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01:30  30 november  2021
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Where you can travel this Christmas as European countries bring in lockdowns

  Where you can travel this Christmas as European countries bring in lockdowns Travel plans could be thrown into disarray as more countries introduce lockdowns and restrictions to fight a wave of coronavirusThese are the Covid entry requirements for tourists in some of Europe’s top holiday destinations:

More complicated than assessing the UK ' s global prospects is disentangling what is happening to UK trade with the EU. The dispute over the Northern Ireland border is one aspect of a trade volcano still in danger of eruption. Trends are difficult to fathom because of a pandemic which has closed down whole economies in Europe and disrupted vital supply chains such as that for German cars sold to British consumers. So far it looks as if UK exporters are struggling to benefit from surging international demand as the world bounces back from Covid.

The UK announced that all adults would be eligible for a booster jab as part of the country’ s response to the omicron variant. Poland, Ghana and Norway announced new restrictions on travel and socialising to tackle the spread of omicron. The US said it didn’t plan to introduce further travel restrictions, and advocated vaccinations , boosters and mask-wearing as preventative measures against the omicron variant, which has not yet been detected in the country. Thanks for tuning in today, I’m tapping out but the blog will stay open to monitor further coronavirus-related developments around the world under

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The first duty of any government is to protect the personal and economic security of its population.

Only those unwilling to give any credit to Boris Johnson’s government could afford to be critical of the UK’s Covid vaccine development and the speed of the roll-out.

Restoring the post-pandemic economy, jobs and living standards is critical, which is why panic responses to Omicron need to be resisted.

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Even the minor restrictions imposed so far – such as the wearing of masks on public transport and in shops – produce a behavioural response.

COVID surge in Europe shows 'critical' need to vaccinate millions still not jabbed in UK, SAGE expert warns

  COVID surge in Europe shows 'critical' need to vaccinate millions still not jabbed in UK, SAGE expert warns Spiking coronavirus infections across Europe show the "critical" need for people in the UK get vaccinated, a government scientific adviser has told Sky News. © Reuters Concerns have been raised that millions of people are still not fully vaccinated Soaring cases on the continent underlined "how quickly things can go wrong", said Professor John Edmunds, who pointed out there were still "many millions" across Britain, who were still not fully vaccinated while some had not had any COVID-19 shots.His comments came as a number of European countries wrestle with a resurgence of the coronavirus.

ALEX BRUMMER : There is scant comfort for Britain in seeing China - the source of the deadly Covid-19 virus - emerging so rapidly and strongly from the crisis (pictured, medical staff in Wuhan). Yet this is the nation that failed to alert the world at the earliest opportunity to this new strain thought to have evolved in its unsanitary live animal markets; allowed the virus to incubate and spread for vital weeks before conceding it was a major public health issue; and which has by common consent been less than honest about infection and death rates.

UK hospital data shows that covid-19 deaths are 3,000 percent higher now compared to this time last year, and it’ s not the “unvaccinated” who are dying in greater numbers. The latest data from Public Health England shows just how dangerous vaccine worship and coercion is. From February 1, 2021 to September 12, 2021, the unvaccinated represented just 28 percent of the covid fatalities while the vaccinated represented 72 percent of the deaths! Public Health Scotland confirms the same pattern of vaccine failure.

Citizens generally will be more reluctant to socialise and consume. That’s why it seems unlikely that the Bank of England will rock the boat this month and raise interest rates precipitately.

If it was waiting for furlough to end, it will now want to know more about the impact of the new Covid variant before taking on inflation.

Extending the vaccination envelope at home is a priority.

But now that production bottlenecks have been overcome, it is worth listening to Gordon Brown and the International Monetary Fund about vaccinating emerging markets and developing countries.

A great deal of the initial testing of the Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine was done in South Africa, so it is scandalous that the region has not been better protected.

ALEX BRUMMER: Boris Johnson's critics are missing the point

  ALEX BRUMMER: Boris Johnson's critics are missing the point ALEX BRUMMER: The Prime Minister might not have been his usual articulate self yesterday but he was on to something of great importance for the UK's future wealth.The Prime Minister might not have been his usual articulate self yesterday but he was on to something of great importance for the UK's future wealth.

Alex Brummer for the Daily Mail. 07/07/2021. JP Morgan is starting to get the message. Refinitiv reports it has made some 33 acquisitions since the start of 2021 The value placed on Wise by the market will have other UK start-up financial firms rubbing their hands with glee. The City may be one of the world ’ s great financial centres but only two of its cornerstone institutions – Natwest and Aviva

UK scientists first became aware of the new strain on November 23 after samples were uploaded on to a coronavirus variant tracking website from South Africa, Hong Kong and then Botswana. On Friday, it was confirmed that cases had been identified in Israel and Belgium but currently there are no known Professor Adam Finn, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI), told Good Morning Britain on Friday that sequencing is being carried out around the UK to determine if any cases have already been imported. Work is also under way to see whether the new variant may be

Given the time it has taken to achieve a workable malaria immunisation plan, however, perhaps we should not be surprised that Covid vaccination is so scarce in the developing world.

