UK News Haribo is hit by Covid crisis with 30 staff testing positive

14:05  29 october  2020
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Concern over ‘debilitating’ work stress for NHS staff

  Concern over ‘debilitating’ work stress for NHS staff Staff were experiencing high levels of stress even before the pandemic struck, one expert said.One academic said that staff entered the coronavirus pandemic with “high” levels of stress.

NHS staff , scientists and business leaders will band together today to urge Boris Johnson to take a 'rational, balanced and cautious' approach to Covid . Its leaders will urge the Government to sign up to five 'reasonable demands', including a promise that it will always bear in mind that whatever

© Provided by The Indian Express. The Indian team management was hit by its first Covid - 19 case when a member of the support staff tested positive . He was supposed to travel to Dubai on Sunday but will now quarantine for 14 days. He will fly to Dubai after he tests negative.

a close up of a map: MailOnline logo © Provided by Daily Mail MailOnline logo

Haribo has today confirmed an outbreak of 30 Covid cases at its factory in West Yorkshire.

The employees at the sweet company's distribution centre and factory in Front Street, Pontefract have tested positive for the virus and are now self-isolating.

Haribo said strict health and safety measures are in place at the site and insisted the company had gone 'above and beyond' Government guidance.

The German-owned firm employs 732 people at its sites in Castleford and Pontefract.

This comes in the wake of a spate of coronavirus outbreaks across the UK which have hit giants including Bernard Matthews, Nestlé, Jammy Dodgers and Wagon Wheels.

Chancellor set to unveil more support for businesses in Tier 2 areas

  Chancellor set to unveil more support for businesses in Tier 2 areas Businesses in parts of England under Tier 2 coronavirus restrictions will get further financial support in a package unveiled by the chancellor today, according to reports. Rishi Sunak will announce the new measures - aimed particularly at pubs, bars and restaurants - in the Commons later, according to The Daily Telegraph.Currently, hospitality premises in "high risk" areas such as London and Birmingham are only allowed to take customers from the same household, unless mixed groups sit outside, resulting in a considerable drop in footfall.

Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball reunited on Lorraine, more than four decades since they first hit TV screens. The pair were promoting a TV special which see them attempt to put on a gig in Las Vegas.

This means that someone could have tested positive in March, with no symptoms of Covid at all, and who then died in July, would be recorded in the official figures, as having died of Covid -related causes. Even if they were hit by a bus. Even more weird is the fact that there does not seem to be any time

Around 350 workers at food processing factories across the UK have now tested positive for coronavirus in less than a fortnight.

Chilled and damp interior with ultraviolet light: Why meat plants are a hotbed for coronavirus outbreaks

The virus thrives in cold, damp and indoor environments, particularly on cool surfaces.

'Safe and effective' vaccine could be ready by the end of November

  'Safe and effective' vaccine could be ready by the end of November Senior Trump adviser Dr Anthony Fauci says the UK and US will know if a vaccine is 'safe and effective,' by the beginning of December at the latest. Both countries have ordered millions of doses.An email sent by an NHS Trust chief revealed the Health Service has been told to have a staff vaccine scheme ready to go by early December.

It turns out that tests that deliver a simple binary “ positive or negative” result are not fit for purpose, as they tell us nothing about the contagiousness of If a significant percentage of tests doesn’t tell us anything about the patient’s true Covid status, the real scale of the pandemic becomes impossible to

A positive test means we can be pretty certain someone has COVID -19. The take home message is that testing is important to help understand and control the coronavirus outbreak – but it has limitations when used to guide decision-making for people.

The lack of a breeze or ultraviolet light from the sun means the moisture remains and can't be killed off inside food processing plants.

Furthermore, social distancing is particularly difficult in workplaces with a busy production line meaning the virus is likely to spread more easily.

Loud machinery also forces people to raise their voices and researchers say situations where people have to shout result in an increased risk of projecting the virus to others.

It's not just in the UK where a trend has been seen, either, after hundreds tested positive in a Berlin slaughterhouse, while a wet market in Wuhan is believed to have been at the heart of a huge number of infections early on in the crisis.

There has been a spate of coronavirus outbreaks at factories across the UK in less than two weeks, including:

On Tuesday it was confirmed around 140 people had tested positive for the virus amid a 'significant outbreak' at the Cranswick Country Foods site in Watton.

'Critical stage' with 96,000 a day getting COVID as tougher action needed, experts say

  'Critical stage' with 96,000 a day getting COVID as tougher action needed, experts say The COVID-19 epidemic has reached a "critical stage" with almost 100,000 people a day in England being infected as the spread of the coronavirus rapidly increases, scientists have warned. Researchers from Imperial College London say existing measures to control the virus aren't working.And they argue more stringent action is needed nationwide "sooner rather than later".The latest round of testing for the widely-respected REACT-1 study suggests one in 78 people across England has the virus. And the epidemic is doubling in size every nine days.

The problem in Pakistan is that only those showing symptoms are getting tested . So people who are asymptomatic, like all of these cricketers and staff , would Also if you die from COVID they don't return your body which is a big No No for a religious country like Pakistan so a lot of people are hiding it.

Faulty coronavirus kits suspected as a goat, sheep and pawpaw fruit test positive in Tanzania. Tanzanian president John Magufuli memorably raised eyebrows earlier this week for touting an anti- COVID herbal tonic despite no scientific evidence that it cured the coronavirus.

It was also revealed that 29 people had tested positive at a Nestlé factory in Fawdon, Newcastle upon Tyne, which houses around 600 workers.

Some 75 workers at a Bernard Matthews turkey plant in Great Witchingham, Norfolk, tested positive for coronavirus earlier this month.

