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Animal Killer team: Orca couple hunted white sharks

Saturday  01:10,   03 december 2022

in South Africa makes a killer whale couple hunt for white sharks. The orcas confuse no less than the food chain. The details. © Michel Viar/Istock Two Orcas On the South African coast, an unusual spectacle is currently occurring: two killer whales >>>

Biden gives Europeans hope

Saturday  00:50,   03 december 2022

Berlin/Brussels. How the EU reacts to the signals that France's president received on his state visit to the United States. Can a transatlantic trade war still be averted? Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden encounter the French-American partnership in... >>>

Corinna Larsen, mistress of Juan Carlos: this “error” pointed out by the biographer of Queen Sofia

Friday  23:50,   02 december 2022

Corinna Larsen has been pouring out a lot since the start of the broadcast of her podcast "Corinna and the King", revealing the details Less flattering of its connection with Juan Carlos of Spain. She also accuses Queen Sofia, his ex-wife, of... >>>

Mondial-2022: Follow Cameroon-Brazil live and the Group G

Friday  23:20,   02 december 2022

Group The Cameroon defies, on Friday, Brazil already qualified, in order to tear off on the wire a ticket for the knockout stages of the 2022 World Cup . Follow this match live on France24.com. Already qualified, Brazil should run, Friday, December >>>

Indiana Jones 5: What is the dial of the destiny of which the title speaks? A time trip in anticipation?

Friday  23:00,   02 december 2022

© Disney Attention, although it is only a hypothesis, this article can possibly spoil an element of the intrigue of Indiana Jones 5. If you want to know anything before seeing the film, go your way. Since its beginnings on the big screen in 1981 in >>>

Booba accused of harassment: Justice cancels the request for closing one of its Instagram accounts

Friday  23:00,   02 december 2022

© Fred Dugit Booba on the Francofolies de La Rochelle stage, in 2022. LP/Fred Dugit New flip-flop in favor of the rapper. The Marseille judicial court decided this Wednesday to cancel an order imposing the closure of one of the Instagram accounts... >>>

FDP-Mann wants to have Hamburg-election invalid

Friday  22:40,   02 december 2022

"No Berlin conditions" FDP-Mann wants to have Hamburg-election invalid © t-Online does the Citizenship Election 2020 in Hamburg have to be repeated? This question is now clarified in court. The Hamburg Constitutional Court negotiated a complaint... >>>

Reform of Asylum Law: The riss becomes lower

Friday  22:40,   02 december 2022

© dpa The group leader Friedrich Merz and the first parliamentary managing director Thorsten Frei (both CDU) in the Bundestag The vote in the Bundestag on the reform of the asylum and residence right showed the crack that in migration policy... >>>

First waiting area for families at Dresden Central Station

Friday  22:30,   02 december 2022

The Deutsche Bahn and the Ravensburger Game Verlag have opened the first waiting area, according to train information, especially for families at Dresden Central Station. Among other things, you can expect a game world, a seating area and areas for >>>

First A380 of Lufthansa landed again in Frankfurt

Friday  22:30,   02 december 2022

At Frankfurt Airport, the first A380-large area of ​​Lufthansa has landed, which is to be reactivated again next summer. The machine came from Teruel in Spanish on Friday evening, where it was permanently parked after the Corona shock on May 5,... >>>

War in Ukraine: The situation on December 2, 2022, Cards in support

Friday  22:20,   02 december 2022

The withdrawal of Russia from the west bank of the DNIEPR allows Ukraine to tackle logistics according to the British Ministry of Defense. View onononews © Euronews Carte War, by Sasha Vakulina - Lyon, 02/12/2022 Russian forces continue to take... >>>

A UN Committee is concerned about the "magnitude" of racist speeches in France

Friday  21:50,   02 december 2022

police violence and racial profiling also alarming the experts of the UN Committee for the elimination of racial discrimination. >>>

“You are not alone”: Camille Boardy Common, the host hit hard by the domestic violence

Friday  21:50,   02 december 2022

© Shootpix/Abaca “You are not alone”: Camille Common Boardy, the hoard of High whip by domestic violence Make millions of people laugh on television does not necessarily mean that we do not know how to be serious when necessary. Proof is with... >>>

Zazie: its size admission on Macron and Le Pen!

Friday  21:50,   02 december 2022

© Abaca Zazie: its size admission on Macron and Le Pen! Zazie is back ! For several weeks, the artist has been following the interviews to present his new opus wing-P. The 11ᵉ of his career! As she pointed out several times, the singer lives only... >>>

50,000 euros in rent, discover the incredible services of Jean-Jacques Goldman's house in London!

Friday  20:50,   02 december 2022

© Bestimage 50,000 euros in rent, discover the incredible services of Jean-Jacques Goldman's house in London! Like many French celebrities, Jean-Jacques Goldman no longer lives in France. In order to taste the sweetness of life and especially... >>>