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07:15  28 october  2020
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The company isn' t disputing the returns or that they won' t , just not doing it and their CS is non-existent. Small claims court , but to be honest you would probably get your refund before any action takes place and would therefore be wasting money.

online research. i got a full refund two days later. no thanks to my bank, who did f*ck all. so my answer is this. throw every grenade that you’ve got at I didn’ t really had a situation where company refused or ignored refund but I did had a situation where refund was completely legit and I simply didn’ t

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Unhappy customers who are tired of waiting for months to receive refunds are threatening ­ stubborn companies with legal action.

Tens of thousands of people are thought to have been denied or made to wait for refunds thanks to disruption caused by the pandemic.

But now Money Mail readers are using the small claims court, where fees start from just £25, to win their cash back. It comes after we reported how Pam Watts, 61, won £2,112 from British Airways after it ­cancelled her return flight without telling her. The story prompted readers to get in touch with their own small claims successes.

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You can then demand (a little stronger than polite) a refund with words such as. This usually gets a response as companies may not wish to get involved in a legal battle which could ultimately end up in court (in front Other ways you can request a refund in English: – I feel you should, at the very least

You'll get an extra two years to build your case with the first two options, three with the Form 1040X. If you can ' t resolve it in Appeals, you're probably not going to win in Tax Court , either. It can take the patience of a tax nerd. So, if you simply can ' t hack it, hire a tax professional to run this gauntlet for you.

a close up of food: Legal eagles: Readers are using the small claims court, where fees start from just £25, to win their cash back © Provided by This Is Money Legal eagles: Readers are using the small claims court, where fees start from just £25, to win their cash back

Former Royal Marine Duncan Christie-Miller spent four months chasing a refund for a two-week cruise to Alaska and Japan with his wife Mavis, 76. Duncan, also 76, who lives in Teddington, South-West London, first contacted Imagine Cruising for a refund of his £3,802 deposit in May, after the September trip was cancelled. He was told he would be refunded, but was given no indication of when.

He knew that anyone who booked a cruise lasting longer than 24 hours was legally entitled to a refund within 14 days. So, after ­ hearing ­nothing, he sent a letter to the firm's offices in Swindon.

But still the refund did not arrive. Eventually Duncan, who runs a remote working consultancy ­business, paid £185 to lodge a court claim. The next day, Imagine Cruising rang to arrange payment and handed over £3,886 — the deposit plus i­nterest and his £185 court fee.

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I have asked for a refund , and filed a dispute. They asked me to cancel the dispute so they can issue a refund . I don' t know if they're lazy, stupid, or trying They are trying to scam you if you close that case before getting your money, you will not get your money and another case cannot be opened.

We can hire you on condition that you’re able to Nowadays young people prefer money rather than… a person who tries to persuade someone to leave their job and take another job which has better pay and more status: I enjoy teaching Marketing at university because it’s my…

Duncan says: 'Small claims court is a great thing, a highly efficient and simple procedure.'

An Imagine Cruising spokesman apologises for the delay in processing Duncan's refund, and says it had been working to pay him back within 90 days of the cancelled trip.

James Daley, of consumer group Fairer Finance, says legal action will always get a company's attention.

'As soon as you make a claim it will be escalated within the company,' he says. 'Many firms will then contact you to make an offer.'

While 114,459 cases were submitted in England and Wales last year, only 47,047 went to trial.

Gallery: People who took giant corporations to court... and won (Lovemoney)

Taking a major corporation to court might seem like a no-win situation but, as these successful lawsuits go to show, that isn't always the case. From the woman who took on McDonald’s over a coffee spillage to the musicians that fought for their royalties from Spotify, click or scroll through to see the people that took big companies on, and won. All dollar values in US dollars.

Marsha Farrington waited almost seven weeks for £84 worth of plants to be delivered by ­Gardening Express. But when the order finally arrived at her Birmingham home in June, some flowers were damaged.

Largely ignored, in August, Marsha, 66, took the case to the small claims court, demanding £57.73 for the flowers and £100 in compensation.

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The time frame for getting a refund on eBay depends on the circumstances. It only takes a minute or two to log in and physically issue a refund . If the seller is a big company then usually if you message them saying your item doesn' t work and it's a low priced item then some will send a refund within the

They represent their clients both in and out of court . We often describe this as acting for a client. The process of making a claim in the civil court is called Barristers are usually self-employed lawyers but can work in partnerships in the way that solicitors do. They are specialists in advocacy, which is the

Just over a week later, the company told the grandmother-of-five it would pay everything — including her £25 court fee.

'You need to be confident you have a case, but I'd encourage anyone who is to submit a claim,' says Marsha.

A Gardening Express spokesman apologises, adding that a small minority of orders had been delayed due to 'unforeseen capacity issues'.

And retired wholesaler owner Liz ­Middleton is contemplating taking British Airways to court.

The 77-year-oldfrom ­Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, initially accepted airline vouchers after her £10,302.72 three-week trip to South Africa on March 16 was cancelled.

But after realising she was entitled to cash, she changed her mind.

As her claim is between £10,000 and £25,000, it was submitted to the fast-track system. When the airline failed to respond, Liz automatically won.

However, British Airways said it never received the original claim and the judgment was set aside.

Liz says: 'I'm now deciding whether I should hire a barrister.'

A British Airways spokesman declined to comment You can use the small claims court without hiring a lawyer to claim up to £10,000 in England and Wales, or £5,000 in Scotland, where the system is known as the Simple Procedure.

You may have to attend court to give evidence, but you would be given 21 days' notice of a hearing.

Exhaust all other options before claiming, and ideally inform the company in writing that you intend to launch legal proceedings.

If the case goes to court, you may be charged a hearing fee of up to £325, but if you win your case you may get all claim fees back.

If you're in England or Wales, visit gov.uk/make-money-claim to submit a claim online, or call 0300 123 1372 for help making a claim by post. The company will have 14 days to respond, though they may be able to ask for longer.

In Scotland, visit scotcourts.gov.uk/ taking-action/civil-online-­gateway/ or ­contact your local sheriff court.

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