India new controversy around the comments of a Muslim elected of the American Congress

22:55  10 june  2021
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in Canada, last tribute to the Muslim family killed by car-Aries

 in Canada, last tribute to the Muslim family killed by car-Aries © Provided by the point U n Last solemst tribute was delivered Saturday in London in Ontario to a Muslim family deliberately mowed by a pickup, An act that shocked Canada and has been described as "terrorist" by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Four members of the Afzaal family, originally from Pakistan - a couple, their daughter and grandmother - walked near them in London when they were killed last Sunday by a 20-year-old man who rushed his vehicle on them.

La parlementaire américaine Ilhan Omar lors d'une conférence de presse à Brooklyn Center, dans le Minnesota, le 20 avril 2021 © Kerem Yucel American parliamentarian Ilhan Omar at a press conference in Brooklyn Center, in Minnesota, April 20, 2021

The pressure was on Thursday a democratic elected of the American congress, Ilhan Omar, already pinned by the past for his remarks on Israel and now criticized by his own colleagues for putting "on an equal plan" The Hebrew State, the United States, Hamas And the Taliban.

The elected of the House of Representatives, Somali and Muslim refugee, denounces her "Islamophobic" attacks and defends his statements, exit according to their context: a parliamentary hearing of the leader of American diplomacy Antony Blinken.

in Egypt, 12 Death sentences confirmed for Muslim brothers

 in Egypt, 12 Death sentences confirmed for Muslim brothers © Copyright 2021, Obs Twelve death sentences against members of the Muslim Brotherhood, including two leaders of the Brotherhood in Egypt, have been confirmed by a court Egyptian, indicated judicial sources at AFP on Monday, June 14th.

"We have seen untraceable atrocities perpetrated by the United States, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan and Taliban," she tweeted on Monday with a video of their exchange, when she questioned her on the criminal courtyard International (ICC).

rarely, a group of elected democrats and Jewish confession of the House published a statement Wednesday night criticizing their colleague, regular target of Republicans and Donald Trump.

"Put on an equal plan the United States and Israel with Hamas and Taliban is also insulting that Earroné", wrote the dozen parliamentarians.

If the two nations are "imperfect, sometimes deserving critics", "false equivalencies cover terrorist groups" they warned.

confuse them "at best discredits the argument that it intended to present, and at the worst reflects deeply rooted prejudices". "We urge the Omar parliamentarian to clarify his words."

Canada: Appearance and revelations about the accused of killing a Muslim family

 Canada: Appearance and revelations about the accused of killing a Muslim family © provided by Le Parisien Le Parisien His crime triggered the dread, disgust and misunderstanding in Canada. Nathaniel Veltman, the young man accused of having deliberately mowed and killed four members of a Muslim family , Sunday southwest of the country, for the first time appeared before a judge Thursday from his prison at a hearing procedure.

Sign that the controversy swells, another elected Democrat, who had not signed this press release, John Garamendi, said Thursday Quely Omar had to "come back" on his remarks.

"The problem is that this type of language incites violence here in the United States," he said on CNN.

The anti-Semitic acts had significantly increased in May in the United States, on the backdrop of conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, according to anti-defamation League (ADL).

- "Islamophobic stereotypes" -

more awaited, critics also fuse against it on the side of Republicans, which call the Democratic Chiefs to "act" to punish it.

Some might demand a vote of censorship or to oust for its headquarters to the Commission on Foreign Affairs, upon return to the House next week.

"The anti-Semitic and anti-American remarks (Ilhan) Omar are abjected," Tweeted the Chief of the Democratic Minority in the House, Kevin McCarthy.

The GAFA in the viewfinder of American parliamentarians

 The GAFA in the viewfinder of American parliamentarians © Kévin Count GAFA in the viewfinder of American parliamentarians Friday 11 June, American parliamentarians have presented five projects aimed at the monopolies of the Giants of the Tech. Democratic and Republican parliamentarians of the US Congress presented Friday 11 June five bills directly targeting the "monopolies" of Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (GAFA) giants, a vast initiative whose adoption remains uncertain.

Ilhan Omar, 38, she denounced Thursday the "shameful" initiative of his colleagues, because they do not, according to her, contacted it directly before this communiqué.

"Islamophobic stereotypes of this press release are insulting," she tweed, after entrusted to receive an "avalanche of death threats".

"Quote an open file against Israel, the United States, Hamas and Taliban at the ICC does not come back to make a comparison and does not come from + deeply anchored prejudices +," she defended.

Its Communication Director went for a long time on the commission exchange behind all the controversy.

in 2020, the ICC, whose United States is not members, "opened an investigation into alleged crimes, perpetrated by the Taliban and the United States in Afghanistan, in addition to the allegations aimed at Hamas in 2021. and Israel for the 2014 Gaza conflict, "writes Jeremy Slevin.

At the parliamentary hearing on Monday, Ilhan Omar had therefore told Antony Blinken: "In these two cases, if the courts of the country can not or do not want to try to do justice, and that we oppose the ICC, Where do we think that the victims of these supposed crimes can go to find justice? ".

"I have enough that colleagues demonize" Ilhan Omar, reacted the elected of the Palestinian House Rashida Tlaib. "She has the courage to denounce abuses against human rights, regardless of the manager."

In 2019, Ilhan Omar had been pinned to the House for support for Israel's international boycott campaign, which some supporters of the Hebrew state assimilate to a form of anti-Semitism.

She then stated that the pro-Israel AIPAC lobby financed US policymakers to support this country from the Middle East, causing new accusations of intolerance.


The BIDEN administration suspends licensed gas and oil drilling in Alaska .
© Saul Loeb opponents of the gas and oil deposit operating program launched by the TRUMP administration in Alaska, show before the Congress in 2018. The political fight around the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Anwr - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) takes a new turning point.

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