As of October 15 there had also been 72 positive cases at Bernard Matthews' food processing facility in Holton near Halesworth, Suffolk County Council said.

Last week, a biscuit factory where Jammy Dodgers and Wagon Wheels are made was hit by an outbreak of Covid-19, with four staff testing positive for the virus.

Burton's Biscuits in Edinburgh said four workers had been told to go home and self-isolate after receiving positive test results on October 23

Nestlé confirmed the staff had tested positive since October 16 - around five per cent of all employees.

a truck driving down a street next to a tree: As of October 15 there had also been 72 positive cases at Bernard Matthews' food processing facility in Holton near Halesworth © Provided by Daily Mail As of October 15 there had also been 72 positive cases at Bernard Matthews' food processing facility in Holton near Halesworth a truck is parked on the side of a road: Some 75 workers also tested positive at a Bernard Matthews turkey plant in Great Witchingham, Norfolk © Provided by Daily Mail Some 75 workers also tested positive at a Bernard Matthews turkey plant in Great Witchingham, Norfolk


Britain's coronavirus outbreak has slowed significantly since the start of the month, suggesting the latest suite of lockdown restrictions are successfully flattening the second curve of the outbreak.

'So frustrating': Grave missteps seen in US virus response

  'So frustrating': Grave missteps seen in US virus response NEW YORK (AP) — A president who downplayed the coronavirus threat, scorned masks and undercut scientists at every turn. Governors who resisted or rolled back containment measures amid public backlash. State lawmakers who used federal COVID-19 aid to plug budget holes instead of beefing up testing and contact tracing. As a powerful new wave of infections sweeps the U.S. just ahead of Election Day, the nation's handling of the nearly 8-month-old crisis has been marked by what health experts see as grave missteps, wasted time and squandered opportunities by leaders at all levels of government.The result: The country could be looking at a terrible winter.

Minutes later Abedi, 22, left his position out of sight of CCTV in the foyer of the Arena, known as the City Room, and walked towards Before the bombing, he said, he had never dealt with a report of a suspicious person and was not aware that where Abedi was hiding in the foyer was a CCTV blindspot

Medical staff hold swabs for rapid Covid -19 tests at a high school in Rome on September 28. Wearing face masks in shops and supermarkets in England will be compulsory from July 24. The United Kingdom is one of the countries worst hit by coronavirus.

Infections were almost doubling every seven-to-eight days in September, which sparked widespread fears the country had sleep-walked into a second wave following a lull in transmission over summer when the national lockdown was lifted.

But analysis of official data by MailOnline shows weekly Covid-19 cases across the entire UK are currently rising by just 14 per cent, with an average 18,465 cases per day.

Public Health England figures show the seven-day rolling average number of daily cases jumped from 3,676 in the week ending September 18 to 6,301 by September 25 (71 per cent). It rose by a similar rate the following week, climbing to 10,470 by September 29.

But, between October 9 and October 16 - the most recent snapshot - the rolling seven-day average number of cases only crept up by 14 per cent, from 16,196 to 18,465. For comparison, infections grew by 26.6 per cent the week prior. It suggests the rate at which infections are increasing is halving every week.

More than 300 members of staff at Cranswick Country Foods have been tested.

Norfolk County Council's director of public health, Dr Louise Smith, said the local authority was working with the Joint Biosecurity Centre to urge people in the Watton area to get tested if they have symptoms, amid the 'significant outbreak.'

Experts TOM JEFFERSON and CARL HENEGHAN reveal blueprint handed to PM

  Experts TOM JEFFERSON and CARL HENEGHAN reveal blueprint handed to PM You could be forgiven for thinking that the situation we now face is as clear as it possibly could be - and that it is becoming more dangerous by the day. The virus, we are told, is out of control, that Britain is heading for 3,000 to 4,000 deaths a day by Christmas, and that our hospitals are on the edge of catastrophe.Yet we believe the situation is not at all clear. There are only two things about which we can be certain: first, that lockdowns do not work in the long term. They kick the can down the road.

The local authority said testing at the Bernard Matthews turkey plant in Great Witchingham began on October 15, with more than 600 members of staff tested.

In Suffolk, Bernard Matthews brought in Covid-19 bus marshals on its free staff transport as part of its response to the outbreak.

Food production at the processing facility has not been affected by the Covid outbreak.

The site has had controls in place since March to reduce coronavirus infections, including regular temperature checks, staff working in bubbles, Covid marshals, masks and visors and social distancing.

The majority of the 18 workers who tested positive live in the Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft areas and the cases are believed to have been caught in the community.

Officials including from Suffolk County Council, Public Health England and Bernard Matthews are working together to manage the situation.

Earlier this month ten cases were linked to a Scunthorpe factory where employees claimed they were told not to wear masks because they are food hazards.

The Karro Food Group pork processing plant, one of the country's largest food producers, was criticised by employees for its coronavirus measures.

One employee at the factory, who wished to remain anonymous, said: 'Staff are dropping like flies and being sent home. There's around ten confirmed cases now.'

And Banham Poultry in Attleborough, which accounts for 7 per cent of UK chicken processing, closed its cutting room for two weeks from August 27 following an outbreak of the virus.

The shutdown cost the business around £2million a week, while factory owners had to cull 380,000 birds – a total stock loss of nearly £4million.

It has since reopened with additional safety measures, including five disinfectant machines at entrances to its factories and offices.

Food factories ravaged by Covid outbreaks

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Boris Johnson takes 'revolutionary' Covid test at Leicester lab .
Boris Johnson was pictured taking a potentially revolutionary new rapid coronavirus test in Leicester today. It is hoped that - if successful - the tests can be used on students en mass.The Prime Minister was pictured taking the swab test at De Montfort University in Leicester, the first city to enter a regional lockdown in June.

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