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11:25  29 july  2020
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Alps, Corsica, Brittany ... Ministers' vacation spots this summer

 Alps, Corsica, Brittany ... Ministers' vacation spots this summer With the coronavirus crisis, almost all of the ministers have chosen to stay in France for their summer vacation. Overview. © GEORGES GOBET / AFP Prime Minister Jean Castex visits a market in his town of Prades in the Pyrénées-Orientales on July 18, 2020 Coronavirus pandemic obliges, ministers must not stray too far from France to their summer vacation. If the instruction given by Matignon was to stay inside the Schengen area, almost all of them will stay in France, reports Le Parisien .

Coal 2019, the latest annual coal market report by the IEA, analyses recent developments and Although coal power generation is estimated to have declined in 2019, this appears to have resulted from particular circumstances in some specific regions and is unlikely to be the start of a lasting trend.

What does the future of coal look like to you, both here and internationally? MR. MORRIS: In the United States it's clear that coal is going to bow to combined-cycle There's trillions of dollars of capital invested in the coal -generation fleet throughout the United States, and you can't throw that overboard.

Frán Gómez et María Luisa Valdés devant la centrale de Soto de la Barca. © Baptiste Langlois Frán Gómez and María Luisa Valdés in front of the Soto de la Barca power station.

Half of the last fifteen thermal power plants in the country closed at the end of June. In Asturias, a region with a strong mining tradition, the population understands but fears the economic consequences.

The times seem so distant to them. That of trucks loaded with coal, parked anarchically in front of the restaurant La Casera. Seated on the terrace, María Luisa Valdés and Frán Gómez have a direct view of what built, stimulated and then consumed the activity of the territory: the coal-fired power station of Soto de la Barca, in Tineo.

Coronavirus: Paris strengthens checks at airports

 Coronavirus: Paris strengthens checks at airports SANTE-CORONAVIRUS-FRANCE-TEST: Coronavirus: Paris strengthens checks at airports © Reuters / Charles Platiau CORONAVIRUS: PARIS REINFORCES CHECKS AT PARIS AIRPORTS (Reuters) - France decided on Friday to strengthen checks on people from 16 countries hit by the coronavirus by imposing tests on their arrival at the airport, which could lead to a "fortnight" for positive passengers.

Year. 1492. Month Day . January 02. Reconquest of Spain . The kingdom of Granada falls to the Christian forces of King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella I, and the Moors lose their last foothold in Spain .

Because coal burning power plants are only 30% efficient, 70% of the coal consumed does not produce any power-only air pollutants. Environmental analysts point out that "clean coal " is not possible given current technology and the economic realities of coal production.

Built in the 1960s, in a green valley in Asturias, this power station ceased operations for good on June 30. Like six other coal-fired power stations out of the fifteen that remained in Spain . The owner companies have decided not to bring them up to the environmental standards required by the European Union. Too expensive, not profitable.

The less pollution, the better, introduces Frán Gómez, maintenance supervisor at Soto de la Barca. But we need alternatives! People do not realize the impact that is coming. The valley lived off the power station, it will die without it. A feeling of abandonment shared by María Luisa Valdés, 52, spokesperson for a collective opposed to the closure. As early as January 2019, we were promised commissions to think about the future of the place. Biomass? Renewable energies? Energy storage? We are still waiting…

Studious and vigilant vacations for ministers

 Studious and vigilant vacations for ministers © Benoit Tessier, REUTERS French President Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister Jean Castex and ministers pose for a family photo, with a distance of one meter between each, in the gardens from the Elysée Palace, this July 29. It’s time for the government to truce until August 24th. Ministers and state secretaries should not stray too far from Paris. They must be easily mobilized, crisis requires.

Spain has reported a new record of 864 deaths in one day while total infections broke the 100,000 mark, making it the third country to surpass that milestone behind the United States and Italy. Spanish health authorities said on Wednesday that the total number of deaths reached 9,053 since the

The global shift away from coal gained momentum on Thursday as more than 25 countries and regions pledged to stop using the fuel in power generation by The UK, for example, is committed to ending the use of coal power by 2025. “ Coal is not coming back,” said Catherine McKenna, the Canadian

Dependence on coal . © Ouest-France computer graphics .

