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Amazing places destroyed by the weather

Saturday  17:25,   19 september 2020

From flooding, forest fires and landslides, to hurricanes, dangerous waves and global warming, the weather has ruined some beautiful places in the... >>>

Hundreds of British paratroopers drop into Ukraine for joint exercise

Saturday  17:25,   19 september 2020

Some 250 soldiers from Colchester-based 16 Air Assault Brigade dropped into the country.Some 250 soldiers from Colchester-based 16 Air Assault Brigade dropped into the Ternivsky training area where they teamed up with thousands of Ukrainian... >>>

Goldman snubs £2bn Darktrace float amid extradition fight

Saturday  17:25,   19 september 2020

The Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs is to snub the £2bn flotation of one of Britain’s fastest-growing technology companies amid US prosecutors' efforts to extradite its biggest investor. © PA Mike Lynch sold software company Autonomy to Hewlett... >>>

Police and protesters clash at anti-vax demonstration

Saturday  17:25,   19 september 2020

Hundreds descended on Trafalgar Square.Hundreds of people descended on Trafalgar Square for a “Resist And Act For Freedom” rally on Saturday afternoon, before sections got into scuffles with Metropolitan Police... >>>

First-time buyers deposit misery as mortgage firms demand FIFTH

Saturday  14:45,   19 september 2020

In the past week, not one high street bank has offered mortgages for those with a 10 per cent deposit and brokers have warned deals for those with a 15 per cent deposit are also disappearing.In the past week, not one high street bank has offered... >>>

Johnson urged to act ‘sooner rather than later’ to curb Covid surge

Saturday  14:41,   19 september 2020

The Prime Minister is considering fresh restrictions after a sharp rise in new infections.Professor Neil Ferguson – whose modelling led the Government to order the lockdown in March – said the UK is facing a “perfect storm” following the easing of... >>>

'Subdued' PM 'worries about money' after salary shrank to £150k

Saturday  14:41,   19 september 2020

Those in contact with Mr Johnson claim the embattled UK premier has 'misery etched on his face' as he struggles to cope with ever-growing political and personal pressures. The Prime Minister is understood to detest being 'at the helm in... >>>

One third of UK covid deaths in July and August due to other factors

Saturday  14:41,   19 september 2020

Scientists at Oxford University claim that one third of UK's Covid-19 deaths in July and August may have being due to other factors such as cancer or being hit by a car.Experts at Oxford University have found that around 30 per cent of those... >>>

China has a stronghold on the lithium-ion battery supply chain

Saturday  13:20,   19 september 2020

A study claims the US and Europe are both well positioned to close the gap to China in the next five years, but warned that the UK could slip behind by 2025.Along with 72GWh of electricity storage demand, China also retains an estimated 80 per cent... >>>

Boris Johnson Has Had Another Stinker Of A Week As Prime Minister

Saturday  12:06,   19 september 2020

“Without a measureless and perpetual uncertainty, the drama of human life would be destroyed.” Nope, not a leak of Matt Hancock’s attempts to defend the government’s testing service but the words of one Winston Churchill. Britain’s wartime leader... >>>

Top 10 safest cities for families to live in the UK

Saturday  12:05,   19 september 2020

Plus the least safest... >>>

Protection officer travelling with Raab stood down after leaving gun on plane

Saturday  12:02,   19 september 2020

The officer had been travelling with Dominic Raab on a visit to the US.The officer had been travelling with Mr Raab on a visit to the US when he left his gun on a plane at London’s Heathrow Airport on... >>>

Plans to fly at least 1,000 migrants back to Italy, Germany and France

Saturday  12:02,   19 september 2020

Around 1,000 migrants who have asylum claims in other countries could be flown back to Italy, Germany and France after arriving in Britain by crossing the English Channel.More than 6,000 refugees have crossed from France in crowded dinghies so far... >>>

Renters betrayed as new evictions approach

Saturday  11:05,   19 september 2020

Robert Jenrick introduced a ban on evictions at the start of the Covid pandemic which halted all hearings of possession cases in England and Wales. But this is set to be lifted from Monday.Robert Jenrick introduced a ban at the start of the Covid... >>>

As Covid infections double each week… what IS best for Britain?

Saturday  10:25,   19 september 2020

BEN SPENCER: Covid infections are doubling and experts believe the death toll will soon start to climb. Should ministers act quickly to stop a second wave or hold off to prevent more economic damage?DO... >>>