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11:50  25 february  2021
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Japan starts with the first corona vaccinations

 Japan starts with the first corona vaccinations Time is of the essence: the Summer Olympics are to start in five months. Thousands of Japanese are now receiving a vaccine against the coronavirus for the first time. © Behrouz Mehri / REUTERS A health care worker is vaccinated in Tokyo Much later than in many other countries, the first vaccinations against the coronavirus have now started in Japan . Initially, 40,000 health care workers are to be injected with the vaccine from the US company Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech.

The use of the blockchain for the processing of stock trading is gaining more and more advocates. Now the stocks of vaccine manufacturers that had recently performed strongly can also be traded in this way.

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• FTX offers tokenized shares of vaccine manufacturers

• Participate in price rally via Bitcoin

• Tokenized shares on the rise

This is possible via the crypto exchange FTX, which trades with tokenized shares of BioNTech , Moderna and Pfizer . The tokenized US dollar trading pairs and futures are tradable, as reported by the crypto portal BTC-Echo.

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The ’90s were all that—here’s why

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It is not the first time that the FTX tokenizes and lists stocks that are in high demand. As a result of the events surrounding WallStreetBets, the exchange also made it possible to buy and short GameStop shares. Tokenized shares of Nokia , a share also popular in connection with the guerrilla war between Reddit users and hedge funds, has also been activated in recent weeks.

Be part of the price rally with Bitcoin

With tokenized shares, investors can purchase smaller parts of shares, i.e. fractional shares. This enables investors with little capital to speculate in the market. The shares are then traded as digital assets and paid for in Bitcoin .

This offers private investors new investment opportunities. In principle, it is possible to tokenize every asset and digitally break it down into smaller parts. FTX also gives small investors the opportunity to participate in the positive prospects for vaccine manufacturers such as BioNTech, Moderna or Pfizer without having to purchase traditional shares.

Covid-19: the United States is approaching the dark milestone of 500,000 deaths

 Covid-19: the United States is approaching the dark milestone of 500,000 deaths © Supplied by Le Point L The United States is preparing to cross the dark milestone of 500,000 deaths from Covid-19, at a time when many indicators, foremost among which is the rhythm of vaccinations, offer real glimmers of hope. "It's terrible, it's horrible", reacted Sunday immunologist Anthony Fauci, adviser to Joe Biden, to the evocation of this macabre level. "We have not known anything like this for more than 100 years, since the pandemic of 1918", he recalled on CNN.

Vaccine Makers Performed Strongly

In fact, stocks of companies that have been successful in manufacturing vaccines for the COVID-19 virus have mostly performed well amid volatile markets. The BioNTech share has seen a year-on-year increase of more than 271 percent; in the last six months alone, the German group on the US NASDAQ stock market has risen by more than 60 percent.

The shares in the US company Moderna were even more successful, with the share price increasing by around 677 percent in twelve months, and the price plus around 122 percent over the half-year period.

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Only Pfizer shares were unable to replicate these price jumps: Although the share of tradition also set -Medicine group posted double-digit growth in the last year, but investors had a slightly negative performance in their portfolios over the past six months.

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Canada. After a trip to the Emirates to be vaccinated, the head of the pension fund resigns .
© BRENDAN MCDERMID / REUTERS He received a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in February in the United Arab Emirates. (Photo illustration) The head of the main pension fund in Canada, Mark Machin, resigned after going to the United Arab Emirates in secret to get vaccinated The CEO of the Plan's Investment Board pensions Canada secretly visited in the United Arab Emirates to get vaccine against Covid-19 .

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