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15:30  14 january  2022
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Mother makes 800-mile trip to Italy so daughter, 9, can get Covid jab

  Mother makes 800-mile trip to Italy so daughter, 9, can get Covid jab Alice Colombo drove for 13 hours with her daughter from Kent to Milan so she could get jabbed because Ms Colombo said she would rather take the risk with the vaccine than the coronavirus.Alice Colombo made the 800-mile journey to Milan with her child, who has dual Italian citizenship, in the car to avoid mixing on planes and public transport.

in Israel - pioneer at the Corona vaccinations - this fourth dose is already administered by Corona-endangered people . It causes a renewed increase in antibodies. Shortly after the fourth vaccination, it was again on the same level as shortly after the third, the Israeli data revealed. Does that mean that we have to vaccinate against the coronavirus about every three to four months?

  Vierte Corona-Impfung: Wer braucht den Booster nach dem Booster? © Provided by Berliner Zeitung

Sebastian Ulbert, vaccine researcher of the Fraunhofer Institute for cell therapy and immunology, distinguishes this question between immunoges and immunotic people. This means that the administration of a fourth dose is not for the time being for all in question, but as in Israel primarily for older and risk groups.

thousands of people protest in Brussels against Corona measures

 thousands of people protest in Brussels against Corona measures several thousand people have protested in Brussels against the Corona measures imposed by the government. According to the report of an AFP correspondent on Sunday, they moved to the Europaviertel of the Belgian capital. In doing so, they skimped "freedom, freedom" and kept signs with inscriptions against the "vaccine dictatorship" upwards. In contrast to previous protests, the demonstration was largely peaceful.

also Christine Falk, President of the German Society for Immunology (DGFI), sees a fourth dose rather for highly advanced. Currently, it is also about protecting particularly old Heims from Omikron. Some people from certain groups, as transplanted, for example, would have been vaccinated four times, reports the immunologist.

For most of the population, the Booster Booster does not matter for the time being. "The fourth vaccine does not need the normal population with healthy immune system," says Falk. For Ulbert, it is still unclear whether and how the effect of the third vaccine decreases during immunoges lessons. It could also be, according to the vaccine expert that one is protected "much longer" from severe corona diseases. For DGFI President Falk is currently in the foreground to booster the wide population with a third vaccine to "get out of winter".

biontech share in red: production of omikron-adapted vaccine - biontech expects 2022 up to 17 billion euros vaccine sales

 biontech share in red: production of omikron-adapted vaccine - biontech expects 2022 up to 17 billion euros vaccine sales the mainzer pharmaceutical company biontech and its US partner Pfizer have with the production of a corona-adapted to the omikron variant. Vaccine for later commercial use began. D © Provided by finanzen.net Andrew Burton / Getty Images This shared BionTech -Kef Uugur Sahin on Tuesday on a Health Conference of US Bank J.P. Morgan with. At the end of January, a clinical trial to the vaccine will begin.

For the period afterwards, the experts predominance - at least for the immunoges lessons, when the virus does not change dramatically. For so-called "inactive vaccines" as in the Corona vaccine, the protection is usually "relatively highly relatively high" at the latest after the third vaccination, ultes. Although circulating antibodies could fall off - as observed in Israel, but it is also about the immunological memory, which continues to protect against a serious illness, so the expert.

Therefore, one must first wait for immunoges lessons - in contrast to the immunogled - only whether they need the booster after the booster, explains Ulbert. That also sees the Berliner virologist Christian Riding so. In ZDF "Today Journal," he said, healthy adults may need no further booster anymore. The prerequisite here also: The virus does not mutate so strong anymore.

makes it sense to wait for a vaccine adapted to the omikron variant? "Since the omikron wave is already rolling, a rapid boosting with the existing vaccines is more important. This is well protected against heavy courses at Omikron, "says vaccine expert Ulbert. The hope of immunologists like DGFI President Falk is that at Corona after winter a "gradual transition into an endemic situation" takes place. That would mean that the virus appears regionally regularly and most people through vaccination or infection possess some immunity.

virologist Stöhr: End of the corona pandemic in the summer

 virologist Stöhr: End of the corona pandemic in the summer The best way from the pandemic would be after the point of view of the expert, on the other hand, when vaccinated infected. "In the package, there will be a long-lasting immune protection," said Stöhr. "The combination of vaccination protection and infection is actually the way." © Provided by Berliner Zeitung The virologist also expects in summer with one end of the pandemic.

If that does not happen, the majority of immunoges lessons in the fall of 2022 with the booster booster could be back to the vaccine sequence . Then hopefully a refreshing with a customized vaccine will be used, says Falk. Ideally, this administration is coupled with a vaccine against influenza. That would mean: a doctor's visit, two syringes.

and then? Ulbert reports research on a corona vaccine to work against a variety of variants. "It would be great to have a vaccine that covers other variants of SARS-COV-2, but also other coronaviruses," the expert dares a look into the future. That means, on the one hand, you would also be better prepared for any future pandemics. On the other hand, that means: with the vaccination against Corona would not be concluded.

explosion of Corona numbers to February feared - concern for labor .
- by Andreas Rinke and Rene Wagner © Reuters ARCHIVE: A 3D printed coronavirus model 2020 in a picture before a German flag, March 25 REUTERS / Dado Ruvić / Illustration BERLIN (Reuters) - the federal health minister Karl Lauterbach expected increase in Corona infections to more than 400,000 cases per day in mid-February also alerted the economy.

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