UK News Libya-IRA terror: Labour Party demands release of report into compensation for victims

08:15  11 january  2021
08:15  11 january  2021 Source:   newsletter.co.uk

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The UK government has been pressed to “urgently release ” a report into compensation for victims of IRA attacks linked to Libyan explosives.Louise Ms Haigh has written to Dominic Raab , the UK foreign secretary, saying the “intolerable delay” in the release of the report has left victims feeling

The British Army called this the " terrorist phase" of the IRA 's campaign. On 31 August 1994, the IRA called a unilateral ceasefire with the aim of having their associated political party , Sinn Féin, admitted into the Northern Ireland peace process.

Victims want to be compensated using assets which once belonged to Libyan leader Muammar Al-Gaddafi.

a store inside of a building © A bomb-damaged building at Canary Wharf in London's Docklands after the IRA attack in February 1996

In the 1980s Col Gaddafi supplied massive shipments of weapons, including Semtex, to the IRA.

The material from Libya was used by the IRA in a deadly campaign of bombings across the UK.

An estimated £12 billion worth of Libyan assets linked to Col Gaddafi are frozen in the UK.

A campaign has been running for years for the frozen assets to be used to compensate victims and, in March 2019, former journalist William Shawcross was appointed as a special representative of the foreign secretary on the issue.

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In my role as a Shadow Foreign Minister, my speech from the Labour Party frontbench on compensation for the victims of Libyan -sponsored IRA terrorism .

Libya compensated US victims of terrorism , but UK victims of IRA violence were left out of the deal. image captionLibyan supplied Semtex was used in many IRA attacks such as the Harrods bombing in 1983. An independent assessor is to be appointed to advance a compensation campaign

A report he drafted on the compensation issue has never been released.

The Labour Party has now written to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab demanding its release.

Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Louise Haigh, following a meeting with victims of the 1996 Docklands bombing, told Mr Rabb the “intolerable delay in the release of the report has left victims feeling abandoned”.

The Shawcross report was delivered to the government early last year.

In her letter, Ms Haigh said: “The physical and emotion toll these devastating acts of terror have left on victims have had consequences that last for generations.

“The intolerable delay in the release of this report has left victims feeling abandoned. The Docklands victims and all those affected by Gaddafi-sponsored IRA terror must not be left in the dark.

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Libya will challenge any compensation demands from relatives of IRA victims who say the terror group used explosives supplied by Tripoli. Released last month on compassionate grounds by Scottish authorities, he was given a rapturous reception when he arrived back in Libya , in scenes that

Victims of Libyan -sponsored terrorism have been let down by successive UK governments in their campaign for compensation , a report has found. The late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi supplied arms and Semtex to the IRA during the Troubles. Libya compensated US victims of

“It is time the report was urgently released and victims were given answers and the redress they have fought so long for.”

Docklands Victims’ Association chairman Jonathan Ganes,h who was injured in the bombing, said: “It was very kind of Louise Haigh and her colleagues to extend their help to our campaign for equality. For the UK government to now deny us the William Shawcross report is truly beyond belief.

“It is shameful the UK government would raise our expectations and then so cruelly deny us access to this report. The present UK Conservative government have put the victims through immense pain by the lack of genuine care.”

Joyce Brown, a toilet attendant who was working and injured in the Docklands bombing, said: “How can a government do this to victims of terror?

“It is not fair that we have been treated like this. We have campaigned for years to end this discrimination.”

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