Since then, almost all employees have left, on early retirement or reclassified to other sites owned by the owner Naturgy. No layoffs of course, but as many families packing up. Only six employees will remain for the dismantling, which should last from three to five years.

Frán Gómez, a 35-year-old father, will not be. He asked for his transfer, resigned to the passivity of regional and national authorities. Coal mining and Asturias is a story that began in 1830 and long ensured the development of the region. We seem to be forgetting it, in the inevitable march towards less polluting electricity production, believes the Soma-Fitag-UGT union. Addiction is very important. It is inconceivable that alternative plans are presented in other affected regions, and not at home, criticizes José Luis Alperi, his general secretary, at the union's headquarters in Langreo.

Brazil opens airports for foreigners

 Brazil opens airports for foreigners 2.5 million Brazilians infected In the largest country in Latin America, more than 2.5 million people have now been shown to be infected with the corona virus. The number of daily new infections reached a new high on Wednesday at 69,074. The newly reported 1,595 corona deaths within 24 hours also set a new record.

Spain is reimposing new safety measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus after seeing an uptick in new infections, while France and Germany are also recording a rising number of new cases, weeks after the European nations lifted some of their toughest restrictions.

Nearly two decades into its push to shift to renewable energy, Germany remains addicted to coal . The move away from coal poses economic and social challenges, particularly in the east.Credit Gordon Welters for The New York Times.

La centrale thermique à charbon de Lada, à Langreo, est condamnée. Dans les faits, elle ne produit déjà plus. © Baptiste Langlois The coal-fired power station of Lada, in Langreo, is doomed. In fact, it is already no longer producing.

Not far, impossible to miss the fireplace. It dominates the fifth city of Asturias which is spread out around the coal-fired power station of Lada, built in the years 1940. What goes for Soto de la Barca, in Tineo, goes for Lada, in Langreo , slips the trade unionist. Iberdrola, the owner, has asked the government for permission to shut down Lada, which is already no longer producing, but has yet to submit a reclassification for the site.

Eighty employees out of the 200 present in 2017 have already been transferred. The social situation will only get worse, considering all the activities that revolve around the plant, says Angel García Montes, union representative at the plant.

The blow is going to be tough for the municipalities. It is more than a million euros of local taxes per year which will not arrive any more , admits María Luisa Valdés, ex-elected of Tineo. In the order of 850,000 € for Langreo, calculates Mayor Carmen Arbesú. The days of coal are numbered, as we know, but companies cannot have exploited - and disfigured - the territory and left without leaving anything. Langreo embarked on industrial tourism, hoping to capitalize on its mining past. But, concludes the mayor, the museums will never bring in as much as the power station.

Especially in Europe: Number of coal-fired power plants is shrinking worldwide

 Especially in Europe: Number of coal-fired power plants is shrinking worldwide According to a study, more plants were decommissioned than built in the first half of the year. China is meanwhile expanding its capacities - contrary to the global trend. © Photo: Patrick Pleul / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa Cooling towers of the Jänschwalde lignite-fired power plant. According to a study, the number of coal-fired power plants has shrunk worldwide for the first time this year. In the first half of the year, plants with an output of 18.3 gigawatts went online, but Meiler with over 21

New Zealand reported another day with no new cases of Covid-19 – the third day in a row. Spain is in talks with the UK about exempting the Canary and Balearic islands from strict quarantine rules. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany increased by 340 to 205,609, data from the

PA reports : Torra warned that in many parts of Catalonia the data was similar to the situation before Spain declared a national lockdown in March. Global deaths are nearing 650,000 as cases climb by over 250,000 for four straight days . The number people who have died in the pandemic so far is

Ángel García Montes, délégué syndical de la centrale de Lada (à gauche), avec ses collègues Julio César Areces et José Luis Alperi. © Baptiste LANGLOIS Ángel García Montes, union delegate from the Lada central (left), with his colleagues Julio César Areces and José Luis Alperi.

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Mali: the UN is worried about an increase in human rights violations .
© Agnes COUDURIER / AFP Testimonies accuse the Armed Forces of Mali of summary executions or shooting against the populations. The United Nations Human Rights and Protection Division in Mali has just released its quarterly report for the period April-June. It illustrates the spiral of violence in which the country is plunged. The UN noted 632 human rights violations between April and June which resulted in the deaths of 323 people.

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