UK News Labour accuses minister of ‘catastrophic blunder’ over freeports

12:05  10 may  2021
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Tories confident of victory in Hartlepool by-election

  Tories confident of victory in Hartlepool by-election Ballots were cast across England, Scotland and Wales in Super Thursday’s elections.Votes are being counted in the Hartlepool by-election with Labour fearing Boris Johnson will demolish another brick in the “red wall” of the party’s former northern heartlands.

Prime minister Boris Johnson and chancellor Rishi Sunak have declared that eight new English freeports — announced in the Budget — will be a “transformational” benefit from Brexit. But officials disclosed on Sunday that recent But businesses in freeports which enjoy those advantages will be obliged to pay tariffs when exporting their finished products to any of the 23 countries in question, unlike companies elsewhere in the country. The trade department said there had not been any “error” but admitted that the so-called “duty exemption prohibitions” would apply in respect of those countries.

Labour ’s defeat in Hartlepool wasn’t a ‘bad’ result, it was utterly catastrophic . The party attained just 28.7% of the vote, a full 23 points behind the Tories, doing far worse than even the worst opinion poll had suggested. In fact, the best thing that could happen is that Labour , as it’s currently constituted, is formally put out of its misery. Destroyed, not by Corbyn, but by those who simply couldn’t stomach the prospect of an anti-war UK prime minister who would threaten the hawkish foreign policy consensus.

Manufacturers based in Boris Johnson’s new freeports will not be able to enjoy the full benefits if they are exporting to a series of countries with which the UK has signed post-Brexit trade deals.

Elizabeth Truss standing in front of a building: International Trade Secretary Liz Truss (Leon Neal/PA) © Leon Neal International Trade Secretary Liz Truss (Leon Neal/PA)

The Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sunak have championed freeports – special economic zones offering tax breaks and lower tariffs – as a part of the Government’s “levelling up” agenda to spread economic growth and jobs across the country.

But Labour said a “catastrophic blunder” means manufacturers operating within freeports could face tariffs on their exports to key markets including Switzerland, Canada, Norway and Singapore, despite the UK’s free trade agreements with those countries.

Sturgeon's hopes of Holyrood majority remain on knife edge

  Sturgeon's hopes of Holyrood majority remain on knife edge The SNP's hopes of securing a majority in the Scottish elections are on a knife edge this morning, but Nicola Sturgeon's party remains on course for an historic fourth term in office. Ms Sturgeon has told Sky News that a majority is "very much in the balance" and has "always been a long shot".Read the latest news and updates on India's Covid emergency.She has previously argued that winning more than half of the seats at Holyrood would give her a mandate to hold a second independence referendum. The last contest in 2014 resulted in 55% of Scots voting to remain part of the UK.

Comment Central: what did the PM know? Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, today denied there had been any cover-up over the employment of illegal immigrants in the security industry, insisting.

In 2018 The Institute for Disease Modeling made a video in which they show a flu virus originating in China, from the area of Wuhan, and spreading all over the world, killing millions. They called it ‘A Simulation For A Global Flu Pandemic.’ Dozens of hospital beds, large numbers of nurses becoming puppets of a controlling system, death lurking about, a demonic giant rising up over the world, and the whole theatre was lit up in such a way that seen from the sky it looked like a coronavirus.

Officials insisted there has not been an error and businesses will not be shut out of markets in countries the UK has negotiated deals with.

The Opposition suggested that exports to 23 countries with which the UK has signed agreements to roll over deals those nations had with the European Union would be affected.

Labour said trade ministers failed to remove wide-ranging “duty exemption prohibitions” contained in 23 of those agreements.

Boris Johnson's enemies are so blinded by Brexit hatred

  Boris Johnson's enemies are so blinded by Brexit hatred DAN HODGES: I'm in Darlington, sitting in the sunshine outside The Boot & Shoe pub and we're discussing the local elections. Joe, a former tax inspector, is sticking, slightly hesitantly, with Labour. © Provided by Daily Mail ( 'I think Starmer's doing OK,' he says. Trevor nearly spits out his beer: 'You're having a laugh, aren't you?!'Over the past few weeks the eyes of Westminster have been on Hartlepool, the by-election framed as the defining test of Keir Starmer's first year as Labour leader.

