UK News Death of George Floyd: Three American police judged for their passivity during murder

13:55  21 january  2022
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United States. The poetess and black activist Maya Angelou is on the new pieces of 25 cents

 United States. The poetess and black activist Maya Angelou is on the new pieces of 25 cents © Getty images via AFP the American poetess Maya Angelou, October 29, 2010 in New York. This is the first time a piece intended for use in everyday life represents an African-American woman. It should be put into circulation soon. The effigy of the poet and african american activist Maya Angelou died in 2014, is on a new generation of "quarters", the famous parts of 25 cents American, whose first copies were struck by the currency of the States -Unis and will soon be put into circulation.

Alors que le procès de ces trois policiers s'ouvre, des militants contre les violence policières se rassemblent devant le tribunal. AFP/Kerem Yucel © Valery Ax while the trial of these three policemen opens, activists against police violence gather in court. AFP / Kerem Yucel A white policeman, Derek Chauvin has already been sentenced to 22 years in prison for asphyxié the African-American George Floyd . It is now the turn of three of his colleagues to be judged for their actions, or rather for their lack of action, the day of murder. Twelve jurors and six alternates were selected Thursday at the beginning of the Thao Federal Trial, Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane, who are accused of violating the "civil rights" of the Black Quadmenaire. After a procedural hearing on Friday, the debates will enter the hard on Monday in front of this panel of citizens who, according to the rare journalists authorized in the courtroom, seems to count sixteen white people and two of Asian origin. In concrete terms, the federal justice accuses the three former police officers not to have helped George Floyd, while he agonized under the knee of their colleague, Derek Chauvin , May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis, in the North of the North. United States. That day, the four agents had wanted to stop the 46-year-old African American, suspected of having bought a pack of cigarettes with a false $ 20 bill. To master this man in the imposing stature, they had plated her on the ground, handcuffed, and each took their position : Derek Chauvin, a seasoned white policeman, had knelt on his neck. Alexander Kueng, a new black rookie, had settled at his back. Thomas Lane, a white milf hired recently, he was holding her legs. Tu Thao, an American asian origin, for eight years in the police, remained remote passers-by the supplications, then the rales of George Floyd. They had stayed for nearly ten minutes. Charged in parallel for "Violation of civil rights" by George Floyd the scene, filmed and put online, had triggered immense manifestations against racism and police violence in all the United States and beyond, and continues to feed A reflection on the racist past of America. VIDEO. Death of George Floyd: The entire images embedded on two police officers unveiled Minnesota's justice had quickly launched prosecutions for murder against Derek Chauvin and for complicity in murder against his colleagues. The first was judged in this context in the spring and sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison. The trial of the other three before the local justice will begin on June 13th. In parallel, federal prosecutors accused the four agents for "Violation of Civil Rights" by George Floyd, including freedom and security. These double prosecutions are allowed in the United States, but relatively rare, and reflect the importance of this outstanding file. No emergency necessary despite the signs of medical distress in December, Derek Chauvin pleaded guilty in this federal component, admitting for the first time a share of responsibility in the tragedy. His three colleagues presented himself without him Thursday in a Federal Court of St. Paul, the twin city of Minneapolis, where security has been strengthened. The three men are accused of not having brought the relief necessary for the quadmeny, despite the signs of medical distress. "Consciously, they did not provide him with help, acting with deliberate indifference," according to the indent. Tou Thao and Alexander Kueng are also criticized for not having intervened to dissuade Derek Chauvin from "exercising an unreasonable force", while they "knew" that George Floyd was unconscious and no longer had any pulse. The document does not specify why Thomas Lane is not covered by this charge of charge, but he had twice suggested in Derek Chauvin to position the African-American on his side. The three men plead not guilty. The two beginners should insist during the trial on the ascendant exercised by Derek Chauvin and his 19 years of experience in the police. Tu Thao should say that he was concentrating on the passersby and did not pay attention to George Floyd's distress. The trial could last four weeks.

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