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04:40  01 october  2021
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Critical projects on the US Congress Week

 Critical projects on the US Congress Week © Mandel Ngan The Washington Capitol, September 27, 2021 The future of investment projects at the heart of Joe Biden's mandate, the threat of paralysis Federal services and the spectrum of a global financial disaster If parliamentarians do not suspend the debt limit of the United States: the horizon of crucial topics whose future is linked this week at the US Congress.

Joe Biden, économie, réforme, shutdown © Brendan Smialowski / AFP Joe Biden, Economy, Reform, Shutdown

L A Paralysis of Federal Services has been avoided by the US Congress, this Thursday 30 September. But several other fronts always threaten the presidency of Joe Biden . The US president then tries to gather the Democratic troops, burdensome in a fratricidal war around his vast investment and reform projects.

The Democratic President has signed a finance law that extends the current budget until 3 December, adopted earlier by the House of Representatives and the Senate with comfortable majorities.

A fault of the world's first power causes a global financial cataclysm

now that the threat of this budget paralysis, nicknamed "Shutdown", has been dismissed, parliamentarians must work without further delay to thwart a terrible financial threat: the risk That the United States can no longer meet their payments from October 18th if the country's debt limit is not raised or suspended by then.

Alert in the United States: The government could be short of money in the coming weeks!

 Alert in the United States: The government could be short of money in the coming weeks! © Pixabay Alert in the United States: The government could be short of money in the coming weeks! The Minister of Finance warned that for the first time in his history, "America will fail" if the debt ceiling is not raised. The financial situation of the United States worries.

A fault of the world's first power, unpublished, would cause a global financial cataclysm. Well aware of the danger, republicans and Democrats do not reach agree on how to avoid it. In a deeply divided Congress, the subject has become highly political because the opposition has linked the debt to a historic Plan of Joe Biden, which provides $ 3,500 billion to reform the United States social fabric and invest heavily in the fight against climate change.

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an exorbitant madness, denounce the Republicans, who therefore refuse absolutely to participate by near or far to any measure aimed at taking up the ceiling of the debt. They have a minority of blocking in the Senate. They urge the democrats to use a parliamentary maneuver that would allow them to approve it with their only short majority. Street intestine between the left wing of the Democrats and the centrists

far too "risky", judge the leaders Democrats, because it requires Too much time while parliamentarians have less than three weeks to avoid a sovereign fault. They mart that only a tiny part of this debt has been accumulated under Joe Biden's mandate, arrived at the White House in January. It is actually paying the "credit cards" of Donald Trump , conduct the Democrats, and previous presidents. They call the Republicans to cooperate. No outcome appears for the moment obvious.

United States: a one-billion dollar room to reduce debt?

 United States: a one-billion dollar room to reduce debt? © Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images North America / Getty Images Via AFP US U does not coin a mile billion dollars. The thing is possible, according to the texts; She ignites social networks and the idea even seduced an American elected, presented as the recurring psychodrama solution of the United States debt ceiling which is currently tearing the US Congress.

In parallel, an intestinal war between the left wing of the Democrats and the centralists threatens the heart of Joe Biden's program. Proud of its long experience by senator, the president multiplies this week the meetings at the White House to try to bring together his troops around his two colossal plans of investments.

On the one hand, the historic project to invest $ 1,200 billion in US infrastructure, also supported by Republicans. On the other hand, the titanic shutter on the social reforms wanted by the only Democrats. The Senate had approved the infrastructure plan as of August, which was to be subjected to a final vote in the House on Thursday.

"This is not a major cataclysm if there is no vote today"

but dozens of elected officials of the left Democrat wing threaten to fail this vote, angry at Not having received more guarantees than the vast social reform plan will also be adopted. They are wary of two centrist senators, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who say that his amount is too high. Democrat majorities are so narrow that any defection could kill this plan.

United States: The Senate will vote Thursday morning to avoid a "Shutdown"

 United States: The Senate will vote Thursday morning to avoid a © Chris Kleponis / Pool / Consolidated News Pools Pool / EPA Joe Biden, White House, Shutdown A When the Congress has to set multiple hot topics , A race against the watch is played for American parliamentarians. Indeed, they are also responsible for adopting a budget before Thursday midnight, if they want to avoid the sudden dewatering of the federal finances .

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The White House, however, showed relatively confident Thursday. "We work to be able to win a vote tonight. There are still several hours at this day, "said his spokesman Jen Psaki. But the sling is so strong that it seemed difficult at the end of the afternoon that the plan is definitively approved, and this vote could therefore end up being deprogrammed.

The adoption of the two gigantic projects would then be postponed. And the Biden administration was already trying Thursday to prepare public opinion on this eventuality. "It's not a major cataclysm if there is no vote today," said CNN the Minister of Energy Jennifer Granholm. But here too, the time is pressing: Democrats may lose their majorities in parliamentary elections of November 2022.

United States. Joe Biden authorizes Trump's archival transfer to an inquiry .
© Olivier Douliery / AFP Joe Biden "determined that it was not legitimate to invoke a presidential prerogative" to keep this information secret. The President of the United States Joe Biden has authorized on Friday the transmission to a parliamentary archival commission relating to the acts of Donald Trump on January 6 when the Capitol is assault.

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