UK News Corona Vaccines: New vaccine technology also for animals?

16:40  23 september  2021
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UK's daily Covid cases fall by a quarter in a week

  UK's daily Covid cases fall by a quarter in a week Department of Health statistics show cases have fallen by a quarter in a week. The country has recently been hit by a heatwave allowing people to spend more time outdoors.Department of Health bosses posted 30,825 positive tests within the last 24 hours, roughly 10,000 fewer than on last Monday.

In addition to people, animals could also benefit from major advances in vaccine development in the course of the Corona Pandemic. From a future technology for the animal area, Martin Beer spoke with a view to so-called RNA vaccines. He heads the Institute of Virus Diagnostics at the Friedrich-Loeffler Institute (FLI) on the island of Riems near Greifswald. Not far from FLI, CEVA Animal Health Riems GmbH works on RNA vaccines for animals. "In principle, of course, the entire RNA research and technology has been strongly inspired by the Coronavirus vaccines," said the local Research Manager Fabian Deutschens. On Thursday, Harry Glawe (CDU) visited the company.

Putin with isolation, a third dose not always justified ... The point on the pandemic

 Putin with isolation, a third dose not always justified ... The point on the pandemic The Russian President has settled in isolation after the discovery of Covid-19 cases in his entourage. The duration of this quarantine has not been specified. © Sergei Savostyanov / Sputnik / AFP The Russian President Vladimir Putin must isolate after cases of Covid-19 in his entourage. good news in the hexagon. In France, the decline continues in hospitals with, for the first time since August 15, less than 10,000 hospitalized people for COVID-19.

Eine Mitarbeiterin eines Impfteams überprüft eine Spritze mit einem Impfstoff gegen Covid-19. © Thomas Frey / DPA Pool / DPA / Symbol Screen An employee of a vaccine checks a syringe with a vaccine against CovID-19.

RNA acts as genetic instructions for the production of proteins and can be used to bring cells to produce antigens of pathogens and activating the immune defense. While this principle is already used in corona vaccines, appropriate animal vaccinations of his knowledge have not yet existed, Beer said. An advantage of this technology is that you save with you many months in the development of vaccines. «For newly occurring viruses, this is a very important achievement and will certainly play a role in the animal in the future." Intertusskens pointed out that with climate change, for example, other mosquito or tick species would come to Europe and thus potentially new pathogens.

BionTech with mRNA technology in the race for future price

 BionTech with mRNA technology in the race for future price It was with the first companies that brought a vaccine against the coronavirus on the market. The Mainz company BIONTECH, which has developed a mRNA vaccine with the US Pharmas pfizer, is one of three candidates for the German future price 2021. The other two teams developed a novel technique for better CT images and an alternative rubber. © Daniel Karmann / DPA / archive image A medical specialist a vial with the Pfizer BionTech Covid 19 vaccine in hand.

Harry Glawe (CDU) sees Ceva a candidate for the production of vaccines for people. Such production also in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was desirable, he explained.

Video: COVID vaccine: Protection against contagion allows for months to (glomex)

the country promotes CEVAS development work on RNA vaccines with EU funds of just under 1.2 million euros. Ceva seeks to 2025 the EU approval of a separate RNA vaccine. According to the company, it is directed against a pathogen that causes immunoprecute in homes.

For animal vaccines, the cost factor games a significantly greater role than vaccinations for people, Beer explained. RNA vaccines are mostly more expensive in production than the previously common vaccines. By mass production of such vaccines in the course of the Corona pandemic, however, in his view, the cost of appropriate animal vaccines could sink. Deutschens also pointed out that the approval procedures were also largely clarified by the experiences with Corona vaccines.

According to Beer, however, vaccines will continue to play a role in the future, which are based approximately to killed or weakened pathogens. Against African swine fever, for example, the use of RNA vaccines is unlikely. Wild boars, for example, have to vaccinate over bait, which represents a problem for RNA vaccines. The FLO is therefore working on vaccines against the African swine fever based on extravagant viruses. But many years is removed from an approved vaccine.

bidets confirmed: 500 million vaccine doses for poorer countries .
US President Biden called other industrialized nations on a virtual Corona summit to provide pound doses. At the same time, the campaign for refresh vaccinations on criticism © Eduardo Munoz / Reuters Provided by Deutsche Wave The US wants to donate another 500 million in the fight against Corona another 500 million vaccine boxes to poorer countries. This confirmed US President Biden at an international Corona summit on the edge of the UN General Debate.

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