Labour has accused the government of “covering up vital recommendations” that could help prevent black, Asian and minority ethnic people dying from coronavirus. Concerns about censorship mounted this week after third-party submissions, which reportedly highlighted structural racism and social inequality Black, Asian and minority ethnic MPs have warned a failure to tackle the disproportionate number of deaths of BAME people from coronavirus risks fuelling simmering tensions over racial injustice in Britain at a time of anti-racism protests following George Floyd’s murder in the US.

Over 50,000 traumatized or deceased children have been recovered from underground tunnels running beneath US cities. The Australian military recently discovered over 300,000 tortured children in underground Melbourne tunnels and it was estimated that in the next couple of weeks, over a million children would be brought out of a network that circled beneath Australia. An international child trafficking ring run by the Vatican and funded by the CIA appeared to account for thousands of children who went missing every year.

The prohibitions state that any business which has not paid duty on its imports cannot benefit from reduced tariffs on its exports.

A Government spokesman said: “There is no error and it is not uncommon for free trade agreements to have these provisions.

“Businesses will not be shut out of markets we have negotiated free trade deals with.

“They will benefit from both our free trade programme, and also from freeports, which provide tax breaks, simpler planning restrictions and cheaper imports.”

Where the provisions apply, firms will be able to opt for either “duty drawback” – the refund of import duty when goods are re-exported – or from the preferential rates under the free trade agreement, providing they comply with the deal’s rules of origin tests.

Exports of goods to the 23 countries concerned were worth £35.56 billion in 2019, almost 10% of the UK’s total goods exports, Labour said.

Nicola Sturgeon rebuffs Boris Johnson's offer to unite as Team UK

  Nicola Sturgeon rebuffs Boris Johnson's offer to unite as Team UK SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has rebuffed an approach by PM Boris Johnson unite under at Team UK banner to rebuild the country following the Covid-19 pandemic.After knife-edge election results left the SNP one seat short of an overall majority in the Scottish Parliament, the Prime Minister called on Ms Sturgeon to join ‘Team UK’ to tackle the legacy of the pandemic

Labor senators have accused university heads backing proposed funding changes of being “in cahoots” with the government and “buying a pig in a poke”. Universities all confirmed they had not received education department modelling, which was based on 2019 data, forcing them to do their own calculations. Labor ’s shadow education minister , Tanya Plibersek, said it was a “fantasy” that the package “can genuinely deliver extra student places, while also cutting university funding by billions”.

Mike Huckabee has been accused by many of fueling anti-Asian hatred with a tweet that mocks identity politics, saying the former governor now identifies as Chinese to get free stuff. Huckabee’s bizarre combination of both of these issues for his joke did not land well, as he was accused by many of fueling anti-Asian hate and racism, with the Republican finding his ‘joke’ trending on social media on Easter Sunday. “Hey Mike Huckabee, I asked around and Coke likes me, Delta agrees with my values, I wear Nikes and my hometown Dodgers won the World Series,” Congressman Ted Lieu (D-California)

Shadow international trade secretary Emily Thornberry has written to International Trade Secretary Liz Truss to ask her to clarify the situation.

Ms Thornberry said: “Last November, when the Treasury invited applications for its new freeports scheme, the small print warned potential bidders of the prohibition clauses contained in several continuity trade agreements the Department of Trade had signed in the previous two years.

“But, despite that warning, Liz Truss went on to sign trade agreements with 10 more countries containing the same clauses, including key markets like Canada, Singapore and Mexico.

“It would have taken an hour of discussion and the stroke of a pen to explain the UK’s freeports policy to negotiators from these countries and remove the prohibition clauses from those agreements, and I cannot understand why Liz Truss failed to do that.

“On the surface of it, this looks like a catastrophic blunder by a minister stuck in her silo, and, as a result, I fear that manufacturers in towns, cities and regions across our country who have succeeded in bidding for freeport status risk missing out on access to key markets.”

At the Budget in March, the Chancellor announced freeports at East Midlands Airport, in Felixstowe and Harwich, Humber, Liverpool City Region, Plymouth, the Solent, the Thames and Teesside.

He promised “eight new freeports in eight English regions, unlocking billions of pounds of private sector investment, generating trade and jobs up and down the country”.

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