" with sanctioned persons or entities would in turn be targeted by punitive measures.

At the end of May, Washington had already struck hard by revoking the preferential trade status of Hong Kong.

Monday, the United States and China had further intensified their cycle of reprisals and counter-reprisals, Washington announcing the end of arms exports to the former British colony after the introduction of visa restrictions by Beijing .

And Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned on Wednesday that new American measures could not be excluded.

At the same time, Republican and Democrat parliamentarians introduced another bill this week in the House and in the Senate, the "Hong Kong Safe Harbor Act", which would place Hong Kong residents in a priority category to claim status. refugee, similar to that granted to Cubans.

It also opens "a path to political asylum for activists on the front line, in immediate danger," said one of the co-authors of the text in the House, the Republican John Curtis. The text also calls on the American secretary of state to coordinate the reception of "Hong Kongers as refugees with other countries sharing the same position".

This escalation comes as Donald Trump said Tuesday "more and more angry" against China for its management of the beginnings of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has already killed more than 125,000 people in the United States and plunges its economy.

Before the spread of the pandemic, the two leading economic powers in the world had managed to make a truce in their trade war with reciprocal punitive customs duties.

But in this context of extreme tensions, Donald Trump had once again ruled out suspending all relations, including economic ones, with Beijing on June 18.

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