The great mantra of this century has been globalisation and how it is delivering wealth to the Pacific Basin, as well as to parts of Africa.

The corollary of that for global Britain and the West is that it is in the national interest to make sure the vaccine is available in newly rich and developing countries.

Getting the world vaccinated is important if UK aerospace is not to be damaged any further, and aspiration for a more global Britain is to be achieved.

Future proofing

Inadvertently, the now much-quoted references to Peppa Pig provide a sharp reminder of what has been lost to the UK by overseas and private equity takeovers.

Peppa Pig is part of the US toymaker Hasbro and Peppa Pig World is in the hands of private equity behemoth Blackstone after owner Merlin Entertainments gave up on the FTSE.

ALEX BRUMMER: Private-equity grocery bosses must step up to the plate

  ALEX BRUMMER: Private-equity grocery bosses must step up to the plate The prospect of Stuart Rose (pictured) and Terry Leahy, battling over the future of British grocery as chairmen of Asda and Wm Morrison, is intriguing. What is less clear is whether they will just be figureheads, adding respectability to ownership by financially driven short-term owners, or whether they want to play a real part in restoring value to Britain’s supermarkets.

By Alex Brummer for the Daily Mail. Published: 23:36 GMT, 29 April 2019 | Updated: 00:13 GMT, 30 April 2019. Had Tony Blair, Gordon Brown or David Cameron shown the guts to tackle the issue of long-term care, the crisis that now shames us as a civilised nation and the world ’ s fifth richest economy might have been solved for good. If, for instance, ministers in the late Nineties had decided that everyone over the age of, say, 45, should be enrolled automatically in a long- term care-insurance plan — managed in the private sector — we would have had a system that could afford basic provision for

ALEX BRUMMER : UK business leaders demand the Government reopen borders to overseas labour to avert a Christmas crisis. They seem intent on defeating Boris Johnson' s plan for Brexit. To his credit, yesterday the Prime Minister gave no ground as business groups sought to blame the Government for the difficulties they have in getting supplies and labour — whether HGV drivers, butchers or other kinds of workers. 'It is not the job of Government to come in and try to fix every problem in business and industry,' he declared.

What is encouraging is that the open season on the UK’s creative and innovative sectors is now facing proper challenge.

The takeover by Facebook-owner Meta of online Gif creator Giphy is reportedly to be reversed by the Competition and Markets Authority.

Facebook had intended to merge the £290million Gif and animation purchase with its Instagram offshoot.

Britain is finally taking technology and creative loss seriously.

The flipping of UK satellite pioneer Inmarsat by private equity owners Apax and Warburg Pincus to US rival Viasat faces national security and R&D scrutiny.

It was neglectful that commercial satellite communications vital to the national interest was allowed to fall into the hands of financial players in the first place.

The most significant deal to hit roadblocks in the UK, Brussels and elsewhere is the proposed £30billion takeover of Britain’s smart-chip designer Arm Holdings by US firm Nvidia.

The delays are causing Nvidia to get cold feet and it faces the possibility of paying a break-fee of just under $1billion.

As Europe virus cases surge, UK plows on with its new normal

  As Europe virus cases surge, UK plows on with its new normal LONDON (AP) — The bars are shut in Vienna, and the Christmas market is empty in Munich, as several European nations tighten up or even lock down to combat a spike in coronavirus infections. Meanwhile in London, couples sip mulled wine at a seasonal market near the River Thames, full-capacity audiences fill the seats at the nearby National Theatre, and friends huddle over pints in pubs throughout the city. Not for the first time in the pandemic, Britain is out of step with many of its neighbors. But this time, it’s happy to be different.The U.K.

Owner Softbank may have to look for other options to cash in. The best solution for the UK would be a relisting in London. That won’t just happen.

Arm was sold because of previous insouciance on Downing Street. It would be great to see Boris Johnson’s government making an all-out effort to bring a future Arm public offering to the City.

That would be a huge signal of interest in Britain’s high-tech future.


Comebacks are not unknown in big tech with the late Steve Jobs’s return to Apple a celebrated example.

Jack Dorsey’s seven-year return to Twitter is a case in point.

The social media site loved by the media, showbiz and exiled royals may have 200m users worldwide, but it has struggled with both monetising the site and monitoring users, having most famously outlawed Donald Trump.

Dorsey’s departure will not be widely mourned by investors as the surge in the share price shows.

As far as Twitterati are concerned, Dorsey’s main claim to fame is not his entrepreneurship but his Rasputin-style beard.

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Germany: soon of the drastic restrictions for non-vaccinated .
© Filip Singer / EPA Merkel The Germany decided to tighten the restrictions for non-vaccinated persons against CVIV-19, imposing them with almost confinement , without access to non-essential shops, restaurants, places of culture or leisure, announced Thursday Angela Merkel . These new measures were taken at the end of a meeting between the outgoing Chancellor, its successor Olaf Scholz and the leaders of the 16 regions of the country.

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