UK News COVID-19 might never fully disappear even with a vaccine, says chief scientific adviser

02:30  20 october  2020
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England's Covid-19 R rate DROPS for second week

  England's Covid-19 R rate DROPS for second week The UK's chief scientific officer Sir Patrick Vallance said in a TV briefing today that social distancing and lockdown rules are keeping the R rate lower than it was in the spring outbreak.But the Government's chief scientific adviser warned that the epidemic is 'growing everywhere' and that more action must be taken to bring down the R rate, which is somewhere between 1.3 and 1.5 for the UK meaning cases will continue to surge exponentially.

Why might a vaccine fail? Earlier this week, England’s deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Armed with a highly effective vaccine that protects for several years, countries could aim for herd immunity We might become blase about Covid - 19 deaths when life resumes and the media move on, but the

whether COVID - 19 vaccine will make a difference as roughly half of Americans say they won't take one Hundreds of vaccines are in the pre-clinical testing phase, but only four are currently in Phase 3 In May the figure was 72 percent. Misinformation about the effects of a vaccine and the original

A coronavirus vaccine is "unlikely" to completely stop infections and the disease might never fully disappear, the government's chief scientific adviser has said.

a person standing in front of a refrigerator: There are currently three vaccine trials under way in the UK © Imagebridge There are currently three vaccine trials under way in the UK

Sir Patrick Vallance pointed to how smallpox was the only disease to have ever been completely eradicated and that, in future, treating COVID-19 might become more like dealing with seasonal flu.

He told a parliamentary committee on Monday: "I think it is unlikely that we will end up with a truly sterilising vaccine that completely stops infection.

"It is likely that this disease will circulate and be endemic.

Vaccine race: Test subjects could be exposed to Covid in January

  Vaccine race: Test subjects could be exposed to Covid in January Volunteers will receive a vaccine and then be purposefully exposed to the new coronavirus in laboratory settings.The Government is backing so-called human challenge studies, whereby a small number of participants who have received a vaccine will be purposefully exposed to Covid-19 to assess the vaccine’s efficacy.

Vaccines saved humanity from countless scourges, like measles and smallpox. Producing a safe, effective vaccine is painstaking, as the risk of harm is “We are moving as fast as humanly possible,” says research scientist Brooke Fiala during a break from working on a vaccine at the University of

COVID - 19 Vaccines Are Coming, but They’re Not What You Think. On Monday, Kaiser Permanente began soliciting volunteers to be injected with a mystery substance that will, if it works and does not cause unintended harm, release us all from quarantine purgatory when it becomes widely available in

"My assessment - and I think that's the view of many people - is that's the likely outcome.

"Clearly as management becomes better, as you get vaccination that will decrease the chance of infection and the severity of the disease - or whatever the profile of the vaccines are, this then starts to look more like annual flu than anything else.

"And that may be the direction we end up going in."

The medical definition of endemic describes a disease that is constantly present.

Sir Patrick also told the National Security Strategy Committee that he thought it "unlikely" that a COVID-19 vaccine would be available for "any sort of widespread community use" before at least spring next year.

Although he said there "may" be some doses before that, Sir Patrick also said it was important not to "over-promise".

'We won't break the law': Burnham would accept Tier 3 if imposed on Greater Manchester

  'We won't break the law': Burnham would accept Tier 3 if imposed on Greater Manchester Andy Burnham says he will keep to the law and "accept" Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions for Greater Manchester if the government imposes them. The region's mayor told Sky News it was ministers' "prerogative" to announce the measures, if negotiations over the next few hours end in stalemate.

Said there was still hope a vaccine would get "over the line" this year. Self-isolation can be costly for some in terms of lost income and job security ( even with the offer of £500 payments). Covid - 19 in the UK: How many coronavirus cases are there in your area?

Five months into the pandemic, Russia's first Covid - 19 vaccine is in its final development stages, already proven safe. This month, Moscow's famed Sechenov University announced that the first phase of clinical trials for a vaccine had been a success.

Sir Jeremy Farrar, the director of the Wellcome Trust medical research foundation and a member of the government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), has told Sky News that more than one vaccine would be available before next April.

There are currently three vaccine trials under way in the UK, with an AstraZeneca vaccine - developed by the University of Oxford - in phase three trials.

In the House of Commons on Monday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock told MPs that "no vaccine technology is certain" but said the government "must be prepared to deploy a vaccine as soon as one is safely available".

He outlined how the government had taken steps to allow "a wider range of clinically qualified people to administer vaccines" and to provide for the granting of a UK licence for a vaccine before the end of the Brexit transition period "should that be necessary".

"We all wish our scientists well in this vital work, and we will give them all the support they could possibly need," Mr Hancock said.

How close are we to having an approved coronavirus vaccine? .
There are a number of vaccine programmes which have advanced to stage three trials, the final hurdle before approval, including two based in the UK. How are they progressing? The post How close are we to having an approved coronavirus vaccine? appeared first on CityAM.

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