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Family Tied Up By Armed Gang In £100k Bothwell Jewellery Raid

Thursday  15:16,   02 november 2017

A family has been left shaken after an armed gang broke into their home and carried out a terrifying jewellery raid.A 59-year-old man, a 56-year-old woman and an 11-year-old boy were threatened with weapons and a knife before they were tied up in...[...]

Ruth Davidson Says 'Dam Has Broken' On Westminster Sexual Harassment Scandal

Thursday  12:40,   02 november 2017

Ruth Davidson has said the “dam has broken” on Westminster sexual harassment allegations after Sir Michael Fallon resigned as defence secretary. The Scottish Tory leader said on Thursday the “boys own locker room culture” of “male dominated...[...]

‘Fragile' wife who scalded ex’s lover with boiling water is jailed

Thursday  10:06,   02 november 2017

Monika Fourie threw hot water from a cup and then a kettle on to Hannah Stokes, causing burns to her head, neck and chest. Plymouth Crown Court heard Miss Stokes had begun an affair with Fourie’s now ex-husband, South African-born Royal Marine...[...]

Fallon resignation 'absurd and ridiculous'

Thursday  04:50,   02 november 2017

A journalist who was touched on the knee by Sir Michael Fallon has described the Defence Secretary's resignation as "ridiculous".Sir Michael apologised to Julia Hartley-Brewer on Monday after it emerged he "overstepped the mark" with the...[...]

Westminster prepares Northern Ireland budget amid powersharing impasse

Wednesday  14:55,   01 november 2017

Preparations are being made for the UK Government to impose a budget on Northern Ireland by the end of the month, James Brokenshire has said. The Secretary of State said the move stopped short of direct rule and that he would abandon the idea if the [...]

Statue of King Midas adorned with thousands of £1 coins

Wednesday  08:50,   01 november 2017

It is the latest sculpture to adorn the British Ironwork Centre in Oswestry, Shropshire.The larger-than-life gold-coloured model required 2,000 shiny and un-circulated pounds which were then stuck with industrial glue all over the...[...]

Man knocked out after car driven at pedestrians

Friday  16:35,   27 october 2017

A man who was knocked unconscious by a car driven "deliberately" at pedestrians is being hunted by police. CCTV shows a vehicle driven towards bystanders outside the Mekan Bar and Restaurant in Catford, southeast London, in the early hours of 16...[...]

Couple jailed for livestreaming child abuse

Friday  05:10,   27 october 2017

A man and a woman have been jailed for a total of 17 years for sexually assaulting a child and livestreaming the abuse to an American paedophile. Sarah Gotham, 34, and Craig Forbes, 36, drugged then sexually abused the youngster while streaming...[...]

Police release footage of thieves targeting woman, 87, in supermarket

Thursday  15:00,   26 october 2017

A thief rifled through the victim’s handbag while she was distracted by an accomplice. He then calmly pockets the purse and walks off down the aisle, with the unwitting woman left none the wiser.The incident happened at the Oswestry store in...[...]

Brexit Could Still Be Stopped, Says EU Council Chief Donald Tusk

Tuesday  14:25,   24 october 2017

Brexit can still be avoided in the United Kingdom chooses, the president of the European Council has said. Donald Tusk told the European Parliament on Tuesday that the remaining EU 27 member states must be united in their negotiations with...[...]

Dark Overlord threatens to leak photos of royals and celebs stolen from London plastic surgeon

Tuesday  13:32,   24 october 2017

A leading London-based plastic surgery clinic was reportedly hacked by The Dark Overlord (TDO) group.The hacker group – which has previously targeted schools, medical centres and other organisations to extort victims – allegedly claims to now be in...[...]

Grenfell Tower Firefighter Forced To Work Two Jobs Rejects Theresa May's 'Meaningless Praise'

Tuesday  11:55,   24 october 2017

A hero firefighter who was one of the first on the scene of the Grenfell Tower blaze was forced to turn down an invitation to Number 10 because he was working a second job so he could afford to feed his family. David Badillo - who works at...[...]

Everton fan holding child banned over 'punch'

Friday  16:36,   20 october 2017

An Everton fan who appeared to aim a punch at a Lyon player while holding a child in his arms is set to be banned by the club. A statement on Everton's website said: "We have identified one individual whom action will now be taken against."This...[...]

Concern for 'welfare' of missing boys

Friday  16:01,   20 october 2017

Concerns for the "long-term welfare" of two boys have been raised after they and their father went missing. Michael Cole, 43, and his sons Harry, eight, and Michael, seven, were reported missing on 2 October.Superintendent Shaun Virtue, from Thames [...]

Hard to understand what UK wants from Brexit, says Leo Varadkar

Wednesday  11:11,   18 october 2017

“If you join a club, you obey the rules and you pay the membership fee,” Ireland’s Taoiseach said.Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the ambiguity meant the other 27 nations in the EU are struggling to grasp what the UK wants from...[...]