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Sudanese military, protesters sign power-sharing document

Wednesday  15:55,   17 july 2019

Sudanese military, protesters sign power-sharing... >>>

If Algae Clings to Snow on This Volcano, Can It Grow on Other Desolate Worlds?

Wednesday  15:35,   17 july 2019

In Chile’s Atacama Desert, Volcan Llullaillaco is Mars on Earth — or about as close to it as you can get. At 22,000 feet above sea level, it’s the second highest active volcano on Earth. Most of the mountain is a barren, red landscape of volcanic... >>>

'Four horsewomen of the apocalypse': Trump in new 'Squad' attack

Wednesday  15:35,   17 july 2019

President Donald Trump has made yet another attack on "The Squad", quoting senator John Kennedy, calling them the "four horsewomen of the apocalypse". Using Twitter, he quoted the Louisiana senator who appeared on Fox News overnight, saying: "'In... >>>

Govia Fined £1m After ‘Train Fanatic’ Killed By Leaning Out Of Carriage Window

Wednesday  15:11,   17 july 2019

Govia Fined £1m After ‘Train Fanatic’ Killed By Leaning Out Of Carriage... >>>

Gove and bosses to hold recycling scheme summit

Wednesday  15:05,   17 july 2019

Gove and bosses to hold recycling scheme... >>>

What happened when King Charles I prorogued parliament

Wednesday  14:00,   17 july 2019

Spectre of the 17th-century monarch evoked as Boris Johnson threatens to suspend the... >>>

French lawmakers approve controversial bill to rebuild Notre-Dame

Wednesday  14:00,   17 july 2019

French MPs on Tuesday approved a law on the reconstruction of Notre-Dame, three months after flames ravaged the great Paris cathedral, but with the rebuilding process still mired in controversy. The cathedral, part of a UNESCO world heritage site... >>>

Train delayed as commuter's hair gets stuck in door

Wednesday  13:55,   17 july 2019

Passengers on a busy commuter train to London were held up on Wednesday morning - all because of someone's hair extensions. A London Northwestern Railway service between Bletchly and London Euston was delayed for several minutes at Harrow &... >>>

Westminster crash: Salih Khater found guilty of attempted murder

Wednesday  13:35,   17 july 2019

A 30-year-old man has been found guilty of trying to kill people outside the Houses of Parliament. Salih Khater has been convicted of two charges of attempted murder after he crashed his Ford Fiesta into a security barrier in Westminster on 14... >>>

Margaret Fleming killers jailed for 14 years after two decade cover up

Wednesday  13:20,   17 july 2019

Edward Cairney and Avril Jones were found guilty of murder at the High Court in Glasgow last... >>>

If Boris Johnson becomes PM his reign could prove very short indeed

Wednesday  13:10,   17 july 2019

If Boris Johnson becomes PM his reign could prove very short indeed . MSN are empowering Women In Sport this summer. Find out more about our campaign and the charity fighting to promote the transformational and lifelong rewards of exercise for women >>>

Judge quashes anonymity order protecting trans dad from British tabloids

Wednesday  13:05,   17 july 2019

An anonymity order protecting the identity of a transgender father has been lifted, after a legal challenge from several British... >>>

NHS staff shortages fuelling rise in disabled stroke victims

Wednesday  12:45,   17 july 2019

The number people left with a disability following a stroke is set to rise by a third by 2035, with a shortage of specialist NHS staff partly to blame. That is one of the conclusions in the latest report from the British Association of Stroke... >>>

Around 100 Irish people turn out for funeral of Kerry man in London with no known family

Wednesday  12:35,   17 july 2019

Around 100 Irish people turn out for funeral of Kerry man in London with no known... >>>

‘Trump’s Going to Get Re-elected, Isn’t He?’

Wednesday  12:11,   17 july 2019

I’m struck at how many people have come up to me recently and said, “Trump’s going to get re-elected, isn’t... >>>